A long list of products will show up when we search a keyword on Amazon, but we all know that only products that are listed on the first three pages will bring conversions and sales.

As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon is trying to bring the highest quality shopping experience to its 80 million members.

Using their A9 algorithm, Amazon can always recommend the right products to their customers to make it easier for them to make a purchase.

As a result, everything we do to optimize your product’s ranking must adhere to Amazon ranking rules.

It is well-known that relevance, conversion rate, and product authority are the three factors to decide what position your product will appear in.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to improve your product ranking in these three areas.

Part One: Increase the Relevance of Product Page

The product relevance to the customer’s search terms is the basic element that will impact your product ranking.

Here are 7 aspects that you must attach importance to:

1. Title

Amazon is different from Google in title optimization. Google requires much simpler titles compared to Amazon, which cares more about keywords.

You can fill in the title with as many keywords as you can. The more, the better. What is worth paying attention to, however, is that Amazon has begun to rectify and standardize the title.

2. Bullet points

It’s very important to describe the key points correctly in this part. Also, Amazon does not allow goods that are not described in the Buy Box.

3. Description

The product description is an extension of the above function. As long as there is a keyword in your product listing, your product will be able to appear in the search results.

Read more: The Guide to Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Sell

4. Brand and manufacturer

A brand can be an attraction for those consumers who search for specific brands. If the consumer uses the manufacturing number to search, then you should also add it to the title.

5. Specifications

Specifications are different from functions. You should list technical and physical information. This includes size, weight, color, production date, technical specifications, and so forth.

6. Category and sub-category

Some customers can also search products by choosing categories, and at the same time the Amazon search results are displayed according to category range. Please make sure to put the goods under the correct category.

7. Search term

Amazon has five search term fields. It is better to enter the most important keywords that you can think of. Avoid repeating words, using synonyms or trying alternative spellings.

8. URL

This is a way for Amazon to determine the relevance of the listing and search.

Here is a tip for Amazon: Create a query URL for your product page (& keyword = your products + keyword) and add this code to the back of the product URL.

Next, shorten it using another service (such as bit.ly). Finally, create a URL that can be shared for this link and drive traffic to it.

As long as there is a sales record from this link, Amazon will determine the visitors have searched your products to your target keywords.

Part Two: Try Your Best to Improve Conversion Rate

The higher your conversion rate is, the bigger the possibility for Amazon to recommend your products.

A high conversion rate indicates the product is more likely to satisfy the customer’s demand. In the same way, it can bring higher interest and conversions to Amazon itself.

Here are 7 points to be noted.

1. Sales

Search for a product on Amazon. You are able to see that the products with the highest sales always rank on the front page.

2. Customer reviews

The most critical part is the number of reviews the product has.

When a customer wants to know about a product, they will always like to see what others who bought the product have to say about it.

You need to get more reviews, especially when submitting a new listing. You can recommend your products to your target customers through emails to get more sales and reviews.

AMZDiscover is a good choice when you want to get emails to your target customers. Not only can they help with sales, but you can also invite them to leave reviews for your products.

3. Questions & answers

Although it is not absolutely clear about its impact on ranking, it is important when related to listings due to its ability to affect the conversion rate.

If you do not answer questions it may indicate that you are not familiar with the product or that you are too lazy to care about your customers’ requirements.

4. Image

The size and quality of the picture are also critical. A large and clear image is a plus. Customers are uninterested if they see a picture that is small and not clear.

5. Price

Although it is not suggested that you join in a price war, it is important to set a competitive price. Besides, this is one of the factors whether a seller can win the Buy Box.

6. Variant products

Many sellers like to create multiple listings for different attributes of the product. Actually, this is not a good idea.

Why not use the Amazon multi-attribute variant function to create a listing and direct your buyers to one specific page?

One, it can increase the number of buyers and customer reviews.

Two, all attributes are displayed on one product page. Buyers do not need to change pages to make a decision.

7. Stay time and bounce rate

The stay time and bounce rate are able to affect the conversion rate.

If the buyer stays on the page for a long period of time, then it will greatly enhance the conversion rate and customers are more likely to buy that product.

You should rethink your strategy if the bounce rate is high.

Part Three: Pay Attention to Your Product Authority

As well as sales, feedback on your products is a key area that cannot be overlooked.

If most of your customers return your products and leave negative feedback, your product’s authority will drop significantly.

1. FBA

Amazon will give priority to products with FBA shipments. The product keyword search authority will increase and get a higher ranking as you use the FBA service.

2. Order defect rate

Order defect rate is also a factor that will be calculated into the Amazon search ranking algorithm. It is the key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience which you should control below 1%.

3. Negative feedback rate

Feedback indicates the service of the store including shipments and customer service. It is advised you take good control with regards to the service in relation to logistics.

4. Filed A-to-Z claim rate

A-to-Z is a complaint related to the product itself. This data is also very important because it can indirectly affect the search results ranking.

5. In-stock rate

Amazon would not recommend a product to customers if it cannot be shipped immediately. Please keep adequate inventory so that you are free to implement your sales plan.


In summary, all of the above factors are supposed to be considered together. It is useless if you only concentrate on one.

To get a better search ranking, we must keep optimizing in all aspects and master every detail.

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