23 Multi-channel Listing Software Could Come in Handy for Online Sellers

Selling on multi eCommerce channels is not easy, you need a way to be decent at all of the different elements of online sales, with an effective management system in place.

Using multi-channel listing software should enable you to easily manage your inventory, payments, orders, and customer support without any issues so that you can focus on generating sales and profits in new ways, rather than spending time messing with products.

When you’re looking for the best multi-channel listing software tools, start here.

We’ve found 23 different but effective sites for multi-channel eCommerce software that you can use no matter what stage of your business you’re at.

1. SellerCloud


SellerCloud can seamlessly integrate with all of your sales channels, making it much easier to get the best exposure for your sales items.

With SellerCloud’s multi-channel eCommerce software, you can manage your inventory, orders, and listings.

SellerCloud is designed to enable you to maintain the details and specifications of your listings, to keep your store’s items compliant across all channels.

When you sell an item, SellerCloud updates the sale on all of your sales channels, lowering the risk that can come with overselling products you don’t have in stock anymore.

The monthly minimum cost for SellerCloud is $500 per month, and the tool is available across a range of channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten.

2. Sellbrite

 Sellbrite lets you list the items in your inventory from their central catalog to several popular sales channels, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

With their multi-channel listing software, you can benefit from bulk listing, listing templates, and an item tag tool which allows you to quickly find any of your items across your sales channels.

Sellbrite starts from $49 a month for their basic package.

3. Ecomdash

Ecomdash’s multi-channel eCommerce software allows you to list your sale items across multiple channels.

Their multi-channel listing software can help you quickly list hundreds of items over all of your sales channels with ease, while controlling your product quantities to ensure that you don’t oversell.

Ecomdash works perfectly with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy, among other popular sales channels.

Price packages start from $60 a month.

4. ListingMirror

ListingMirror is one of the best multi-channel listing software tools available.

The program works well with several of the top sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, and they’ll be introducing Overstock to their line-up of channels soon.

ListingMirror can copy your product list over to any of their supported sales channels with ease.

Their standard package costs $69 a month, but they offer a package for new starters at $500 for their first year.

5. StoreAutomator


StoreAutomator is the perfect multi-channel listing software tool that includes accurate inventory management, and successful data management for your products.

It works with Amazon, eBay, Magento, and even Big Commerce, among other sales channels. With StoreAutomator, you can benefit from their Amazon repricer, perfect for selling who use Amazon Buy Box.

Their starter package for sellers that are only on one channel is $50 a month.

6. ShopMaster(Discontinued)

ShopMaster lets you rapidly import products from dozens of suppliers such as Aliexpress, Chinabrands and Amazon to your multi-selling channels. With Shopmaster you can easily use their bulk listing tool to import, edit and list all of your products.

You can manage all of the businesses, adjust prices and even make auto orders to fulfill your customers in one place.

It has a forever free plan for small sellers and prices range from basic $19.90 to enterprise $79.90 a month, which you can manage unlimited listings across all supported channels.

Unfortunately, ShopMaster is no longer available. It was shut down on April 30, 2021.

7. Jazva

Jazva is the multi-channel listing software solution that lets you list multiple items across all of your sales channels with ease.

It has everything you need to run your business through Amazon, while also allowing you to cross-post your item list to other major sales channels.

All of your product data will be in one place, ensuring that you can find any information you need with ease.

8. Selro

Selro is a multi-channel eCommerce software solution that gives you the tools you need to properly run your eCommerce business. You’ll benefit from cost-effective shipping methods, and order management across all of your sales channels.

Selro’s prices start from $99 a month for a basic package up to 5000 item orders.

9. SellerActive

SellerActive allows you to grow your eCommerce business efficiently. You can add your product list from Amazon to any number of supported sales channels, fully synched, so you know that all of your online stores are up-to-date.

SellerActive offers amazing customer support, including live training from their team.

They offer two payment plans, either per month, or an amazing yearly saving – starting from $239 a month for their basic plan.

10. Etail

Etail solutions will help give you an advantage over other Amazon sellers. Etail’s services support your business sales from start to finish, including inventory checks from your suppliers, to all of your live channel listings.

You can request a demo of their system, and contact them any time for price inquiries.

11. BigCommerce


BigCommerce wants to simplify the way that multi-channel eCommerce software works.

With BigCommerce, you’ll be able to sell to customers across all of your sales channels with ease. Their multi-channel listing software tool allows you to efficiently manage your inventories, and process and ship your items from their software, no matter the origin point of the sale.

Their most popular package is only $79.95 a month.

12. Linnworks

Linnworks lets you control all of your sales channels from their interface, making cross-channel selling that much easier.

The system integrates with hundreds of sales channels, allowing you to use their efficient multi-channel listing software and multi-channel eCommerce software to keep track of all of your products and sales completely effortlessly.

They even offer a free version of their software, which is ideal for start-ups.

13. Skubana

Skubana aims to completely unify your multi-channel business by using its multi-channel eCommerce software to view and update all of your products with a few clicks of your mouse button.

With Skubana, you can even discover money-saving suggestions to develop your business further.

Contact Skubana directly for their pricing offers.

14. MultiChannelWorks

MultiChannelWorks will help you save time with their automated workflow solutions. You’ll benefit from organized inventory management and a multi-channel listing software that syncs your items across your sales channels in a single moment.

MultiChannelWorks even works with FBA, which makes it great for sellers who are largely Amazon-based.

Their standard package is usually $60 a month.

15. Expandly

Expandly is a simple way to stock your sales channels, sell your products, ship your items, and repeat across each of your online webstores.

This multi-channel listing software is quick, cost-effective, and works across several marketplaces.

Their business package starts at $105 a month.

16. InventorySource

InventorySource boasts a supplier network integrated with all of your online sales channels. Their multi-channel eCommerce software works in tangent with each of your webstores and marketplace accounts to ensure that your inventory is always synced up.

InventorySource works for both suppliers and retailers and offers a program that syncs with channels like Amazon, eBay, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Pricing starts from $50 a month.

17. Mucheco

Mucheco’s multi-channel eCommerce software offers complete integration with a range of online sales channels.

Their application is cloud-based, keeping all of your data stored and backed up without any issues. Mucheco aims to keep online retail simple, even if you’re working with several sales channels.

They offer both monthly and yearly price packages, starting from $69 a month.

18. PlentyMarkets


PlentyMarkets offers a range of features to create a perfectly integrated system for all of your sales channels.

Their multi-channel listing software will keep your inventory up-to-date across all of your webstores, keeping mistakes to a complete minimum.

Unlike standard multi-channel eCommerce software solutions, PlentyMarkets works per order, rather than paying per month, so you can completely design your own payment plan.

19. SellerDynamics

SellerDynamics is the multi-channel eCommerce software solution for business owners who want to drive their sales and use easy multi-channel listing software to keep their product inventory as synchronized as possible.

It works with AmazonBusiness and several other sales channels to help you create the best possible business you can have.

Prices start from $120 per calendar month.

20. Sellware

Sellware makes processing your orders easier than ever.

Their system is completely designed around your selling needs and comes with quick multi-channel listing software for the business owner who enjoys selling across multiple online sales channels.

Their standard package starts at $99 a month, and you can enjoy selling from Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, among others.

21. SixBit Software

SixBit Software is the multi-channel eCommerce software built to help you grow your business from the get-go. It’s the first listing tool developed for eBay, and with their experiences, they know more than enough to help your business become great.

Small businesses are recommended to go with its small business package, which is $39.99 a month, though there are several other packages available.

22. StoreFeeder


StoreFeeder is a great multi-channel eCommerce software to have while you’re working across various selling platforms online.

It will keep all of your sales and stock counts in one place, looking after your products and sales while you grow your business. With their multi-channel listing software, you’ll be able to update your products across all of your sales channels in seconds.

StoreFeeder starts from £250 (+VAT) a month.

23. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a popular inventory & order management solution for businesses that sell on multiple sales channels, whether it’s Amazon, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, or more.

The cloud platform connects and automates the flow of information through your entire commerce and supply chain ecosystem – from production through to fulfillment.

Their most entrepreneur-friendly Founder plan starts from only $39/month, and you can enjoy 14 days free trial.

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