Having feedback coming in from your buyers on Amazon will make or break your success on the Amazon platform.

There are software and applications out there that are designed to help Amazon sellers manage their cliental and get more positive reviews and feedback from their customers. The two most popular, that we will compare in this article are: Feedback Genius and Feedback Five .

Both Feedback Genius and Feedback Five help Amazon sellers manage their stores, interact with their customers and increase the amount of reviews on their listings.

However, there are some things that separate the two applications that we wanted to look at in depth and provide Amazon sellers with a comprehensive comparison of qualities so that they can make an informed choice.

1. Pricing

The free package on Feedback Five, only allows for 50 emails while Feedback Genius allows for 100 – for an Amazon seller who is just getting started and wants to try one of these applications on a “trial” basis, we would recommend Feedback Five.

However, if you are already a serious seller and want to dive right in, Feedback Five’s large plan does not limit the amount of emails you have and it is cheaper than Feedback Genius’s premium package.

2. Features and Functions

Although important, price and email numbers alone, should not be the deciding factor between the two.

We’ve also created a comprehensive comparison chart to show you the features of these top-rated Amazon feedback tools side by side.

3. How To Choose Between Feedback Five and Feedback Genius?

Amazon, has a sophisticated algorithm that prioritizes listings by well-reviewed and successful sellers. It sanctions sellers who receive negative feedback and does not show as many people their listings.

If you are an Amazon seller who is trying to decide between the Feedback Five platform or Feedback Genius to help you manage your account – it is important that you understand the big differences between the two. From what we can see:

1. Feedback Five is the more “serious” of the two and is ideal for any Amazon seller who wants to run full-fledged email campaigns. The unlimited amount of emails ( once you upgrade to the premium package ) does not cap your growth at any point.

With Feedback Five you can very seriously grow and manage your email marketing as well as your feedback, helping you to grow your Amazon store.

2. Feedback Genius appears to be the more user-friendly option for those who are newer to the world of email marketing and who also wish to manage their Amazon feedback. It has many of the same features as Feedback Five but is also lacking in some of the more advanced areas of email marketing.

Either of these feedback management tools for Amazon sellers should do the trick for you just fine. For new sellers we say to start with the free trial package and then upgrade as you grow into it and require more features.

It is important to remember that in order to Thrive on Amazon you MUST be getting positive reviews from your satisfied customers. Doing this manually, when your stores grow to be substantial is a nearly impossible task for one individual, so having an application like Feedback Five or Feedback Genius to assist you, eventually becomes a necessity. Choosing between the two will really be dependent on what your needs are, and which platform appeals best to you.

Just like with anything, familiarizing yourself with it will take some time, but from what we can see both Feedback Five and Feedback Genius are incredibly user-friendly, with plenty of support options if you find yourself getting stuck.

4. Best Choice for Amazon Feedback Tool: AMZFinder

AMZFinder Feedback Request System will send review request emails and invoices automatically, helping the seller to gain more positive reviews. Featuring multi-language email templates and automatic email sending rules, the system will fulfill the sending task more efficiently and intelligently. Every seller has access to this feature from our free plan, which enables them to send 500 emails every month.


  • Started plan at $19.00/month.
  • Review Management feature.
  • No ASINs limited.
  • No marketplaces limited.

Key Features:

  • Send review request emails to get positive reviews.
  • Free invoice generator to send invoices automatically.
  • Multiple email templates to send emails.
  • Contact customers to remove negative reviews by matching reviews with order IDs.
  • Blacklist to block some customers that you do not want to send emails.