Sellics Review

Sellics Review: Is It the #1 Amazon Software to Maximize Business?

There is no doubt Sellics is the most widely used and well-known Amazon marketing toolkit used by Amazon vendors and sellers worldwide.

The software has helped many sellers promote their goods to potential customers, thereby increasing sales.

For this reason, the software has earned the title of being the best analytic tool from all its end-users.

But how true could this be? Well, to answer this, read on.

Overview of Sellics


Sellics is an all in one Amazon FBA management software developed specifically for Amazon sellers to help them perform the following tasks on their accounts:

  1. Manage products reviews
  2. Monitor your competitors
  3. Optimize product search engine rankings
  4. Manage inventory and stock
  5. Manage Amazon sponsored products or automate PPC campaign
  6. Track profits

Surprised by the number of tasks it’s set to accomplish on your Amazon seller account?

Well, you don’t need to as this is what the program is built for- to multitask.

Why You Need Sellics?

In the present industrial age where no business will thrive except it’s based on the internet, the need for a powerful analytics toolkit is very important as it provides you with competitive intelligence on market research and also helps in review management.

There are lots of these tools available online, but just a few have got the required features needed by end-users, and of these few is the Sellics software.

When you have a professional software like Sellics which has a clean user interface that allows end-users the opportunity to navigate around it without needing external assistance from technologists at your disposal, surviving the fierce competition on Amazon is easier than ever.

Sellics offer a free trial and paid versions, with the former giving you the opportunity to access some of its features before investing your money.

But the free trial version comes with some limitations which are unlocked when you subscribe.

One major fact expected to hamper the demand for Sellics is its inability to provide data for products sold after two months which is a big shame for the toolkit, however, its aesthetic features have covered up for this flaw.

Features of Sellics

Here are some of the features enjoyed by Sellics end-users globally:

  • Product Detector
  • Niche Analyzer
  • Spy tool
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Review Management
  • PPC Management

Depending on whether you signed up as Seller Edition, Vendor Edition, or Agency Edition, the features you are entitled to enjoy is varied.

While we are concerned with the Seller Edition membership here, the features given above can’t be enjoyed by anyone with Vendor Edition or an Agency Edition profile since the Editions are meant for different purposes.

Now you know the features of this powerful Amazon marketing toolkit, I’m pretty sure you might be wondering what they are for and how they help Amazon sellers promote their goods online.

Well, without wasting much of your time let’s take a look at each.

But before that, it’s imperative you note that you need to have an Amazon Seller Central account which you must sign in to for you to test or use the software.

Product Detector

On signing in to your Sellics Seller Edition profile, you will be to the product detector page where you are allowed to have an in-depth look at the different products sold on Amazon.

If you’ve got little or no idea on what product niche is profitable and less competitive, the product detector page is structured to help you out on this.

Although this is the most simplistic tool on the software, there are still other packages that the software has got in line for you.

Filters like sales rank, number of reviews, weight, and more are made available on the product detector page since there may be some products that won’t interest you on the list.

You can use the feature to quickly sort out those products that don’t match your desired criteria.

Niche Analyzer

With niche analyzer, you can check on the number of sales generated in the previous months or weeks in a particular niche and how competitive it is before investing your capital on products in such a niche.

This package isn’t something you need to spend much of your time on as the report given is concise, but it’s critical to make use of it before entering into a niche or launch a new product.

Spy Tool

Need to monitor your competitors’ prices and the top sellers of a product in your niche? Then you need a spy tool.

This feature lets you track the actual sales volume of the product you intend to invest so you don’t risk your funds on products with little or no sales demand from consumers.

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Review Management

Sellics provides you with instant notifications on what your customers are saying about the products sold or delivered.

Whether its a positive or negative review, Sellics sends it over to you so you know how your services are rated.

You can comment on all reviews directly from your dashboard with just a single click.

PPC Management

With PPC manager, you don’t need to depend on Seller Central reports to track or analyze the performance of your ads on Amazon.

Sellics provides you with your ads performance metrics which are sorted by revenue, cost, CPC, CTR, and others.

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Keyword Rankings

Sellics has more than 100,000 Amazon keywords on its database to help you search new keywords, spy competitors’ keywords, and find all the possible keyword combinations available online.

It has a built-in keyword ranking tracker that helps end-users monitor the performance of their keywords over time.

Sellics Pricings

Before investing your money in Sellics, you are allowed to enjoy some of its aesthetic features for 14 days with no credit card required after which you will be asked to subscribe in order to continue enjoying the services rendered.

Unlike other Amazon marketing toolkit available online, Sellics offers a flexible subscription plan you can choose from, so you don’t need to break your bank before making subscriptions.

All features are covered in one plan. Below you will find the breakdown of Sellics subscription:

Amazon Annual Sales Monthly PlanBiannual PlanAnnual Plan
$0$57/monthN/A N/A
$1K – $60K$67/month$57/month$47/month
$60K – $240K$97/month$87/month$77/month
$240K – $600K$157/month$137/month$117/month
$600K – $1.2M$217/month$187/month$157/month

Note: It’s imperative to let you know that these prices are not fixed and subject to change depending on what kind of edition (Whether Sales Edition or Vendor Edition) you subscribe to and the average sales volume you make each month.

Sellics Reviews

sellics customer reviews

One big question everyone out there has been asking is whether or not Sellics has got those mind-blowing features like the Jungle Scout and Jumpsend and other Amazon research tools.

Well, the answer is yes, it does have those mind-blowing features as it combines all the required analytics tool together in one program just to helped vendors and sellers increase sales made on their Amazon business account.

Giving reviews of this program is never an easy task to accomplish because of the sheer number of functions it has. Let’s take a look at some of the review of the program:

The Pros
  • Can be used to monitor multiple facets of a business at the same time
  • Provides Amazon sellers with the most competitive keywords
  • Provision of instant notifications regarding market trends and campaign ads
  • Simple user interface
  • Supports 8 Amazon marketplaces
  • Flexible pricings to pay as you go
The Cons
  • Doesn’t allow end-users download data directly to their device instead, they make use of the data given on the program
  • Lots of menus to navigate due to how robust the platform is
  • The synchronization of historical data is limited.
  • Only one Seller Central can be integrated per marketplace

Privacy: Is Sellics Secured to use?

Worried about the safety of your financial details and that of your potential customers?

Then Sellics is the perfect choice for you as your personal information can’t be accessed by a third party since they aren’t saved over the cloud on Sellics database.

Accuracy: How accurate is Sellics?

Well, if there is any great thing about using Sellics, it should be the accuracy with how it pulls data and metrics directly from Amazon, process them and then send over for you to digest.

Customers Review on Sellics Services

Sellics is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Most of the reviews are good.

Below are some of the online reviews for Sellics from the clients who have actually used the tool.

Let’s see how is their experience and is it worth or not.

Sellics is such a great tool with lots of incredible features such as a user-friendly interface, and accurate SEO analysis. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for software for PPC analysis.

Samantha M

Switchingto Sellics after loads of disappointments from other low quality all in one tool that most people claim to be good, was the best decision I’ve ever taken as an Amazon seller. The software is good and also comes with some challenges, however, the company is always making improvement based on reports from customers

Max Lipmann

An essential tool if you are serious about growing your Amazon business. Excellent features, easy to use, and great customer service and tutorials. It has made a huge difference to my daily schedule and significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on optimising ads and listings. I would thoroughly recommend.


Our company only uses Sellics to automate on Amazon PPC campaigns and it worked perfectly. The convenience it brings coupled with time management makes it one of our favorite software for Amazon FBA business

Luke Sutherland

Solid software with decent support. Ran into a lot of bugs whenever they roll out new features, but they are pretty transparent about them. The site is rather slow, but it works at a great price so can’t really complain.


I’ve been using Sellics for the past year+. Analytics seems to be good for the most part but the Automated PPC management, which was my primary justification for paying for a 3rd party service, has been terrible. I’ve tried everything, followed all the webinars and even gotten some advice from support. But it seems their automated management software is very buggy, often rocketing my bids to their maximum and utterly tanking my ACoS.

John Edwards

Alternatives Amazon Tools to Sellics

Sellics is indeed a great Amazon marketing toolkit since it combines all the analytic tools required by the seller or vendors to improve sales on Amazon in just a single package.

The software provides you with all the necessary data and performance metrics needed to help you grow your business on Amazon.

In all, Sellics is just the best program every Amazon vendor or seller needs to survive the competition on Amazon.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other programs with similar features. There are lots of them available online.

Need to know some of them?  Then check the list below, we’ve got four of them for you:

Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is another all in one Amazon seller tool that can be used in place of the Sellics program.

The software has got lots of incredible features such as the tracking of search term rankings, spying on competitors, protection of lists, simplification of Amazon keyword research and more, which end users are set to benefit from.

Just like Sellics, Helium 10 offers both free trial and paid versions with the former running for 30 days after which you will be asked to subscribe.

Although Sellics allows you to enjoy all its features in the free trial version, Helium 10 restricts users from enjoying some features.


Teikametrics Inventory tool

This is a web-based program developed specifically for Amazon sellers to help them optimize the sales of their products on Amazon.

The software combines features like Amazon experience, data science, and automation to help you improve your Amazon PPC campaign so more leads are generated.

Like Helium 10, free trial on Teikametrics is enjoyed for 30 days. After this period, you will be asked to make payment in order to continue enjoying its services .

One problem with the software is the high subscription plan which single or individual Amazon seller can’t afford.



Helloprofits is a multipurpose Amazon marketing software built for end-users from all cultural backgrounds.

If you need to skyrocket your sales today, then Helloprofit is what you need.

The software provides you with information regarding customer orders, payouts, PPC campaigns, market reports, and more instantly without any delay.

Because end users believe more in , Helloprofits offers both free trials so you can test the program before investing in it.

If you are convinced with the services rendered, you can subscribe after your 21 days free trial is over.



Here is another powerful FBA tool Amazon sellers can use in place of Sellics to fuel the growth of their business on Amazon.

Sellerlabs is built specifically to help sellers and vendors increase sales of their products by providing them with the best keyword research, market reports, customer reviews etc.

The program helps sellers maximize their profitability and also run more efficient campaigns.


Instead of downloading several different Amazon analytic tools on your device that will consume storage, waste your time and stress you out, why not get yourself an all in one Amazon marketing toolkit today to save yourself the time and stress.

With Sellics at your fingertip, the fierce competition that has made some Amazon sellers and vendors quit their Amazon FBA business is reduced to the barest minimum.

The software has got all the necessary tools you need to make your business thrive on Amazon.

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