How to Increase Sales on Amazon: 13 Tips in 2021

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve had an Amazon business for years, every Amazon business owner wants one thing: to increase sales.

Increased sales mean more people are connecting with your brand, more people are reviewing your products and more people are interacting with you.

Certain strategies can help you easily and quickly increase Amazon sales and while many are effective, trying to implement every single strategy you come across can do more harm than good.

That’s why we’ve taken 13 of the best strategies to increase Amazon sales and highlighted them in great detail.

Following through on these 13 may just increase your connection with your audience and improve your sales.

A quick guide for 13 tips in this article:

1. Carry Out Competitor Analysis  

In any business, the first step to increasing sales is to understand your competition. Competitor analysis should ideally be carried out before you list your products on Amazon, but can also be conducted at any time.

For Amazon listings, the easiest way to conduct competitor analysis is to check out your competitor’s pages.

  • Reviewing their products periodically is one way to stay informed on their business practices and promotional activities. Adequate competitor analysis involves the following;
  • Read the customer reviews and the Q&A section of your competitor’s page. This way, you can find out what their customers are complaining about and tailor your own products to address these concerns.
  • Check how often your competitor updates their products and other content on their page including the images and product descriptions.
  • For pages with complementary products, find out which ones are doing well to see if there is an opportunity to run a cross-promotion. You can also learn a lot from the most successful ones particularly by reading their customer reviews to gain insight on what their customers loved the most.
  • If your competitor is out of stock, you may want to take advantage of the demand by lowering your price is increasing your advertising.
  • Find out if your competitor’s reviews are increasing faster than your own and if they are, figure out why.

2. Make your Price and Product More Competitive

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace and great reviews, a good description, and good packaging can only go so far.

You need to ensure your product is the highest quality and sold at the most competitive price possible.

Competitive Pricing: You can make pricing more competitive without affecting profitability. In fact you can use the intense price competition on the Amazon marketplace to determine which products are worth promoting and only sell products that offer a reasonable return while remaining competitively priced.

It is, however, important to remember to account for all your costs including Amazon category fees and shipping when pricing your products.

Re-pricing software like Repricer Express, FeedVisor, and Xsellco can help you keep prices competitive without affecting profits. Check this for Top 10 Amazon Repricing Software Comparison and Reviews

Competitive Products: Offering unique products on Amazon is one of the ways you can remain competitive. Unique items can be offered at prices that guarantee the correct margin of profit for your needs. And don’t be afraid that your unique product will not be popular. The Amazon marketplace is large enough that you will always find buyers for your products even if they are “niche” products.

And don’t be afraid that your unique product will not be popular.

The Amazon marketplace is large enough that you will always find buyers for your products even if they are “niche” products.

3. Invest in a Professional Merchant Subscription and Automate Your Listings

For sellers with only a few items or if you are just starting out, the Individual plan may be ideal.

But for businesses with a large amount of different products, it makes sense to invest in a pro subscription.

The monthly fee of $39.99 translates to huge savings as opposed to per listing charges which can be about $0.99 per product.

Aside from these incredible savings, the Pro Merchant subscription has the following additional advantages: You can upload listings in bulk which means you don’t have to list and maintain your products individually.

Instead, you can upload your complete inventory using APIs or a spreadsheet.

The pro subscription also provides you with excellent reporting options to make it easier to manage your products and sales on Amazon.

You also get more selling options, including the possibility to list higher-priced items for sale. You can also list unique products that can be priced significantly higher for increased revenues.

Instead of spending too much time with your listing, get a pro merchant subscription to automate this process. This way you can spend more time on the business activities that matter, like customer engagement, marketing and business strategies.

4. Using Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that is designed to make selling easier.

All you have to do is send your inventory to Amazon and when someone orders one of your products, Amazon fulfills the order and ships it to the buyer.

You have to pay for storage and shipping, but the cost is often discounted. You can also use FBA to fulfill products you sell through other sales channels.

5. Win the Buy Box

Another way to increase your Amazon sales is to win the coveted Amazon Buy Box. Located on the right side of the product page, this buy box significantly increases the chance that customers will buy your products over others.

Amazon selects sellers eligible for the buy box from sellers who sell the same products.

The criteria for selection include price, availability, shipping options as the overall performance of the seller (you have to be at least a Featured Merchant.)

6. Practice Good Amazon ONPAGE Optimization

Amazon will consider the keywords in the product title when ranking listings.

You have 500 characters for the product and while we advise that you include as many keywords as possible to ensure the product is visible, make sure the product title is clear to read.

Amazon recommends including the brand description, material, product line, color, size and quantity in this field.

Find Relevant Keywords with Reverse ASIN Search

Competitor research is necessary when you want to find out what keywords work for your niche.

Reverse ASIN search is one good strategy to use when you want to know which keywords generate the most sales for that ASIN.

Amazon Keyword Research Tools like Sellics (free) and Keywordinspector (Paid) can help with that.

You can get more insights into this aspect from our list of top 10 amazon keyword tools.

Find High-Volume Keywords

You can use the Google Keyword Planner (Free) or a more Amazon-related keyword planner like Merchantwords (paid) to find high-volume keywords that are related to your products. You can then use these keywords in your listing.

Unlike Google, Amazon doesn’t require a large number of keywords for more traffic.

Instead of repeating the keywords, use as many related keywords as you can.

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Listing Video

Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to upload a video. But there is a way to bypass this. Get someone to buy your product and then post a review with the promotional video.

The video should demonstrate how to use your product, what it does and any other information that will appeal to your potential customers.

Improve your Images

It is worth sending your product to a professional photographer to get the most appealing angle. A great image will make your main page more attractive and informative.

You can also get a comprehensive understanding of Amazon SEO from our posts: Comprehensive Guide to Amazon SEO: Optimize Amazon Listings.

7. Get Feedback and Reviews

Considering that about 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal conditions, you can’t afford to ignore feedback and reviews.

But it pays to think outside the box when it comes to feedback. Instead of text reviews, think video reviews or a review with a photo of the product.

Most buyers on Amazon, about 90% fail to leave feedback on a product they purchase.

A program like the AMZFinder can help increase the volume of submitted feedback and product reviews by sending automated request emails to customers.

AMZFinder can also help reduce negative reviews by helping you keep track of negative reviews and reply to them in a timely fashion.

Finding reviewers outside of Amazon is also a great way to increase your reviews and boost your Amazon ranking. It is a particularly good strategy when launching a new product. A tool like AMZDiscover allows you to contact reviewers for a new product.

8. Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon ads have become quite popular on the Amazon marketplace as one of the easiest ways to promote products and increase sales.

Using Amazon Sponsored Ads can also generate reports that let you know what people searched for and how many purchased your products.

This can help you add more keywords to your listing which can generate organic traffic.

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9. Offer Customers a Discount

It is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to generate more sales; just make your customers an offer they can’t refuse.

For example, when a person buys one of your products, you can offer them a similar or related product at a discount.

You can also reward your customers for small actions. For example, you can tell them to share codes to get a discount or share a product description to stand a chance to win a prize.

cashbackbase deal community to gain amazon reviews

10. Use Product Promotions

Lighting deals and product promotions can also get you more traffic, sales and more reviews. Read more about running a product promotion on the Amazon Support Page.

It is important to read a few guides to increase the chances of success.

11. Subscription

If you sell products that customers tend to use more than once, you may benefit from the Amazon Subscribe & Save Program.

This program is especially beneficial since it offers discounts to repeat buyers. The customer is also able to select the number of items they want and the frequency of delivery.

You can find out more information about this service on Amazon Central’s Seller University.

They have an awesome video guide to help you join the program and use it effectively.

12. Drive External Traffic

While you are not allowed to promote other websites/products on Amazon, you can certainly promote your Amazon listings on other websites.

Promoting your products outside of Amazon is not an easy process although it can have a great return on investment when done correctly.

The following are just a few ideas you can implement:

You can promote your products on various online blogs, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Slickdeals, Cashbackbase, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, and many more…

You can send a free product to reviewers who can then post the review on their blogs.

It is best to contact as many Influencers as you can since the response rate can be low.

Use affiliate links to entice bloggers to promote your products. The affiliate commissions they get when buyers purchase a product can be enticing.

13. Know the Rules and Regulations

Lastly, it is very important that you adhere to the rules and regulations Amazon has put in place.

Complying with these rules is important to the life of your business since Amazon can suspend or ban your account for violating a rule.

The strategies you employ to increase your Amazon sales may vary depending on the products you sell.

The secret is to remain consistent with your marketing and your business will grow over time.