More than 90% of Amazon buyers fail to leave feedback or review products they purchase. However, when they have a bad experience, customers will leave a negative review without any prompting.

These reviews can harm your business and you should develop a strategy to help drown out the negatives and keep your seller account healthy.

There are some great Amazon seller tools that can help you boost your feedback and review numbers.

If you’re not already using one of these tools, then we highly recommend the below customer feedback and review management software for Amazon sellers.

Quick Guide:

A table list of Amazon Feedback & Review Tools

Supported Marketplaces
AMZFinder is a real-time monitoring and management tool for reviews on Amazon.
A free auto-email tool for sellers
Starting Price - $19 per month
US, CA, ES, FR, UK, DE, IT and Japan.
Automated review request, sync reviews and feedback in real time, daily reporting, one click to reply to negative feedback and other advanced review features; VAT generator.
Feedback express can automatically thank your customers for their positive feedback and request a product review at the same time. This will help improve your chances of getting a response.
Starting Price - $14.95 Free Plan - Free 30 days trial
US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, & ES.
Filter messages, automated review request, schedule messages, blacklist customers, and exclude some product with the likelihood of receiving a negative feedback.
This is a feedback management tool used in managing Amazon seller feedback scores and sending automatic email to your buyers.
Starting Price - $9.99 Free Plan - Free for up to 50 emails
US, CA, MX, UK, DE, ES, IT, IN and FR .
Automated emails, customized campaigns, email alerts, monitor reviews, email analytics and feedback management.
The two main sections of BQool (Review Central and Feedback Central) can help you monitor your ratings and ask your customers for feedback and reviews.
Starting Price - $25 (review central) and $10 (feedback central) Free Plan - 14 days (review central) and 30 days (feedback central)
Manage reviews and feedback, customizable email template, email alert and VAT invoice generator.
Kibly is an Amazon customer management software used to manage order updates, messaging and feedback.
Starting Price - $37 Free Plan - 14 days free trial
All Amazon marketplaces
Pre-loaded email templates, branded emails, email analytics, seller rank tracker, and negative feedback monitoring.
This is a customer communication tool that helps Amazon sellers manage customer feedback, product reviews, and seller reputation.
Starting Price - $20
Free Plan - $0 for only one marketplace
US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES.
Automated emails, A/B testing, message analytics, customer emails, blacklist functionality and custom messages for repeat buyers.
Salesbacker is an Amazon email automation software, which can be used to solicit product reviews and marketing data.
Starting Price - $19 Free Plan - Free up to 120 emails per month
US only
File attachments, email alerts, feedback monitoring, pre-built email campaigns and automatic customer emails.
Sellerhound is a review request and monitor tools to help Amazon sellers keep good ratings and improve store reputations.
Starting Price - $19 per month
US, CA, ES, FR, UK, DE, IT and Japan.
Request reviews and and track customers' product reviews and feedback, customizable email rules and template, email alert and VAT invoice generator.

Top 7 Amazon Feedback & Review Tools

1. AMZFinder

AMZFinder is used to monitor and manage Amazon product reviews and send feedback request emails to Amazon sellers.

New reviews can be downloaded automatically and help you manage your product reviews in a timely fashion.

  • Send Feedback & Review Request Emails Automatically 
  • Invoice Generator – Send invoice to every buyer automatically
  • Manage Reviews – All reviews and store feedback are listed on the dashboard and separated by different statuses like pending, processing, and done.
  • Multi-marketplace – You can also manage reviews on multiple marketplaces from the dashboard at no additional fee.
  • Reply Reviews Directly – The AMZFinder management system helps you post a public comment as a response to any customer review. ( Not available anymore as Amazon disable this feature itself)
  • Reply Feedback Directly – The AMZFinder review system helps you post a public comment as a response to any customer feedback on the seller’s profile page.

AMZFinder Pros:

• Exclude certain products from automated feedback requests
• Multiple filter options
• Schedule emails back to 90 days
• Can run in test mode

AMZFinder Cons:

• Does not support all marketplaces

2. Feedback Express


FeedbackExpress is a powerful, SaaS service that helps Amazon sellers automate communication with buyers to get feedback and reviews for products purchased. 

  • Increased seller metrics –Amazon doesn’t have a set method on how to win the Buy Box, but with increased positive feedback and product reviews, your chances of winning the Buy Box is possible.
  • Pre-written emails – Comes with professionally pre-written feedback requests and product reviews. These are great emails that have been proven to have a higher engagement rate and convert buyers easily.
  • Receive alerts – The tool sends negative and neutral feedback alerts direct to your phone and email.
  • Negative feedback removal requests – It creates messages and submits to Amazon requesting that a negative feedback is removed.

3. Feedback Five


Feedback five is a feedback management tool that is used to manage feedback and reviews on Amazon.

Although price and email numbers alone are important, they should not be the deciding factor when choosing a tool like this.

Feedback Five offers affordable plans for the number of emails you can send. It is a great choice for budget-minded sellers and provides value for money spent.

  • Automated emails – Emails can be sent out to users automatically or on schedule to solicit positive feedback and review. This will improve your feedback conversion rate.
  • Receive text alerts – Get notified by text messages when you receive a negative feedback. Timing is important, and not responding to negative feedback or reviews immediately can affect your bottom line.
  • Track sales data – Get a summarized view of your important product data like SKU, images, ASIN etc. This is a faster way of making quick store management decisions.

Feedbackfive Pros:

• Automated feedback and review requests
• Manage billing on multi stores
• Feedback removal and deletion request

 Feedbackfive Cons:

• Software runs a little slow

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4. Bqool


BQool is a suite of software that consists of four parts: Repricing, Feedback, Review, and Research Central. It is a comprehensive solution that helps Amazon sellers manage their store.

The features of BQool will help increase an Amazon sellers’ feedback score, product reviews, and sales.

Each feature will make your job easier and save you time.

  • Repricing Central – This will help reprice your products and help you remain competitive, enhancing your chances of winning the buy box.
  • Feedback Central – Send out automated emails to buyers requesting feedback and reviews. You can schedule the emails to go out at suitable times.
  • Review Central – Positive reviews are important, and review central does a good job of notifying sellers when they receive negative reviews so that they can respond instantly and protect their reputation.
  • Research Central (Bigtracker) – Known as Bigtracker, this feature provides updated data on the top 100 hot new releases, best sellers, most wished for, etc., which is helpful for product research.

Bqool Pros:

• Interface is easy to use
• The repricer saves you a lot of time
• Easy access to Bigtracker

 Bqool Cons:

• Customer support is slow

5. Kibly


Kibly is an email automation software for Amazon sellers. It helps you get more feedback and reviews by prompting your customers to write positive reviews for their orders.

It also sends Amazon customers personalized order updates and feedback/review solicitation emails. 

  • Email automaton – This is the core of the Kibly system and it works to get you more feedback and reviews, which translates to more sales.
  • Easy to set up – You can be up and running in a matter of minutes with their pre-built email templates.
  • A/B testing – Some of their plans have the ability to A/B test your emails so you can check what works for you.

Kibly Pros:

• Easy to use
• Great buyer feedback
• Order management

Kibly Cons:

• Software is buggy

6. Feedback Genius


With Feedback Genius you can automatically solicit feedback or product reviews, monitor negative feedback and more.

You can create an email series that will help you generate reviews on your Amazon products.

  • Easy setup – Feedback Genius offers an easy to use wizard for getting set up.
  • WYSIWYG Editor –The tool provides an email editor for your email content and for easy attachments. Use placeholders in your email Customize your emails by using placeholders like [[buyer-name]] and [[product-review-link]] for a personalized touch.
  • Negative feedback monitoring – This tool will automatically notify you when you receive a negative review so that you can respond as soon as possible.
  • Message analytics and reports – It has a basic analytics and reporting function for better decision making so you can see how your emails are performing.

Feedback Genius Pros:

• Free plan for low volume sellers
• Advanced filter and sending options

 Feedback Genius Cons:

• Customer support is poor

7. Salesbacker


Salesbacker is focused on getting Amazon sellers reviews and feedback to increase sales. Without feedback, buyers on Amazon are reluctant to buy the products they need.

Salesbacker will help you get more reviews and increase your sales. The tool provides analytics and testing and will help you track your seller ranking.

  • Automated emails – Set up an email campaign that runs automatically. It will request product reviews and feedback from buyers.
  • Pre-built email templates – To make things easy, Salesbacker has pre-built email campaign templates to get you started in just a matter of minutes.
  • Pay per use – After the base price, you can pay for the number of emails you want to send. The free plan gets you 120 emails monthly, which is great for those just starting out.
  • File attachments – The tool allows file attachments up to 7MB.
  • Email Alerts – Get notified when a customer leaves feedback or reviews one of your products.

Salesbacker Pros:

• Automated feedback and review request
• Monitors negative seller feedback
• Tracks seller ranking
• Offers enhanced analytics
• Pre-built template campaigns

Salesbacker Cons:

•No feedback filtering


These software and applications are designed to help you manage your customers and get more positive reviews and feedback.

They all have their unique features and what works for other sellers may not work for you. So give the free trial plans a shot and see which features are easy to work with.

Most especially, consider your budget before making a choice. If you sell in large quantities, then you should choose a tool that can help you automate your daily tasks.

Also, if you have fewer products and finance is an issue, then a tool that is free will do just fine.

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