To succeed on Amazon, you must have an organized inventory system. Amazon will rank the listing with which inventory is more adequate to the front. Fortunately, there are plenty of e-commerce tools that you can use to set up an inventory system. All these tools are extremely vital to streamlining your Amazon store and ensuring you never run out of stock.

If you are entering the Amazon market, you must be aware of these inventory issues that you are bound to face:

  • Increased order volume, which makes manual processes inconvenient
  • Quicker depletion of inventory
  • Higher volume of orders will mean more complex strategies for fulfillment
  • Poor performance will result in account suspension by Amazon

Ultimately, the opportunity costs of mishandled inventory are quite huge. Customers on Amazon expect 100% availability as well as fast delivery. You must provide these two essential elements; otherwise the customers will get another seller who can fulfill their expectations. You need a comprehensive Amazon inventory management system that ensures you don’t lose any business.

A big list of Amazon inventory management software

No.Amazon Inventory ToolPricingOnline platformAmazon marketplaceFeatures
1RestockProFree TrialOnline platformUS, IT, FR, CA...RestockPro works by converting FBA data into high quality inventory intelligence. It allows better monitoring of sales velocity, expected margins, competitive listings etc.
2SellicsFrom $77 per monthSoftwareUS, UK and etc.Sellics provides a powerful Amazon inventory management system that includes ranking optimization, product research, competitor monitoring, review management and PPC manager.
3ForecastlyFrom $40 per monthOnline platformUS, UK, CA and MX.Forecastly is a real time online platform that features a clear outlook of sales rankings, provides monthly inventory snapshots and offers inventory automation.
4Manage By StatsFrom $39.97 per monthOnline platformUS, UK etc.This web platform shows important metrics for your amazon business, including smart predictions and alerts based on real stats.
5Stitch LabsFree DemoOnline platformUS, GE, ES, FR, UK...It provides full inventory control, complex order fulfillment, multiple channel growth, improved transparency and accurate forecasting
6ecomdash Pricing starts at $50 per monthOnline platformUS, UKIt features amazing support, multiple sales channels, inventory automation, free upgrades, data syncing and an informative dashboard.
7SellerActiveFrom $299 per monthOnline platformCA, US, UK.SellerActive offers more visibility for maximized margins, continuous re-pricing with no hidden fees.
8TeikametricsFree DemoOnline platformUS, UK etc.Features sponsored ad management, review management, re-pricing, inventory reports, profitability analysis etc.
9appath30 day full accessOnline platformUK, US, etc.Appath is a cloud solution that features drop shipping, multi-warehousing, inventory sync and many others.
10Inventory LabFrom $49 per monthSoftwareUS, UK, etc.Key features include product scouting in real-time, listing management, accounting, and comprehensive reports.
11skubanaRequest DemoOnline PlatformUS, CA, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, UK.Skubana is an enterprise-level cloud technology inventory management solution with scalable pricing, multiple warehouse management, easy integration, intelligent analytics and automation.
12BrightpearlRequest DemoOnline platformUS, UK, FR etc.Brightpearl simplifies inventory management with its flexible cloud based system that controls complex inventories, manages smart reordering and sales channels integration.
13tradegecko From $79 per monthOnline PlatformUS, UK, CA etc.It automates backordering, controls stock in several locations and helps to manage purchase orders and sales in one online platform.
14Sellersxpress£300 per monthOnline PlatformUK, US, DE, FR, CA and JPKey features include creating Amazon listings, multi-variation support for products, bulk export/import, currency conversion, order processing and inventory sync.
15OrderhiveFree TrialOnline PlatformUS, UK, CA, IN, MX, ES and DEThe main features are order automation across all sales channels, centralized inventory management and real-time performance tracking.
16FishbowlFree TrialSoftwareUS, UK etc.Fishbowl provides an integrated shopping cart, drop shipping, import and export scheduling, synchronizing product listings and order fulfillment.
17SellbriteFrom $220 per monthOnline PlatformUS, UK etc.Sellbrite offers intuitive product listing management, FBA ready, variation control, inventory sync, international exposure, unlimited scalability and smart reports.
18Solid Commerce$399 per monthOnline PlatformUK, US etc.Solid Commerce centralizes your inventory management system in one place and provides automated re-pricing, streamlined listing and inventory history among others.
19LinnworksFrom $200 per monthOnline PlatformUS, UK, DE etc.Linnworks drastically simplifies listing, provides convenient stock control, fast order and shipping management, vast customization options and smart reporting features.
20ContalogFrom $99 per monthOnline PlatformUS, UK etc.It features single click inventory sync, measurable sales insights and offers potential for improving your product portfolio once you know client demands well.
21AMZPingFrom $20 per monthOnline Platform`US, UK etc.It features a straightforward business dashboard with inventory levels, sales tracking, seller watch, learning resources and a handy to-do-list.



Top 10 Amazon Inventory Management Tools

1. Sellics


This Amazon inventory management software is easy to use and comes with some great features. Most notably, the Profit Dashboard enables you to see real-time profits you are making on Amazon. Using the PPC Manager, you can easily optimize your campaigns and minimize your sales costs.

It also tracks and optimizes your product listings based on keyword rankings and comprehensive product research and competitor monitoring. Overall, it is one of the best inventory management tools for Amazon.

2. Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs Inventory tools

Stich Labs works by automating, streamlining and centralizing multichannel operations and inventory into one platform. This provides retails the control, visibility, insight and collaboration needed for scaling growth and increasing profitability.

It significantly reduces operational risks with automation and allows for improved forecasting and overall planning. The app also provides deeper insights with detailed reports so that you can make better decisions and improve client trust.

3. RestockPro

Restock Pro Inventory Tool

This inventory solution is an excellent way to keep track of product quantities and margins.
It is worth noting that this particular app only works with FBA data. Nevertheless, it has smart inventory tools that help you track sales velocity, expected margins, create competitive product listings and so much more. It also makes recommendations on your supply-chain actions, sending out timely alerts regarding what quantity is needed and when to reorder.

4. Ecomdash

Ecomdash inventory tool

Ecomdash is an automated inventory management solution for Amazon sellers selling on several channels. It works by unifying inventory, listings, sales orders and shipping requirements from all seller tools and places them in a single convenient location. By using data sync in real time, this e-commerce automation solution allows users to sell even more products across multiple channels.

5. SellerActive

SellerActive Inventory tool

SellerActive is targeted towards helping mid-sized and small businesses manage their inventory better, particularly on the Amazon market. It has a user-friendly experience thanks to its simple web-based dashboard that acts as a comprehensive sales management website.

SellerActive offers smart shipping solutions and will automatically get you the best shipping rates for your products. It also tracks your competitor’s pricing strategies to ensure you are always aware of any changes in product listings.

6. Teikametrics

Teikametrics Inventory tool

This app specializes in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and it helps Amazon sellers in developing and executing smart inventory systems. Their features include re-pricing strategies to compete smarter, valuable sales velocity and sales ranks insights, as well as product scouting to grow your inventory. Teikametrics also sorts out restocking opportunities based on expected profits to achieve smarter restocking, reduce stock-outs and increase profits.

7. Forecastly

Forecastly is designed to help you streamline operations and effectively boost your Amazon sales. It uses proprietary algorithms to simplify the FBA replenishment process, thus reducing stock-outs and enhancing profitability.

It is available for the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada markets. The app has accurate replenishment predictions due to factoring in inventory lead times and customer demand variability. This creates a better forecast of future demand and helps you manage your inventory better.

8. Manage By Stats

Manage By Stats Inventory tool

If you are tired of using Excel to manage your inventory, then you should consider checking out Manage by Stats. It is much more intuitive than excel in that it offers accurate forecasts of future demands that enable you to avoid the nightmares of running out of stocks.

With its detailed dashboard, you can easily see what customers are buying so that you can place orders on what your clients really want. In general, this app is a great automation solution for smart inventory management.

9. Appath

Appath Inventory tool

Appath offers a multichannel Amazon inventory management solution in a straightforward centralized location. It can work with most e-commerce stores from Amazon and eBay to Newegg and Shopify among others. The app updates your inventory quantities once an order is placed on any selling channel. This ensures the stock is always synchronized so that tthose items are not oversold, leading to issues with clients.

10. Inventory Lab

With Stratify from InventoryLab, you can research products, list your items competitively, keep track of your expenses and better handle your inventory. There are also comprehensive reports to allow you to see what suppliers, categories and products are most profitable. Additionally, this app is also available on mobile devices, which means you can source your inventory on the go.

A very important characteristic of a successful retail business is having enough products for your customers. In fact, you should not be too proud of having the “sold out” tag plastered on your product image. By correctly managing your inventory, it means that clients will be served quickly without waiting for you to restock. All the inventory tools listed above are specifically designed for the Amazon marketplace and should make your online retail shop more profitable. Be sure to choose the right inventory management solution that fits your needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to multi-channel inventory management, we recommend an article by Jazva, a good source of information about the multi-channel game and inventory management.