No matter you are a bestseller or a new starter when selling on Amazon, you will have problems with marketing your new listing and boosting the sales. It’s not because your product is not attractive enough, but you need more reviews behind your product description since so many customers buy something depending on what others say.

Also, you may add a lot of reviewers club and send them the newly released products for test, but that’s not enough because you cannot make sure that everyone is suitable for reviewing your product. In that case, you have to expand your reviewer email list as large as you can to ensure no risk at all.

Most importantly, you cannot know the detailed information about the reviewer directly from a reviewer club or reviewer group.

So, the question comes to us: How can we find a batch of reviewers who are deserved to be on your Amazon reviewer email list? That’s why I would kindly recommend AMZDiscover to you guys.


AMZDiscover Feature

AMZDiscover is a online software like a search engine which can help you find reviewers as you want, no quantities limited and no app installation required.

amzdiscover interface

Simple interface like a search engine

How it works and what you will get

What you have to do is copy and paste an Amazon product listing and click on search button, all of the reviewers will be spread with basic information including their name, helpful votes and reviewer ranking. Most importantly, you will get their contact info including email address, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other SNS accounts.

The email list after you search a listing

Get the reviewer contact info

If you don’t know how to use it, you can get a tutorial from their website: But you have to notice that you cannot get every reviewer’s contact info because some customers are not willing to keep their contact info opened.

After you have collected some reviewers, you can contact them and ask them to review your products now. You will always have to give them some discount or coupon code of your products in return. I hope you guys have some strategies to manage these reviewers and establish a long-term relationship with them.

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