Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch: Its Guide, Review &Coupons for Amazon Sellers

You have made the decision to build your business using Amazon as a portal. A sound decision, considering the sheer weight of brand power the site offers.

It is the dominant eCommerce site and leveraging its reputation is a sound business approach.

Yet, you are one amongst millions. Therefore, using a sellers’ tools can boost your chances.

Here we explore is Viral Launch is the best all-in-one Amazon sellers tool to support you to sell your items successfully to your target market.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an Amazon sellers’ tool with different kinds of solutions. For those looking to build an eCommerce empire on this premium platform, you will need this application to help you maximize your success.

Sales on Amazon can be turbulent. If you are managing a comprehensive inventory it can be difficult to keep track of your successes and your failures.

When seeking to increase your profitability, making the most of the items that sell well and moving away from those that don’t is vital.

Using this software, you can not only boost sales – but also manage your future strategy to improve prospects.

The software offers tools and services that can manage your marketing, your business planning, as well as offering data to inform your business insight.

It can make what seems like an unmanageable and turbulent process transparent and efficient to manage.

Although you might feel comfortable with Jungle Scout, the direct competitor of Viral Launch, you will find many more features.

What Services/ Tools Does Viral Launch Provide?

Viral Launch is a comprehensive package of sellers’ tools all in one place. The magnitude of the package can feel daunting.

However, if this app can do half of what it claims, then it could be a significant boost to your business.

Let’s breakdown the product solution by solution.

Kinetic PPC

As a new feature on Viral Launch, Kinetic PPC is a substantial boost to the Amazon PPC campaigns.

It has three roles in your marketing strategy: increasing profits, monitoring results, and informing future strategy.

First, it will allow you to set up repeated actions. These actions are designed to make your ads more powerful.

It will also aid you in making appropriate adjustments to listings with templates. You can also set up riles that happens automatically after a specific event.

All the automation tools are powered by data – which you will be able to access. You will set up the automation as a result of these analytics.

Not only will this make any marketing more effective, but it will also help you save money on costly errors.

Product Discovery

Understanding what items to hold in your inventory is the golden chalice of eCommerce success.

You want to source the best-selling items in your chosen niche. However, doing the research manually can take hours upon hours – with a likely limited level of success.

Therefore, this tool is essential, as it will help you find those products that have high selling potential and offer immediate demand.

It will also do the opposite – finding markets for you that are yet to be saturated and you could blaze a trail.

Market Intelligence

The market intelligence tool acts as an extension in Google Chrome.

When you are search Amazon, it will give you reliable product data, giving you an insight into sales and trends.

The algorithm behind this tool is pretty smart – and will also help you to calculate your expenses and any potential profits for a specific product.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is at the heart of most marketing success.

What words will your consumer use to find your product? How should this inform the title of your product and the product description?

There is no need to second guess with this tool. It will provide you with an opportunity score between 0 – 1000 for your chosen keywords.

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Competitor Intelligence

If you enter a market with a million competitors all more experienced than you, it is going to be a challenge to make your mark.

Therefore, you need to use the Competitor Intelligence dashboard.

You can monitor your competitors’ activity and check out the strategies they are using that seem to be working.

This tool offers a helpful hack into some of the more powerful strategies in your niche – and if there is a shift in strategy – whether it is pricing, sales, reviews or more – you can adapt.

Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, Listing Builder

There are three reasons why you want to use the listing analyzer. It will assist you in the building of your listing – something that can define its success or not.

It will help manage your keywords and it will analyze the success of your listing.

Not only will you be able to write effective marketing, but your listing will also be SEO optimized.

Split Testing

This tool answers the question: what decisions I can make to maximize my sales using this listing.

The use of split testing helps you analyze certain options, then offering a step-by-step approach to improving performance.

You can run split tests on price, title, image, and description. Each time you run a split test, you will receive essential information about how best to proceed including data on clicks and conversions.

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Launch 2.0

Unlike the tools above, Launch 2.0 is a service you can use.

This is a deeply discounted promotional system. You can use this as a means of promoting your products and offering discounts to drive more traffic and sales to your Amazon listings.

Product Photography

Product Photography is like the Unsplash or Pixabay of product photography. It is a bank of professionally shot photographs of commonly sold items on Amazon.

Your image will set the tone of how reliable and efficient you will be. Therefore, this is a huge bonus on your listings.

Listing Optimization

This service helps you write your listing and present it in a way that will maximize your presence on Amazon. It will assist you in identifying the essential keywords that will shoot you up the listings.

Kinetic Managed Services

This service is provided to help a seller overcome the difficult and time-consuming tasks related to selling – and offer these as automation.

This is a powerful option – as it offers research, strategy-building, automation and analytics in one place.

Amazon/FBA Profit Calculator

It is a free online calculator that can calculate your Amazon fees. Simply input a product URL or an ASIN, it will show you the details of the item, its prices, profits and how much Amazon will charge for selling it.

This information will give you thoughts on if it is worth selling this item.

Which of these tools are most vital?

Not all of Viral Launch will be useful. Some of the tools and services for those just setting up – and if you are already a confident eCommerce business entrepreneur, you may find some of it more frill than function.

Equally, newbies will be blown away by some of the advanced analytics.

Consequently, when reviewing a product like Viral Launch, it is important to acknowledge how they are trying to span this market – and it is natural that an individual will value some parts of the software and dislike others.

The most popular tool on Viral Launch, by far, is the Product Discovery tool.

Manually doing the research to build an inventory is a time-consuming pain.

It is also highly likely to be ineffective, as there are just too many items out there and too many options to do this successfully.

The ultimate sense of failure comes from investing so much time, money and effort into a product that ends up not selling.

If you use anything on Viral Launch, then use this Product discovery too. It will allow you to search by product, category, brand, and keyword.

You can keep adding filters to narrow your search to your winning item. Every time you put in criteria; Viral Launch will list a random set of profitable products.

Therefore, everything you view is already successful.

You can also use this vital tool as an extension in Chrome. This means that every time you search for a product of Amazon, you get details on its validity as a potential item for your inventory.

Pricing Plans of Viral Launch

Viral Launch pricing plans

Viral Launch offers monthly and annual price plans. A yearly plan is more cost-saving, being up to $30 a month cheaper.

You will also receive 2 months free trial with the annual plan – something you cannot enjoy with the monthly subscription.

You have the choice of the beginner, pro, brand builder and kinetic packages.

This scale of price packages in some ways solves the issue of features more suited to one level of a user over another.

Some features will help you build your listings in the beginner package. The more advanced packages then allow you to use the marketing and optimization tools to accelerate your growth.

At the beginner level, you will pay $59 a month and if you take out the annual package this is reduced to $50.

At the pro level, an intermediate option, you will pay $99 a month, reduced to $83 over the year.

Only nine of the 11 features explored in this review are only available in Brand Builder. This package costs a weighty $149 a month, reduced to $125 over the year.

All features are available on the Kinetic package. At $199 a month, or $166 if you take out the annual option – you get to leverage the PPC and organic marketing options within the package.

Of all the features, these are the most advanced and the ones that will elevate your eCommerce business to the next level.

In other words, this price level is highly effective – but you will pay for it.

A more exciting thing is, we have a coupon code from Viral Launch and happy to bring benefits to all readers who have found this article.

Apply this Viral Launch coupon code: [AMZBASECODE] to receive 20% off on monthly subscriptions or 40% off on annual subscriptions.

Viral Launch Free Amazon Courses

Viral Launch has a vested interest in persuading you to become a sales millionaire.

If you are happy and confident to sell online, you are going to feel the need to use the software and services they offer.

The course they offer is called “From Employee to Entrepreneur: How to well on Amazon”.

As the title suggests, the process will take you from the basics through to more advanced choices and strategy options – which will allow you some financial freedom.

The course is free. It promises that once completed you will be able to build a profitable online business.

It will take you through the setup of a business and it will also take a small Amazon online business and help it to grow in strategic and manageable steps.

Part of the course is a free trial, followed by a discount to use the software. You will also get access to a Facebook group of other people trying to do the same thing.

When you are looking to strike out alone, access to a community of people with a shared focus and common problems is a gift.

Viral Launch not only provides useful tools to help sellers to easily succeed in Amazon business but also free sources to help them on how to become a 7-figure seller at the end!

Viral Launch Reviews

This tool seems too good and helpful. You may wonder that does it really work so well?

There is a lot of comment online about the power of the Viral Launch software. It has everything you could imagine you need to make an online eCommerce store successful.

You have all the business analytics, marketplace and competitor intelligence – as well as the listing builders, images and keywords to drive your success.

The software is also intuitive. Whether you use it is a web app and use the search tool and filters or you use the Chrome extension, the results offered are effective in supporting your decision making.

When praising Viral Launch most comment on the amount of time you will save. They also not the amount of money you will save in products that just don’t sell.

It is important to remember these comments because the biggest complaint about Viral Launch is its price.

It is possible to spend close to $1400 to access all the features over a year. This seems like an extraordinary amount.

If you choose the cheaper beginner’s package, you will not have access to those features that will raise your efficiency and profitability.

However, you should work out the value of the software in relation to its return on the investment made.

Calculate how long it would take you to do a manual product search. Work out how much time and money it would take to access professional-level photography.

Consider how much extra you would earn if your listing was optimized – then balance this against the amount you are paying in subscription for the software.

Although the price is steep – and far more expensive than its competitors – the level of support you will receive is worth the investment – in our opinion.


Succeeding as an online seller on Amazon is tricky. You will need all the help you can get.

You will find that Viral Launch is all the help you could ever need. It is expensive – and you might want to use the two-month free trial to assess if this product is for you.

However, as you grow on Amazon, you might find it is a tool that becomes more useful over time.

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