While your focus should be on making profits, you should also be considerate while setting prices so as to give your sales items more patronage on Amazon. Right pricing can earn you more sales and excellent customers review, which will further entrench your business image on Amazon. Right pricing will enable you to stand a head taller than many of your competitors on Amazon.

Pricing your inventory properly is not easy since it I subject to change almost every time. Instead of changing the price manually, you can rely on repricing tools based on Amazon pricing strategy to get things done automatically.

A big list of Amazon Repricing Tools

NumberNamePricingApplication platformAmazon marketplaceBrief introduction
1App eagle14 days free trial available, advanced version from $100 to $150Online platform , android app availableUS, UK, etcThe tool gives you competitive price intelligence and it has been found useful by many it helps to elevate your ability to dominate your niche.
2Repricer Express15 days free trial available, advanced version from $55Online platformUS, UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, ES, JPThe tool enables you to increase your Amazon sales in no time and ensure profit maximization. With this tool, you can win more Buy Box without paying too much attention.
3Repricer.comBasic costs $79. Plus costs $249. Ultimate costs $399 and Extreme costs $1199Online platformUS, UK, etcIt automatically adjusts the prices of your Amazon listings in real time to give you the best chance of winning the Buy Box at the optimal price.
4Seller republic15 days free trial, $48.95 for continuous/instant repricing. Supports up to 50000 listings on standard plansOnline platform, mobile appUK, US, etcIt is an easy, fast and intelligent tool for Amazon repricing. It is also secure, reliable and safe. It includes rock solid reliability and ultra-secure security
5Bqool14 days free trial available, advanced version from $25 to $75Online platformUS, UK, etcIt is among the best tools to automate your pricing. It, therefore, helps you to win the Buy Box at all times. it is rich in features and works very fast
6Teikametric14 days free trial available, advanced version from $990 to $1200 per monthOnline platformUS, UK, etcThe tool helps you to optimise your Amazon catalog based on your trading objectives and data. End users are also provided with top-notch customer support
7Feed VisorThere are Pro, Premium and Enterprise plansOnline platformUK, US, etcIt is an algorithm repricing and revenue intelligence tool. It offers an opportunity to harness the power of technology to make critical business decisions in real time
8Sellery15 days free trial available, advanced version from $100 to $2000 per monthOnline platformUS, UK, etcThe tool enables you to maximise your sales, Buy Box ownership and profit on Amazon. It offers repricing in real time and its features are fully customised.
9PricinglabAdvanced version from 49EUR ($58) to 186EUR ($220).Online platform, Google Chrome, mobile app.US, UK NL, FR, ES, IR, ITIt is an intelligent price tracking tool that can help you win the Buy Box. It checks and updates your prices automatically on Google shopping or market places and also supports reprice instantly.
10Alpha Repricer30 days free trial available, advanced version from $0 to $100Online platformUS, UK, etcThis tool gives you access to the best price in the market at all times. it continually reprice your listing, enabling you to beat the competition
11Logic Scale14 days free trial available, advanced version from €26 to €40Online platformUS, UK, etcThe tool keeps a tab on your products and their pricing on Amazon; it applies effective strategies to ensure your popularity remains in pole position on Amazon at all times
12Seller Snap14 days free trial available, advanced version from $499 to $799Online platformUS, UK, etcThe tool avails you the opportunity to harness the power of highly advanced Amazon repricing tool available in the market today, no contract involved and you will pay as you go.
13Channel max30 days free trial available, advanced version from $34.99 to $149.99Online platformUS, UK, etcIt is a repricing tool and can synchronise stock. It works based on FBA insight and act as a perfect Amazon search tool. It is also adaptable to EBay.
14WisePricer14 days free trial available, advanced version from $25 to $59Online platformUS, UK, etcThe tool helps you to boost your profit margin and help you to price with confidence. It enhances merchandising and works based on advanced price optimization and intelligence solutions
15Eprizer15 days free trial available, advanced version from $15 to $175Online platformUS, UK, etcThe tool carries out aggressive price check and improvement.It provides powerful business data. It works based on intelligent algorithms and strategies. It also has a price calculator included in it.
16Marketplace Repricing30 days free trial available, advanced version from $69 to $349Online platformUS, UK, Europe, etcThe tool works automatically to detect optimal pricing for 24 hours in a day. It adjusts price up or down by $0.01, allowing you to benefit from price wars and price increase
17Seller Logic14 days free trial available, advanced version from €19 to €1699 per monthOnline platformUS, UK, Europe, ChinaThe tool has attention to details. It is an intelligent and dynamic repricing tool that can help you maximize profit, win you the BuyBox and place you above competitors
18Mean Repricer15 days free trial available, advanced version from $22 to $358Online platformUK, EuropeIt works automatically to reprice as many Amazon products as you may have; consequently, it helps you to outshine your competitors.
19Ki MagicFree version available, advanced version from $9.99 to $99.99OnlineplatformUK, US, etcThe tool offers 24/7 monitoring and competitive repricing for your Amazon products. It is easy to set up and help you to dominate the Buy Box in no time.
21Reprice It30 days free trial available, advanced version from $9.95 to $79.95Online platform, cloud-based serviceUS, UK, etcThe tool is designed to reprice your inventory properly, so that do not lose money or lose to competitors.
22Seller dynamics30 days free trial available, advanced version from €20 to €750Online platformUS, UK, etcThe tool is designed to help you drive your sales on Amazon and related marketplaces.End users can also access top-line customer services
23M2E ProFree for small and medium business, advanced version from $34 to $999Mobile appUK, US, AUS,CAN,FR, GER, ISR,BRA, Europe, etc.The tool enables you to sell at your own pace. It had been available for over 10 years and can improve sales on multiple platforms.

Top 10 Amazon Repricing Tools

1. Appeagle

appeagle repricing tools

It provides the Amazon seller with critical insight and strategic automated repricing towards elevating their abilities to dominate and outsmart competitors. Its features are highlighted below:

  • It works across multiple platforms, like Amazon and Wal-Mart.
  • It carries out automated repricing of your Amazon inventory towards boosting your sales and maximising your profits
  • It works based on smart strategies to help you win the Buy Box via advanced algorithms
  • It gives you an insight into the factors that drive your Amazon business
  • It generated $7 billion for end users in the previous year and won up to 2.5 billion Buy Box shares.

2. Repricer Express

repricerexpress amazon repricing tools

You can win more Buy Box with this tool. It consistently increases your Amazon sales and maximises your profit. The tool is being sued and trusted by many sellers today. Its many features and benefits are highlighted below.

  • It is designed to carry out a complete and consistent view of your inventory prices.
  • You can filter your data very fast using clickable results in any Amazon marketplace
  • you can easily view when new listings were imported last and when the last repricing took place
  • you can also view products at Maximum, Minimum and Lowest Prices with a click
  • You can view the SKU repricing and your Amazon channel statuses easily.

3. Repricer.com


It keeps your Amazon inventory competitive 24/7. It also works automatically. Its other features are highlighted below:

  • It permits repricing on multiple channels
  • It ensures consistency in pricing
  • It can price up and down to help you win the Buy Box at a good price and to keep you ahead of competitors.
  • Its net-margin repricing feature ensures you can make a profit on all sales
  • It can schedule time-specific rules for optimizing your pricing strategies.
  • It works like an Amazon Buy Box Predictor, enabling it to identify products that have low probability of winning the Buy Box.
  • It works fast and completely automated.
  • You can access all the details required for all your SKUs at a glance.
  • You can equally access filter and sort any product you need using the powerful search functionality in the tool.

4. Teikametric

teikametrics repricing tools

Its main features are highlighted below:

  • FBA Shipping Management
  • FBA Purchase Order Management
  • FBA Restocking Optimization
  • FBA Inventory Analytics
  • Product Scout
  • Repricing

It carries out real-time repricing, which is customised to fit the needs of the end user

The end user can generate high gross margin on each SKU and it provides competitive repricing via upward and accurate repricing processes. The parameters are customizable to position your catalog into Buy Box positions. The tool is also designed to calculate the total cost of your inventory. It analyses sales velocity and sales rank on each product being sold. Customer service is also prompt and reliable.

5. Feed Visor

feedvisor amazon repricing tool

It is a unique Amazon algorithm repricer and it is developed via cutting edge technology towards growing your Amazon business. The features are highlighted below:

  • It can bring about 34% increase in your Amazon revenue and 37% increase in profit margin
  • Smart repricing tool for all categories of sellers
  • It is designed to help the end user win the Amazon marketplace and get more Buy Box share at a great price.
  • It works on multiple channels to ensure great return on inventory on platforms, like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and so on.
  • The customer service is reliable and prompt.

6. Sellery

sellery amazon repricing tool

The tool enables you to maximise your profit and sales on Amazon. It increases your Buy Box ownership and places you above competitors. Few of its many features are highlighted below:

  • Repricing is done in real time
  • It uses intelligent strategies that can be easily customised to fit into your plan
  • It can win you the Buy Box fast
  • It provides private label solutions also
  • With this tool, you will never lose money on any of your sales again.
  • The customer support is top notch and you can access free professional consultationswith Amazon experts
  • You can label and manage your FBA shipment, and also research new sales products using this tool.

7. Seller dynamics

seller dynamics repricing tool

This tool functions on both Amazon and eBay. It works on autopilot to set your pricing structure; this means it uses data based on the principles of demand and supply to carry out repricing.

Other features are highlighted below:

  • It comes with in-built inventory management software that will automatically update prices and inventory levels on-the-go.This feature is called to play anytime you list a new product.
  • Its activities are based on rules governing eBay and Amazon.

8. Pricinglab


The tool supports multiple marketplaces, like Amazon, CDiscount, Smart Price, Price Tracker, and so on. The customer service is top notch also. It ensures top class management of your inventory pricing. Its other features are highlighted below:

  • Drop Shipping Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Preparation
  • Procurement Management
  • No Code Encryption
  • The Software Is Frequently Updated

They now also offer Live Repricing : reprice instantly, for example you can reprice every 3 minutes on Amazon.

9. Alpha Repricer

alpharepricer repricing tool

It is designed to help you beat your competitors by repricing your Amazon listing continuously. Some of its many features and benefits are highlighted below:

  • The dashboard shows you a dynamic graph of competition history and repricing overview. It gives you update about Buy Box Winner, Repriced Amount, Action taken by Repricing Engine, etc
  • You can launch items directly from the tool by searching from catalog. The items sync automatically with your Amazon inventory once launched

10. Logic Scale

logicsale repricing tool

The features are unique and futuristic.

  • It is designed to win you the Buy Box fast and easy.
  • You can constantly keep track of how your pricing is fairing.
  • It uses effective strategies to ensure you remain at pole-position at all times.


There you have it: the Top Amazon repricing tools. The tools are designed to keep you abreast of latest pricing and to ensure you never fall behind your competitors. Generally, the tools will help you to do the following:

  • Track new reviewsand feedbacks
  • Find new products to sell
  • Watch for hijackers
  • Trackyour ratings on Amazon
  • Find freight forwarders
  • Win more buy Box
  • Reprice your inventory
  • And lots more

While some of the tools are available to end users from all countries, some other tools are restricted to certain countries. Some offer free trials while some are available for free use, though with limited features. You can make your choices based on your needs, location and budget.

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