As of today, Amazon sells more than 12 million products. What can you do to make your products stand out from the pack?

You can write a compelling, relevant, SEO-optimized product description to crack the Amazon algorithm and grab the customers’ attention.

In this guide, you will find tips on how to write a perfect product description and take your sales to the next level.

Let’s get started!

Find relevant keywords

When it comes to writing a product description on Amazon, well-chosen keywords play an important role.

If you don’t use keywords wisely, your products will likely get lost in a crowded marketplace.

So the first thing you should do is to research the search terms options and choose the most suitable ones.

Analyze your competitors’ keyword strategies, and use tools like Merchant Words, Amazon ASIN, and Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Basically, you don’t need to focus on keywords with the highest search volume.

If you pick search terms with medium search volume and low competition, you will get more qualified leads.

Think like a customer

If you want to create an ideal product description, focus on the things that matter to your customers.

Don’t try to convince shoppers that the item you sell is a “good product”. Make them believe that your product is the “exact product they are looking for”.

Imagine for a moment that you are a customer.

  • What information would be important to you?
  • What product’s benefits and features would influence your buying decision?

Let’s say you sell a popular toy, a floating octopus. Your customers are mostly young parents who want their kids to play with toys that stimulate physical and mental development.

In what way should you describe your product to encourage shoppers to place an order?

You should emphasize that your product will satisfy two needs: kids’ need to have fun and parents’ need to care about their children and their development.

floating octopus - Amazon description writting guide

In other words, you should try to understand what results/effect your customers expect from using your product.

Then, you should describe your product in a way it will perfectly cater to your customers’ expectations.

Analyze positive customer reviews

If you’ve been running your business for a while, then the chances are you’ve collected some product reviews.

Read the reviews, and find the details you can use to improve your current product description.

Let’s say you sell watches.

All the watches come with an original wooden gift box; however, you haven’t specified that in your product description.

You’ve looked through product reviews and found comments like these:

  • “I haven’t expected that the watches will be packed in such a beautiful wooden box. The box itself looks like a perfect gift.”
  • “The wooden gift box is super cute. My wife is an environmental activist, and she was happy to get the watches that come with plastic-free packaging!”

Your customers love the wooden gift box, so you should consider it as your competitive advantage.

You can add information about the gift box to your product description to encourage more shoppers, including Eco-conscious ones, to place an order.

In other words, if there is something special in your products that your customers love a lot, you should specify it in your product description.

Even more, you should put that feature/detail in the first place.

This will help you receive more sales, more positive reviews, and again more sales.

Learn from negative feedback

Negative product reviews can also give you some ideas on how you can improve your product description.

Read negative reviews and define the key issues your customers are complaining about.

Let’s say you sell bodycon dresses. You’ve got a few comments like these:

  • “A little tight on the chest and shoulders. Felt like a straight jacket.”
  • “Very snug everywhere. Difficult to raise arms even.”

As you can see, your customers are not satisfied with your product.

How can you tweak your product description to ensure that your new customers will not get disappointed with their orders?

You can warn women that this dress is “super tight-fitting” and provide an additional dress size guide.

In such a way, you will help your customers make more informed buying decisions and improve the overall customer satisfaction rate.

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Look through the “Customer Q&A” section

Amazon customer questions& answers

Another way to improve your product description is to answer the frequently asked question.

Check the “Customer Questions and Answers” section and add some extra details to your product copy.  

For instance, if shoppers ask whether your product is washable, you should specify that in the description and provide additional washing guidelines if needed.

The more customers’ questions you will address in the product descriptions, the more orders you will get.

Shoppers will not need to look for other products sold by other sellers if you provide them with all the necessary information.

By offering enough detailed info, it will also help reduce customer return problems as they know what to expect.

Keep it relevant and to the point

There is no such thing as a perfect length of a product description on Amazon.

You should keep the description short and to the point yet strive to add value to your target audience.

Well, if you sell an innovative product that has multiple features, you will probably need to write a 300-words-long or longer description.

However, if your target audience is familiar with your products, there is no need to use a lengthy description.

You can describe your product in a few short sentences, and that will be enough.

Also, pay attention to how your titles and descriptions show on the computer or mobile version. Thus, adjust the characters of the descriptions to achieve the best results.

Michelle Crawford, a marketing specialist and education writer from Subjecto, says: 

“Aim at keeping your product description relevant – not too short and not too long. Provide your customers with the information they need to make an informed buying decision, and spare them the unnecessary details.”

For instance, if you sell backpacks for college students, don’t write about the technologies used in backpack production.

Your target audience is not interested in knowing such details.

The only things that students care about are whether your backpack looks stylish and whether it will fit all their essentials.

backpack - sell on Amazon

Use bullet points

Now let’s talk about the structure of your product descriptions on Amazon.

The first thing you should understand is that your product description can’t look like a wall of text.

You need to use bullet points to highlight the most important features and benefits of your product and make your text easy to scan through.

Modern customers don’t like to spend time reading long, hard-to-understand texts.

So if you create a well-structured product description and use simple language, you will attract more people to your page.

And if you put the most important benefits first on the list, you will double your efforts.

If possible, make all bullet points approximately the same length. It will make your product description more visually appealing and help you increase the conversion rate.

Amazon appealing bullet points


Product description writing may sound like a daunting step. However, if you want to make sales on Amazon, you can’t skip it.

You should find the right words to present your products in the most favorable light and persuade customers to buy from you.

We highly suggest you use this guide to ease your work.

Apply the tips given and write a product description that will help you beat the competition.

Write an effective product description and boost your sales on Amazon today!

–By author Kristin Savage

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