With rapid advancements in the e-commerce arena, both sellers and buyers are looking to maximize productivity and save time, effort, and money.

Keeping this in mind, Amazon is determined to provide fluid virtual buying and selling opportunities.

In line with this, a wide array of Amazon chrome extensions are available online. All the extensions vary in price, features, and benefits.

Let’s check them out!

26 Amazon Chrome Extension for Sellers

We searched and rounded up some of the most commonly and popularly used extensions.

So, this article has listed some Amazon chrome extensions you might find useful.

Jungle Scout Extension

As one of the most robust Amazon chrome extensions, Jungle Scout makes product research easier with the ability to provide a bulk review, keyword volume, and real-time sales data and profit metrics.

Sellers can use this to quickly obtain product pricing, competition as well as potential. 

The extension is included and available in all Jungle Scout plans starting from $49/month.

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Price Tracker Amazon

Price tracker is another amazing and efficient Amazon chrome extension.

It works by providing the user with accurate and up-to-date price drops, price history, and deals. The wish list can be imported, and every product on it can be tracked.

Sellers can track competitors’ prices to get an insight into how you reprice your items or how to select a product niche.

A notification is issued as the prices drop. This extension is charged at $ 15/month.

Helium 10-All in one Chrome

Helium 10 is a comprehensive extension with multiple tools to help sellers gain valuable insight on products or competitors.

It features Product Research, Profits Calculator, Suppliers Source, Keywords Research, and more.

By using Amazon chrome extensions like Helium, sellers can estimate how much profit or ROI they can expect, along with analysis of products or niche in demand. And, all that for free.

Sellgo- Sales Estimation

Sellgo is amongst one of the best Amazon chrome extensions for sales estimators.

Sellers can utilize this powerful and convenient tool to analyze or track products in bulk.

You can compare the list or retail prices and even export or share the comparison list for free.

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Amazon Stock Checking

Amazon stock checking is actually a very reliable and handy spy tool by AMZScout.

Through this extension, sellers can get an insight into the stock levels of any product by any brand and then estimate or compare various product sales.  

Full Product Research Tool

RevSeller is a great and comprehensive Amazon chrome extension for product research.

This extension is accurate and reliable in providing real-time information on FBA fees and product variations, including details about inventory and stock levels.

It also features an in-built ROI calculator. An annual subscription is required after a 30-day free trial.

Free Amazon Product Research Tool

Among the best Amazon chrome extensions, this one by AMZBase is an excellent tool to assist sellers in speeding up and enhancing product sourcing.

It provides one-click tools to quickly find out the ASIN no or search the product listing on different retail websites like eBay and AliExpress.

SellerApp FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator is a free extension by SellerApp. With this tool, sellers can calculate the FBA profits and make informed decisions regarding which product to sell.

Through FBA calculation, the profit margin can be obtained. Also, this tool is free for use.

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DS Amazon Quick View- Amazon Seller Analysis Tool

Amidart presents the Quick View tool for Amazon.com for free.

There is an extended version for other marketplaces. This tool lists the product’s sales ranking, ASIN, as well as customer rating details right on the search page.

Just by hovering over a product image, basic information is displayed instantly.

PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon™

PrettyMerch is ranked at the top in the list of Amazon chrome extensions as it features a multitude of convenient tools to provide smooth selling while saving time for sellers who sell on Merch by Amazon.

This free and comprehensive extension has a feature-packed dashboard that displays detailed sales information with notifications and metrics.

Bitly Powerful Short Links 

An extension such as this offered by Bitly provides sellers with an easy way to craft links that attract customers and boost engagement.

You can right-click on a page to create a short link. Moreover, to personalize the link, you can customize it according to your brand and track the results.

However, this extension has a basic subscription of $29/month.

AMZScout Amazon Keyword Tracker & ASIN Lookup

AMZScout presents another top-notch extension to ease the seller experience.

The Index Checker tool in this extension can quickly find out whether your keywords are being searched and what position they are listed in the search engine.

It also has a Reverse ASIN Lookup feature available for a free trial.

Kinvoke Amazon Refund Finder

The Refund Finder extension by Kinvoke is free and keeps tabs on if and when your products are misplaced, damaged, or you are overcharged for FBA.

This extension will track your items and create a report for any refund or reimbursement-related issues.

It helps you get money back from Amazon due to its faults.

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Amachete- Find Private Label Opportunities

Global Amazon sellers can benefit from Amachetes as it offers a complete research and marketing tool.

With this extension, sellers can receive the average data of hourly ranks and inventory tracker.

With a nominal subscription fee, sellers can obtain insights on reviews, profitability margin, and much more before starting to dive into your Amazon private label business.

It offers a free 14-day trial and you can choose if you want to continue for it after that.

SellerLion –  Automate ‘Request a review’

SellerLion has added to the list of powerful Amazon chrome extensions by featuring this fully automated yet customizable Request a Review tool.

Sellers can rely on this tool to automate the review request process on Amazon in order to boost customer feedback without going through the hassle of doing it one by one.

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AMZFinder review request tool

IO Scout- Amazon Product Listings Statistics Analysis

All a seller needs to know about products is easily available from this extension by IO Scout.

With plans starting from as low as $25/months, sellers can gain access to important product metrics such as listings, sales analysis, and keyword research.

Amazon Virtual Assistant -Automate Amazon Seller Workflows

Among various Amazon chrome extensions, this one by amzva is designed to enhance the workflow of every seller at Amazon. Fast listing and labeling tools are available.

Sellers can use this to view the top 3 keywords on every page or check net revenue with ‘match price’ forecasting.

Amazon Keyword Index and Rank Tracker

AMZDataStudio brings this extension for sellers to check the keyword volume or the position in a list.

Batch processing allows analyzing the keyword ranking and indexing by simply using the ASIN.

This tool is available for free use.

RepriceAlytics – Amazon Repricing Assistant

At $27/month, the RepriceAlytics extension uncovers the detailed data such as price history, average ranks, and FBA ranks so that sellers are better equipped with accurate information while repricing.

It is a speedy tool that shows sellers the demand of inventory and allows precision repricing.

Import Amazon Product to Shopify

Zonify features this extension to make sellers’ life easier by providing an easy and efficient way to add products from Amazon to Shopify.

By using this extension, sellers can click to select products on Amazon, edit the details(optional), and then seamlessly import the whole list to Shopify.

It can help sellers to easily expand their business to their Shopify stores or drop shipping from Amazon to Shopify.

Track Amazon KDP Sales Reports

Amazon chrome extensions for tracking KDP sales are rendered effortless through Datasprout.

The extension displays an intuitive and detailed report through a chart that includes how many pages are read, physical books sold, free and paid downloads.

Amazon Book Research Helper

This extension by Terminal Publishing lists all the sales relevant information about any book on the page.

From authors to ranking, rating, and reviews, this will display it all with a click. You can even check an author’s overall rating in numerous categories.

To sell books on Amazon, sellers will need such a tool to help them decide what types of books buyers like.

ASINFetcher Amazon ASIN Grabber Tool

ASIN Fetcher is a free extension by asizen. It provides essential data relating to ASIN.

It works efficiently on any product, search, or storefront page to list the ASINs, and sellers can then export the list for further use.

ZenTrade -Amazon’s Trade-in Profits Search

Zenarbitrage brings ZenTrade as a great and cost-effective extension to promote high profits by eliminating risk.

ZenTrade works by searching and finding products in the trade-in store that are cheaper.

This extension auto-detects and notifies sellers when the trade-in value goes up or down.

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Product Keyword and Review Evaluation Tool

AMZ Evaluator offered by Raybek Solutions is an extension currently available for the US marketplace.

It is efficient in providing a comprehensive keyword analysis along with listings of sales rank, monthly sales, monthly revenue, and even a review count.

Amazon VAT Fee Calculator

Seller Amp has added this free tool to the Amazon chrome extensions to help sellers make more informed decisions.

Since the Revenue calculator does not display the VAT deducted and might miscalculate the total profit, this extension accurately adds the VAT charges to display the accurate and actual profit margin and ROI.

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13 Amazon Chrome Extensions for Buyers

Prices Comparison Extension

Since buyers are always looking for the cheapest rates, Infinite Loop has produced this extension that instantly displays the price list of a specified product in various Amazon marketplaces.

It even calculates the shipping fees and converts currencies to show the lowest prices with accuracy.

Amazon Wishlist Extension

Offered by jasontbradshaw, Amazon Wish List Total displays the total amount of all the products it has seen in your Amazon Wishlist.

The total is displayed in the bottom left corner and does not obstruct a user’s browsing. The whole list can be viewed by clicking on it.

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Slickdeals – Amazon Chrome Extension $5 off $25

Slickdeals is one of those free Amazon chrome extensions that save the sellers time and money by searching and finding the best deals online at a multitude of stores.

It applies the best promo codes to give buyers the lowest possible rates.

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Pricescout – Price Comparison & Coupon

Pricescout Price Comparison works like a buyer’s very own shopping assistant.

It automatically scans over 21,000 stores and displays the lowest possible prices of a particular product buyer is looking for, and even searches and displays coupons.

Honey Amazon Coupon Extension

Joinhoney presents Honey, an extension that an all-in-one shopping suite designed to render buying cost-effective and easier.

No more manual adding of promo codes or tracking items in wait of a price drop. Honey does it all automatically.

Another app like Honey is called Wikibuy. It is also a coupon codes finder that will help buyers find discounts on different shopping platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

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Fakespot – Amazon Face Review Checker

Fake Amazon Reviews eBay Sellers is an extension that detects unauthentic reviews that are fake.

Thus, protecting buyers from online scams. A search filter allows buyers to hide fake review sites and see only the best, highly rated brands.

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Amazon Package Tracker

Amazon chrome extensions like this work as a virtual assistant to help buyers find the cheapest rates for any product.

Buyers can receive prompt notifications when products are shipped or delivered.

Amazon Prime Video Extension

Prime Video Party is another addition to the list of amazing Amazon chrome extensions that lets users watch movies with a bunch of friends in different areas or even countries.

Just log in and share the link with friends to enable the watch party.

Amazon Music Chrome Extension

With a 30-day free trial, you can access millions of songs and playlists with the Amazon Music player available on the web.

This extension enables users to enjoy ad-free, high-quality songs on any device.

Amazon Prime Product Filter

With the Prime Product Filter, buyers can enjoy shopping without being distracted by loads of Prime ads.

If you are not subscribed to Amazon Prime, this filter inserted by this extension efficiently hides all the prime products and features an incredibly user-friendly interface.

BuyBotPro – Amazon FBA Deal Analyzer

This extension presented by BuyBotPro is a complete assistant to help buy products that are worth it.

It displays the profits, ROI and even calculates the VAT. It also suggests how many product units to buy.

AMZ Radar — Amazon Price Tracker for Shopping

Among the robust and free Amazon chrome extensions, this price tracker by AMZ allows buyers to view the complete price history of any product, displayed in a widget, to stop overpaying.

Amazon Affiliates Link Maker

Mr. Sploodge enables buyers to easily and quickly create an automatic affiliate link by clicking on the icon.

You can also customize the link and add your own Affiliate ID.

This enables users to create links with ease and convenience. It is helpful for those Amazon influencers or affiliates who want to promote items and earn commissions.


The introduction of the wide variety of Amazon chrome extensions has certainly redefined virtual business by making shopping as well as selling risk-free and seamless.

You can find the extension that suits your requirements best and start saving precious time and money while maximizing benefits.

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