We humans are used to habitual behavior, and buying anything we exhibit this behavior of ours. The places where we get the things we like are very well known to us, and we trust those places for it.

Prior to this, we make market research in order to find places where we will get our favorite products.

The same is the case with the ones who wish to launch a new product. It is mandatory for them to make a research before they launch a product in order to make their product a more enhanced one in a competition to others.

For this purpose, the sellers can use some special research tools that can help them make in-depth research of any products available in the E-commerce marketplaces.

Two such product research tools are Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout, which are equipped with loads of features, making the sellers on Amazon portal flexible to use it. Let us see what their product research tools are and which one is the best from the two.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout app

Jungle Scout is the best ever product research tool for the Amazon FBA sellers. It is available in the form of a Web App as well as a Chrome extension of it is also available.

For using the web app, the seller needs to sign up with an Amazon account. Unlike the web app, the Chrome extension does not require signing up.

  1. Product history: Jungle Scout is provided with a vast product history as compared to AMZ Scout. The Amazon sellers can see the price history of a product, and can also distinguish between the products’ price on Amazon and Marketplace.
  2. Sales data: Jungle Scout is very accurate in maintaining the sales data of the products sold all over Amazon. The data basically includes the Amazon seller rankings (BSR – Best Seller Ranks), product pricings, the units of products sold, the available stock inventory, product history, etc.
  3. Listing Quality Score (LQS): This feature of Jungle Scout allows the Amazon FBA sellers to have a track of the product ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 pointer system. This feature allows the sellers to improvise their products by making a comparison.
  4. Pricing: Jungle Scout is available for the Amazon FBA sellers having three different plan options and payable on monthly as well as annual basis.

Start Up Plan: $29 per month (annual payment) or $39 per month (monthly payment)
Standard Plan: $49 per month (annual payment) or $69 per month (monthly payment)
Business Plan: $69 per month (annual payment) or $99 per month (monthly payment)

Of these three plans, the Standard Plan is the most popular one and is preferred by most of the Amazon FBA sellers for the features it provides.

  1.  Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout is the same as that of its web app having the same user interface. Its operating speed is a bit faster than the Chrome extension of the AMZ Scout. The extension has been updated recently, giving it a better look and easy to understand features as well.
  2. Software Update: The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout has been given some minor but mandatory updates in terms of user interface, a better data history, etc.
  3. Other features: The sales data now lets you know about how a product has been sold over time and hence gives you a track of its performance as well. The products ranked at the top of the Amazon product list is rated by using the PPC (pay per click) method of publishing. This proves to be much helpful in tracking your competitors.
  4. Supported marketplaces: Currently, the countries supported by the Jungle Scout extensions are the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

AMZ Scout


AMZ Scout is the same version of Jungle Scout as well as the extended version of AMZ Tracker with some advanced features in it (as compared to AMZ Tracker).

AMZ Scout is also accurate in maintaining product data but it does not have the accuracy as that of Jungle Scout. It is more accurate in the U.S. market place when compared to other marketplaces.

The features of AMZ Scout are almost the same as Jungle Scout. As in Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout is also available in the form of a Web App and a Chrome extension.

  1. Product History: As compared to Jungle Scout, the product history of AMZ Scout is not so vast. This reduces the flexibility of the Amazon sellers in the use of the tool.
  2. Sales Data: Even here the AMZ Scout lags back as the maintained sales data does not have the accuracy levels of Jungle Scout. Still, AMZ Scout manages to maintain the best possible sales content.
  3. Listing Quality Score (LQS): This feature is exhibited by AMZ Scout in a much better way than that of the Jungle Scout. It scales the product ratings on a pointer of 1 to 100 points. The aspects covered in product ratings include the Name length, Brand, bullets count, product description, product images count, number of reviews, ratings, whether the seller is FBA or not, etc.
  4. Pricing: The pricing of AMZ Scout is lower than that of the Jungle Scout. AMZ Scout is available for the Amazon FBA sellers in three different package options and even these are chargeable on monthly as well as annual basis.

Basic Package: $19.99 per month (monthly payment) or $119.99 per year.
Start Package: $29.99 per month (monthly payment) or $179.99 per year.
Business Package: $39.99 per month (monthly payment) or $239.99 per year.

  1. Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension is the same as that of Jungle Scout with almost the same features in it. The operating speed of AMZ Scout’s Chrome extension is lower than that of the Jungle Scout’s extension.
  2. Software updates: The web app of AMZ Scout is upgraded very frequently.
  3. Supported marketplaces: The AMZ Scout is available for the Amazon sellers of 10 different countries, viz. the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India and Japan.

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As seen above, AMZ Scout lags way behind Jungle Scout due to the less number of features provided. Its operating speed is also lower than Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout provides more features and hence more flexibility of use to the Amazon FBA sellers, proving to be the best product research tool in the market currently.

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