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5 Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Listing and Rank Higher

In July of 1994, Jeff Bezos found a small company named Amazon in Bellevue, Washington. This company went on to become the biggest online store in the world and made its CEO the richest man on Earth.

Amazon has over 1.2 million employees and 225.248 billion dollars worth of assets. Being the most used e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon has everything a seller needs to market their products.

However, not everyone knows how to use the services provided by Amazon to their advantage. Here is all you need to know to make your products a huge hit on Amazon.

Amazon Listing and Ranking

The first step, before even thinking about posting an ad for your product, the most important thing to do is to understand the algorithm of Amazon.

Amazon’s website and apps work on the programming that lists its content according to certain specifications.

This listing depends on how well your product ad has been written and optimized.

An Amazon listing determines the amount of exposure your product would get.

So a higher rank would mean more exposure which translates to more people being interested in buying your product.

Higher Listing = More Exposure = More Revenue

5 Tips for Amazon Listing Optimization

The best way to get a higher rank on your Amazon listing is through optimizing.

Amazon Listing Optimization refers to optimizing different components of your product ads in such a way that helps them rank higher.

This optimization takes advantage of the Amazon algorithm and exposes your target demographic of interested customers to your products.

Here are five tips to optimize your Amazon listing and get a high rank on Amazon:

  • Product Title Optimization
  • Product Images Optimization
  • Product Packaging Optimization
  • Product Description Optimization
  • Product Features Optimization

1. Optimize Your Product Title

Your product title is your product’s introduction to your customer so it must be short, to the point, and expressing your product’s distinguishing features.

Tips for Product Title Optimization:

➔ Amazon allows up to 200 characters, including spaces, for a product title, however, a good length for a product title is 100-150 characters.

➔ The first five words are the most important so they should be relevant keywords and not contain anything generic like “a”, “an”, “the”, or “and”.

➔ No symbols, promotional messages, or prices should be included in the title.

➔ The proper format for a good product title is: Brand Name_Model_Target Customer’s Gender_Product Name_Important Fact_Color_Material_Other Important Specifics-Condition

For example:

Rayban Aviator1937 Men’s Sunglasses Limited Edition Pilot Design Black Coloured Lenses with Gold metal Frame New

2. Optimize Your Product Images


Product images are visual representations of your product.

They have the power to make your customer’s mind about buying your product so all your product images must be clear, professional-looking, and showcase your product’s best features.

Tips for Product Images Optimization:

➔ Amazon allows 9 product images, including a lead image, however, a good number of images is 5-8 for a high rank.

➔ The image should be high-definition with at least 1000 px-500 px image size.

➔ The product should occupy at least 80% of the image area.

➔ The product should also be shown in use in one of the images.

➔ The product packaging should be showcased clearly in the images.

For more detailed info, read this: The Complete Guide to Amazon Photo Requirements

3. Optimize Your Product Packaging

Your product packaging is also essential as it fulfills the visual representation quota of your ad on Amazon.

If your product packaging is sub-par, it makes you look unprofessional and does not present your brand in the best light.

The best way to have a professional but not too over the top complicated product packaging design is to hire Packaging Design Services from a reputable marketing agency.

Tips for Product Packaging Optimization:

➔ The product packaging should be designed using a detail-oriented methodology to ensure a professional appearance.

➔ A differentiation strategy should be translated into a packaging design that sets your packaging apart from the rest of the competition.

➔ It is important that your packaging can be easily mass-produced and consistent throughout all your products.

➔ The product packaging should also be true to your brand and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

➔ Product images of the packaging should also be clear and taken against an all-white background.

4. Optimize Your Product Description

The next step is to write a product description that describes your product in a way that is desirable to your target demographic of customers.

The description needs to be detailed but not too long, containing important information about the product without using any promotional messages.

Tips for Product Description Optimization:

➔ Amazon title requirements allow 2000 characters, including spaces, for product descriptions, and the perfect length is a minimum of 250 words. However, what Amazon recommended are fewer than 80 characters.

➔ Use short and easy to understand sentences.

➔ Highlight all key information that might help attract your customer to your product.

➔ Never oversell your product or mislead your customers, be precise and to the point.

➔ Do not include any company information in your product description.

➔ Include relevant keywords but make sure that your overall sentences are grammatically correct and coherent.

5. Optimize Your Product Features

Product features are used to highlight the attributes of your products that might interest your customers.

These features should distinguish your products from the competition and convince your customers to take the final step to purchase.

Tips for Product Features Optimization:

➔ Amazon allows around 1000 characters, including spaces, for product key features. The best way to present product features is through bullet points.

➔ The best length for bullet points is five bullet points with 200 characters each.

➔ Highlight the top five features of your products.

➔ All key features should be showcased with short and easy to understand sentences.

➔ All bullets should have a consistent tone with demanding your customer’s attention and being informational while also expressing the benefits and physical features of your product.

The Complete Listing Optimization Solution

All in all, listing optimization on Amazon is a must if you want more exposure and more revenue from your products.

However, it can be quite a handful if you are not well-versed in optimization techniques.

The best solution is to hire a proper and reputable Amazon Listing Optimization service so that you may get all the benefits in half the time. A good way to also get a higher rank would be utilizing Packaging Design Services such as AMZ One Step to your advantage.

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