As an Amazon seller, you’re always looking for ways to boost your sales and to improve your ranking.

There are many different ways in which you can do this; however, the latest super-trend in the Amazon world is the Amazon Super URL.

What is an Amazon Super URL?

As we’re sure you’ll be aware, an URL is an alpha-numerical link which, when clicked on, takes you to a different site or a different page of your current site.

URLs make navigating the internet easy as users don’t need to type in a complicated series of letters and numbers to reach the page they want.

An Amazon Super URL is a link which is used to send buyers to your Amazon page from an external source.

The common external sources used for Amazon Super URLs are social media sites and Pay Per Click campaigns whereby a user will include a link to their Amazon product or page, allowing potential buyers to click straight through to that product.

Amazon Super URL Metrics

Every URL contains an important parameter called a qid.

If you try performing the same search more than once and quickly, the two URLs will look different.

To explain how a Super URL differs from a regular URL, we’ll use the example of a customer searching for a white noise machine – and it just happens that you are selling this item.

In a regular search, your customer will plug the ‘white noise machine’ into Amazon’s search bar.

This will produce the parameter “field-keywords= white+noise+machine” and the results in the following screenshot will be produced.


With this search page, you will get this URL:

Next, we will take a deep look and analyze some major metric of a search URL on Amazon:

1. ‘‘/s/?url=search-alias”
This is a metric that Amazon uses to recognize the Department belongs to the product.

In the above picture, you may see ‘‘Showing results in Health & Household. Show instead results in All Departments.’’ According to this, you will see Amazon sort these search results of ‘‘white noise machine’’ in Department Health & Household.

2. ‘‘&field-keywords=”
This parameter helps Amazon algorithm to recognize this search page in accordance with this specific keyword ‘‘white noise machine’’ you used.

3. ‘‘ref= ”
All the metrics come after ref= is Amazon ‘s way to track how buyers come to this search result.

4. ‘‘&20’’
It is simple and represents as a space symbol in a URL. You may use this symbol or a ‘‘+’’ symbol.

If the customer clicks onto one of the products by visiting the following link:

Amazon’s system will note that it was found using the keyword ‘white noise machine.’ And its clever system collects search behavior and constantly adds to it.

If a user now visits the same product via a Super URL – for example: – from your external site, this visit, and potential sale, will be associated with the search keyword ‘‘white noise machine’’.


Why Do I Need an Amazon Super URL?

Unlike a regular link, the Amazon Super URL fools Amazon into believing that the page or product was found through a normal organic Amazon search rather than a customer clicking onto a link.

Amazon Super URLs can be programmed to specify a searched-for keyword in addition to registering as a regular search.

All of this is important as Amazon’s goal is to identify the most popular products in a category and show them to its customers.

When you use a regular link to send buyers to your Amazon page, your ranking will not be affected at all, whereas, with an Amazon Super URL, the Amazon algorithm is stimulated, directly affecting your ranking.

The Best Free Amazon Super URL Generators

The easiest way to create Amazon Super URLs for your Amazon products is by using an Amazon Super URL generator.

Here, we list some of the best free ones available on the market.


As it shows, is a completely simple and clear URL generator for sellers.

No need to sign up, you can input as many as links and keywords, it will generate all that you need with specific parameters to boost your keywords and rankings.

If you choose to sign up, you will be able to see the result reports of how your links work and get the ideas of which keyword is the best.

2. AMZTracker

AMZ Tracker

The ever-popular AMZ Tracker features a free to download Amazon Super URL generator on its website.

Just one of many useful tools for Amazon sellers, the AMZ Tracker Amazon Super URL promises to supersize the ranking power of any traffic you send from an external site to your Amazon product page.

This handy tool will provide you with a specially shortened URL for use on social media, newsletters, emails and any other external sites.



Another member of the popular AMZ family, AMZ One’s easy to use online generator will generate an Amazon Super URL for you quickly and easily.

It promises a significant increase in ranking when the URL is placed on high-interest sites such as Facebook.

4. Sellerapp


Fully online, Sellerapp is quick and simple to use, even for beginners. Simply copy and paste the product ASIN or URL from Amazon into the URL creator and then enter your main keyword for the product.

Sellerapp will then identify the best keyword for your product and generate your link for you to copy and paste.

5. RankBrain

Basic but gets the job done, Rankbrain’s online generator is a no-fuss tool allowing you to generate an Amazon Super URL and be on your way.

But here is bad news. Keep reading to find out!

Why You Shouldn’t Use an Amazon Super URL

So far, all of this sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple as using a Super URL to boost sales of your travel kettle may just land you in hot water with Amazon if you’re not careful.

Although Amazon’s terms and conditions do not make specific mention of Super URLs or their eligibility, Amazon does have a number of rules and regulations which suggest that the use of Amazon Super URLs is not permitted.

Amazon Search Algorithm

Amazon’s terms and conditions state that it is prohibited to manipulate Amazon algorithms in any way.

Due to the sophistication of Amazon’s technology, including the ability to read keywords, timestamp,s and search parameters, there’s a good chance that Amazon may well be able to tell if you are using a Super URL.

Users using less sophisticated Super URL generators should certainly proceed with caution as it’s likely that these will be identified quickly.

Although Super URL generators are increasing in sophistication, Amazon’s technology is increasing to match it.

Is Amazon onto Super URLs?

Many Amazon sellers who have chosen to use Amazon Super URLs in the past have claimed that this tactic is no longer working for them in terms of optimizing keyword rankings.

It could be that Amazon is not only aware of the practice of using Super URLs but have already put steps in place to stamp them out by making them ineffective.

Conversion confidence

As mentioned briefly earlier in this article, even if an Amazon Super URL works, it may not work in your favor.

It has been shown that Amazon Super URLs are useful for driving customers to your product from external sites and that this is logged by Amazon as an organic search and visit, which is all good news.

However, from there it all comes to down your product and its saleability – if the users being driven to your product page are then stopping to purchase the product then it’s all good.

If your product page is seeing a large number of visits without purchase, this will affect your conversion rate in a negative way – something that Amazon will notice, even if they don’t spot your use of a Super URL.

This can often see your ranking decrease so it’s worth thinking carefully before generating your own Amazon Super URL.

Review Removal

Some Amazon sellers, particularly those selling books, have noticed that a lot of positive reviews are being removed from their product pages.

A possible explanation for this is that Amazon’s system has possibly identified the fact that a high number of people using a certain link is leaving positive and sometimes similar reviews on your page.

In many cases, Amazon’s automated system will then decide that these are bogus or fake reviews and remove them from your page, effectively removing all of your hard work.


Although caution should be used when considering using an Amazon Super URL, for many Amazon sellers, the consensus is that Super URLs can be a useful tool if used only for a short period of time for a particular promotion or product sale.

In terms of losing out on the conversion rate from using a Super URL which produces a high number of visits without purchase, this can often be balanced by including a discount or offer in the Super URL.

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