Top 8 Amazon Sales Estimators For Amazon FBA Sellers

If you’re already an Amazon FBA seller then, we don’t need to tell you that competition is tough.

Knowing which products to sell and, how profitable those sales will be, can be the difference between success and failure for a seller and, whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, our pick of the best sales estimators will help you make an informed decision.

For example, say you’re thinking of selling the latest children’s novelty but want to gain an idea of how many you may sell; a sales estimator will work out a rough figure based on ranking and historical data.

This information, whilst not a guarantee, will help you to decide if the investment will be worth your while in terms of outlay and profits.

1. Jungle Scout

jungle scout app

Also free to use, the Jungle Scout sales estimator can be accessed from its website but should only be used as a rough estimate as it is based purely on sales ranking, not the individual product.

The Jungle Scout sales estimator will show, from any Amazon page, the number of sellers and reviews for any given product and offers a number of categories to choose from to narrow down the estimate.

However, users need to know the sales rank of a product in order to gain a rough sales estimate.

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2. AMZScout


Similar to Jungle Scout, the AMZ Scout sales estimator can be accessed online for convenience and works by estimating a product’s sales by its sales rank.

It means that the user will need to know a product’s ranking in order to gain a rough estimate of sales to be had.

Marketplaces supported are UK, USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, giving it great overall coverage.

AMZ Scout’s accuracy can be hit and miss – estimates for products within the USA are fairly reliable but those for other countries are a little more sketchy.

AMZ Scout is available in two one-time price options at $40 and 50.  Its customer support scores an excellent 5 stars on most review sites.

3. Unicorn Smasher


Another freebie, Unicorn Smasher can be useful for very basic information.

Unfortunately, reviewers have been unimpressed with Unicorn Smasher’s accuracy meaning that, it should, at best, only be used as a very rough guide and should not be the basis for any major investment.

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4. ASINspector


ASINspector (see what they did there?) is an accurate and reliable Amazon sales estimator in addition to a host of other tools.

Promising instant, the accurate monthly sales volume of products being sold on Amazon, ASINspector has impressive customer reviews  – including solid customer support – and testimonials to back up its claims.

Certainly not the cheapest option on the market, ASINspector offers two different packages but only one which includes the sales estimator.

At a one time price of $147, followed by monthly payments of $10, ASINspector offers a profit calculator and product page analysis, UPC barcode scanner, import of ASINs, and UPCs, instant net payout and more.

Although relatively expensive, this comprehensive package is invaluable for the experience of Amazon FBA sellers.

Features such as the ‘Find on Alibaba’ option and packaging, warranty, and UPC information make ASINspector worth the investment for serious Amazon FBA sellers.

Marketplaces covered by ASINspector are UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany giving a more than decent coverage.

5. Helloprofit

helloprofit is a one-stop Amazon business manager and features drill-downs for gross sales and profits, promo rebates and fees as well as ROI and payment information.

Amazon sellers can bag a free 21 day trial of Hello Profit, after which this will cost $97 per month.

Slightly slow and not particularly cost-effective also does not include much in the way of filtering options.

Plus points include fast and reliable customer support and users say that they are impressed with the straightforward, easy to navigate dashboard. Supported markets are UK, USA and Canada.

6. Amachete


Big in Japan,’s profitability estimator is one of the few available for the Japanese territory.

Fairly basic and on the pricey side, Amachete is a browser plugin that allows customers to calculate estimated sales from open Amazon pages.

Amachete offers three pricing packages; the Product Researcher at $39 per month, the Active Seller for $59 per month, and the Empire Builder at $99 per month.

Although useful, there are more sophisticated packages available for the price.

7. AMZshark

amzshark is a great option for those looking for a great package with a solid sales estimator included.

With industry-leading features, Amz Shark allows users to view estimated monthly sales as well as the number of people selling a product and all reviews, however, it does require keywords to be entered for each search.

AMZ Shark supports 12 marketplaces but, at $299 per month, is not one of the most comprehensive or, indeed cost-effective options on the market.

8. AMZ Tracker

amz tracker review

Sticking with the AMZ empire, AMZ Tracker which can be compared with Jungle Scout, features a basic but effective Amazon sales estimator.

Unfortunately, Amz Tracker’s sales estimator can only be applied to best selling products so it may not be appropriate for all Amazon sellers.

AMZ Tracker is offered to 11 marketplaces with four different pricing options running from the $50 per month Basic option through the $100 per month Professional package, the $200 per month God package, to the Legend package at $400 per month (the latter of which is an expensive option for features included).

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are no guarantees when it comes to sales and profits but, investment in a decent Amazon sales estimator will give you the data-based advantage and allow you to make an informed choice.

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