Selling on Amazon FBA basically means that you’re letting the Amazon store pick, pack, and deliver your products for you, to your buyer’s address; saving you time, money, and ensuring that you have a little extra help with your business as a seller.

In this article, you’ll find a list of several Google Chrome extension apps what we’ve discovered to help you with your FBA selling.

Alongside each extension, the extension’s benefits will be listed, including what the extension is used for, how you, as an FBA seller, can benefit from its use, its key features, and if there’s any pricing attached to the extension. 

1. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker


Keepa is a modern Amazon Price Tracker that offers comprehensive price history graphs, and price drop alerts for all your business needs.

Once Keepa is installed, a price history graph will be displayed on each Amazon produce page that you visit, giving you an overview of all recent price drops.

The database is constantly updated, and is optimized for use in Google Chrome. It does not, however, track shipping costs.

Keepa is free to use but does offer some in-app purchases. You can use Keepa without registering.

This extension is perfect for the Amazon seller who wants to keep track of their own products, and the products of their competitors.

2. The Camelizer


Camelizer is similar to Keepa, in that it displays price graphs on each product page that you visit once the extension is activated.

You can set up your own watches on particular products, and the extension will inform you when the price changes on that product. There is no cost, or in-app purchases for The Camelizer.


3. FBA Calculator for Amazon


The FBA Calculator for Amazon is user-friendly, and free-to-use. The calculator figures out Amazon commissions for you, and totals up your profit.

It’s the perfect tool for new sellers, and existing sellers trying to keep better tabs on how much money they’re actually making with Amazon.

You can simply activate the extension while on your product’s page, and the FBA Calculator will do the work for you.

If you want to know how much profit your product will make, or the best price for it, you can use the calculator to search Amazon for you, and the system will automatically calculate the expected profit of that product using the prices it finds as a basis.

You’ll be able to immediately assess how much profit you and your competitors are making on the same product.

4. AMZBase


AMZBase is the perfect extension for the FBA seller who wants to speed up their product research.

This tool enables you to find products to sell on Amazon with ease, by quickly obtaining the ASIN number and description of listings on Amazon.

Another free extension with some amazing features, including an internal search engine for Amazon products, and the ability to check listing information on other retailing websites.

AMZBase is able to calculate your FBA profits quickly, and display the historical prices of products in one click.

5. DS Amazon Quick View


DS Amazon Quick View has two versions, one that’s free, and the other that’s paid.

Unlike the paid version, the free version of this extension has no tech support, but you don’t have to pay for it, so it’s a difficult choice.

Both versions have the same features, you can find product details by hovering over the product image on Amazon, and add Amazon ranking and seller information to each search page.

It’s a basic extension to help your keep an eye on your competitors.

6. AMZ Seller Browser


The AMZ Seller Browser is an extension dedicated to saving you time, and speeding up your product research.

The extension’s main function for sellers is to be able to help you find new products to sell on Amazon.

It works with the extension “camelcamelcamel”, also known as “The Camelizer”, which we’ve listed above, by showing you a product rank history, and the price history.

This extension is also free, and includes other amazing features for the benefit of FBA sellers, such as quick view product viewing, an associated Facebook group, and being able to search to see if anyone else sells your product.

According to the extension provider, there are many more features to come.

7. AMZScout for Amazon Sellers


AMZScout is a pay monthly extension, which can help you make a decision about what kind of products you want to sell, based on data, rather than intuition.

With this extension, you can find your BSR, monthly sales, profit, and more, without ever going to your product’s page.

It collects data automatically and boasts to be the smartest Amazon tool for FBA sellers that’s available. Y

You’ll receive a plethora of information about your current sales, income, and prices, all compared to your competitors that are selling the same products.

Full support is available with this extension.

Here is a piece of Great news! If you use both the Web App and Extension of AMZ Scout, you will know how great they work in conjunction.

All of the readers on AMZFinder can enjoy an 80%-off discount for the combination package here: Web App + Extension Pro Tool Kit.

8. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension


Jungle Scout is a real-time Amazon product fact-checker, allowing you to sell on Amazon with data that you can trust, and ensuring that your next product launch will never be your last.

You can browse Amazon to find all your products of interest, and zero in on the data that you need with ease.

There’s a 100% money back guarantee, meaning that it’s a risk-free investment for your selling business.

Depending on your choice of their services, you can benefit from a range of features, including rating & review tracking, monthly sales & revenue information, industry leading data accuracy, and ongoing support. This extension starts from a one-time fee of $97.

9. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool


Even though you can choose to pay for extra features and a subscription for the Amazon FBA Keyword Tool, it is free to start with.

There are over 12 tools you can use for your product management, including keyword tools to keep your store in good search engine optimization standards.

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool, by Helium10, has clean interfaces, helpful support tools that are easy-to-use, quick navigation, and powerful software.

It’s designed for hardcore Amazon sellers with a solid business plan that wants the best selling experience.

If you want to increase your sales, save time, uncover hidden keywords, and reach a better ranking, this is the extension for you.

Remember to read the reviews before you download your chosen extension. Getting other user experiences is always the best way to know which extension will work better for you.

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