There are tens and thousands of vendors selling products on Amazon. You can buy everything of choice when it comes to this website. There are some shortcomings when it comes to the feedback system. Users don’t leave feedback which makes it difficult for the sellers to establish the reputation on the website.

For the fulfillment of this purpose, there are many feedback software programs which are used and integrated into the Amazon system. This article is about the 9 software programs which can be used to make sure that feedback stats get the required boost.

Best 9 Amazon Feedback Software Comparison

FeaturesAMZFinderFeedback FiveXsellcoBqool
Feedback Genius
KiblyZonGuruFeedback ExpressFeedbackz
Free Emails500/month50/month500 /for once-100/month---50000/for once
Email PricingFrom $19 to $779 supporting 2000 to 200000 emailsFrom $9.99 to $899.99 supporting 250 to 1000000 emailsFrom $54 to $221 supporting 5000 to 60000 emailsFrom $10 to $100 supporting 500 to 20000 emailsFrom $20 to $250 supporting 1000 to 60000 emailsFrom $37 to $297 supporting 6000 to 120000 emailsFrom $49 to $199 supporting 0 to unlimited emails.From £14.95 to £59 supporting 1000 to 25000 emailsFrom $9 to $249 supporting 500 to 60000 emails
Feedback monitorNoYesYesYesNoNoNoYesYes
A/B TestingNoNoYesNoYesYesNoNoYes
Product rank CheckerNoNoNoNoNoYesYesNoNo
Charge byper monthper month per month per month per month per month per month per month per month
Free Trial TimeUnlimitedUnlimited28 Days30 DaysUnlimited14 days7 days30 Days25 days
Support MarketplaceUnlimited10Unlimited985Unlimited75
Review ManagementYesYes-Yes-----
Pre-made TemplatesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Schedule Email SendingYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYes
Review MonitorYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYes
VAT invoice GeneratorYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Order ManagementYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

Details about 9 Amazon Feedback Software

1. AMZFinder

feedback request

AMZFinder is regarded as the best Amazon Feedback & Review software as it is free for small users. Every user can get free email quotas to start and you’re not required to use credit cards to register the software.

AMZFinder assists you in automatically sending feedback and review request emails, managing reviews and orders to improve your store’s credibility and customer ratings on Amazon proactively.

The cost of the paid version is low as compared to the functions that are offered. AMZFinder is Amazon feedback software that makes things much easier and hassle-free for businesses from all over the world.

2. Feedback five


With 50 million feedbacks since inception, this program is the one that has managed Amazon reviews for users effectively. The program contacts the relevant buyers and encourages them to leave feedback.

Feedback five is a one-stop shop for all Amazon review related issues which a business faces. The emails templates of this program really work and also urge the client to remove negative feedback.

It is a lifeline for many Amazon sellers due to the level of support it offers. The program allows the businesses to enjoy more control over the feedback they get.

3. Xsellco


The Xsellco allows the users to manage multiple platforms using a single account which means it saves time. It is multi-channel which means it can be integrated to any platform. The customers that always provide negative feedback are automatically sorted out by Xsellco so that their ratings are not included.

The program focuses on feedback based on delivery times. It means that only those feedback are allowed where orders are delivered timely.

4. Feedback Genius


The ease of integration with Amazon API has led the businesses to use this program. With 30 days free trial the program can easily be checked and further decisions can be made.

The 8 domains of Amazon are completely covered by this program. It means that messages can be sent to customers in 8 different countries. The notifications for negative feedback are displayed instantly so that they can be handled.

5. Bqool


The best part of Bqool is that it focuses on profit margins of the sellers. It has been configured in such a manner that the repricing is done in an efficient manner.

Secondly, the program is also focused on customer services. The automation of different integrated systems makes sure that the user never has to get worried about the feedback. The Amazon feedback template of this program is highly in use and manages to convert to the marketplace it is used.

The VAT invoices are auto-generated and sent to buyers.

6. Kibly


The technical aspects of Amazon feedback systems are taken into account by Kibly. The A/B Split Testing and Super X URL are some of the advanced features which are added by this program.

The email templates are preloaded and once the program has been integrated it can be easily used to send high conversion emails.

Kibly has been known for the shortcode lists which are provided by the sellers. Each shortcode is linked to the email editing feature which runs in autopilot mode. The feedback requests can be generated for items that have been delivered 10 weeks prior.

7. Feedback Express


This Amazon feedback tool has embedded an automated feedback request which means that improving responses on Amazon is not a problem at all. The message can be triggered at the time the business wants. The messages can be filtered on the basis of FBA, SKU/ASIN, location or condition.

The program also allows you to blacklist those products which you think will get negative feedback. Feedback Express has allowed the businesses to enjoy more control.

8. ZonGuru


The program can be utilized under 3 plans. Each one offers huge discounts if the annual billing is the option selected at the checkout.

ZonGuru has been integrated with all the tools and techniques which are required by the sellers to work effectively. Investment in the right product is all that this tool teaches the sellers.

The insights are provided to the users and the feedback systems are highly automated. It is just like getting reviews while you sleep. The ZonGuru also has a Chrome app which makes the process very easy to run on any Amazon domain.

9. Feedbackz


The program comes with high conversion ratio and it is because of the fact that it targets the mobile marketplace as well. The email this system generates is highly responsive and helps the businesses to get high conversion rates.

The latest CSS and HTML based designs are produced by the developers leading to state of the art templates. Predefined email formats are very easy to edit and sent.

Overview of 9 amazon feedback software

All of the above programs offer cutting-edge techniques to foster the product feedback system of the business. From integration to use each program is too easy to use. Some of the important points related to every program are as follows:

AMZFinder: The program have a free plan for small users which mean a lot to those without big budgets for such integrations and programming.

Feedback fiveThis program is highly sophisticated and ensures that the negative feedback are never counted. It also allows the businesses to overcome the feedback related problems generally faced.

XsellcoMultiple domains which are not even Amazon related can be managed through a single account which saves time and effort.

FeedbackgeniusThe program is super easy to integrate with Amazon API and the user is further simplified by automation which is just awesome.

BqoolThe profit margins of the sellers are given top priority when it comes to this program. Bqool allows maximum profits and minimum bad feedbacks.

KiblyThis program also allows the users to overcome the tech issues. The email templates are highly interactive and allow conversion.

ZonGuru:  The program allows the users to invest in the right manner and in the right marketplace. The program has what it takes to be an effective investment adviser.

Feedback ExpressThe program has a feature to automatically or manually filter messages based on SKU, FBA, item location and condition which is simply superb.

FeedbackzThe program focuses on tech aspects of the Amazon feedback system. It means long-term planning and therefore effective process handling.


AMZFinder is the only program on the list that should be used for handling Amazon feedback system efficiently. The program is completely free for new users and therefore startups can make full use of it effectively. It is loaded with options which most of the other programs don’t even offer.

 AMZFinder is a boon for small businesses and therefore highly recommended. It is a great time saver and therefore gets good reviews due to high usability.