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The Best 65 Amazon Review Trader Sites Sellers Should Never Miss

Reviews on Amazon is one of the most important factors that can sell your product.

A product that has some great reviews will be appreciated and preferred by the buyers more than the products with no reviews.

Thus, it is important for the sellers to know about some of the best Amazon review sites.

Not only the sellers, but even buyers can be highly benefited by these review sites.

Is Using Amazon Review Site Legal?

The way these sites work has changed a bit due to the updated Terms and Conditions by Amazon at the end of 2016.

Previously, buyers were bound to provide a review in exchange of any discounted or free products that they receive.

They had to simply add an honest review of the product so that other buyers get motivated to buy the same.

But since the Amazon rules have changed, it is now up to the buyers whether or not he/she wants to provide the review of the products.

Thus, it has changed the way these review sites work. With these changes, many sites have closed completely and some are also not providing products with discounts.

But there are some sites that are still legit and you must try.

Benefits of Amazon Review Sites for Seller & Buyers

Both sellers and buyers eagerly become an active part of the Amazon review club because of its great benefits. Being a seller, you can use these sites to increase the traffic to your product listing.

When the traffic increases, the chances of getting more and more potential customers also increase.

Also, the buyers get reviews for their products which is very important in Amazon. This is because when a buyer wants to a buy product, mostly he/she looks for the reviews first.

On the other hand, buyers will also get a lot of benefits from these sites.

They can get products at very cheaper prices with some deep discount. Even, they can get products for free to just in the exchange of one review.

Top 10 Amazon Review Sites

There are some of the best Amazon review sites that you can choose to get reviews and increase the traffic of your products on Amazon. Here are those top 10 sites:

1: Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase is a discount website for Amazon products, most of the products are 100% discounted. That is, you can obtain products on the site without paying any fees.

For sellers, you can register an account on Cashbackbase seller central and get ready to upload your campaigns for reviews.

Before you get started, you will need to subscribe to a monthly plan first. Except for this, there are no other fees or commissions, regardless of how many orders or reviews you receive.

It works like Amazon Vine reviewer program, and is also a great way for sellers to gain positive safely on Amazon, increase sales and build their brand awareness.

For buyers, you just register an account on Cashbackbase, select the product you like on the site and grab the free quota and then buy it on Amazon.

After the purchase is completed, you will need to provide your order information to Cashbackbase and sellers will return all your payment via PayPal.

This model is similar to many Amazon review trader sites, but you can contact the sellers directly for any issues and get a refund fast in a few days.

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2: Vipon 


This site was previously known as AMZ Review Trader. It is one of the best sites with a great experience.

It provides the buyer with a larger selection of products. One can claim about 20 items at a time.

Even the buyers get to sort the products based on some of the preferable options. This is one of the favorite sites for the buyers as it offers about 50% to 100 % discount on the varieties of products.

The only drawback to this site is that buyers need approval for each and every product they choose.

But that can be an advantage for the sellers as they can choose the right buyer for their products.

3: Snagshout

snagshout amazon review site

Snagshout is one of the oldest and most popular Amazon review sites. It has a very easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to view the products.

It also comes with great options to sort your product. You need to register with this site and buyers are allowed to snag only one product for the first time.

When you leave the first review, then you can snag 2 products at one time. After leaving reviews of those 2, you can take 3 at a time and that is the maximum amount. Sellers are not required to approve here.

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4: VIP Power Club

vip power club

This is the best Amazon review club which is quite popular among many.

The best part of this site is that it comes with the highest rates of discount which can range anywhere between 20% and 99%.

Discounts are sent to the buyers directly into their inbox via coupon codes. So, the buyers will not have to wait to purchase the product.

It is a 100% legit and trusted site with no coupon error.

5: AmzRC

amzrc amazon review sites

This is also known as Amazon Review Club and is a review site for the sellers. Their services to sellers are way cheaper than that of the other review sites and also give wide selection of products.

Though buyers will not find much free deals, but this is a site you can try. It comes up with some quality deals.

Even they will send emails about the offers so that you don’t have to login to check for offers.

6: Deal Go!Go!Go!


This is a new review site in the business but the buyers love this as they can apply for about 10 products at a time.

Also, they are automatically approved. There are a few free products but most of the products are available at a discount of 50% to 99%.

Buyers get varieties of products here and thus a seller must not miss this new site at all. The popular categories of this site are electronics, fashion, home, health and baby.

7: iReviewHome


The iReviewHome is a great website that can provide you with more quality reviews for your products on Amazon.

Being a seller, you can also set time limits for each and every offer and also limit the number of reviews applying for your product.

This is a great website where the reviewers join in for free and thus you can get a lot of reviews in very little time.

8: ProductTesting.Co


This is another new Amazon review club in the business. But it has become a favorite for the users already.

This comes with a very easy to use interface and great promotional offers. Buyers will be able to get different types of products from this site with various offers and discounts.

Thus, sellers can be really benefited by using this review site.

9: AmzSpecial


This is another great Amazon review club which buyers can join with only $0.99 per month. It is a lot cheaper than that of the feeds asked by other sites. Thus, this has gained a lot of popularity these days.

Amazon sellers here can endorse their products with deep discounts. People, of course, love to buy the products in discounts.

This site sends follow up emails too to the buyers to know their reviews. If they have loved the product then they can leave some honest reviews here.

2020 Updates: this site seems not working as an Amazon review site.

10: Giveaway Service


This is a great site which has come a lot way since it has been launched. It has different products from all sections and also are of high quality.

This is a site that works more or less like AMZ Review Trader. You will need to ask before you can snag the product and avail the discount.

The offer may range from 90% to 100% and the best thing is that buyers love this site.

11. Extremerebate


It is a deal website for Amazon sellers who want to promote products with discounts. The site allows sellers to ask for reviews from buyers before offering discounts to buyers.

It offers discounts with up to 100% discount and cashback on great products, just like Cashbackbase. It can be used to buy reviews for your Amazon listings privately.

It is available in more marketplaces including the USA, The UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

Buyers just need to register an account and claim any deals they want, then purchase it on Amazon and get cashback later.

Of course, buyers will require to write reviews for the items.

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12. FBA Reviews

FBA reviews

The sits work like a review program, and handle everything for you.

You purchase their marketing plans, offer free items and they will help you promote products to testers and get reviews from them.

They don’t ask all of the testers to leave reviews, but they do help you get as many as they can.

You can choose a monthly subscription to promote your items or pay for a payment for each review.

Other Amazon Review Sites

20 Other Non-Available Sites

Non-Available Sites
43. Elite Deal Club
44. iLove To Review
45. Amazing Discounts Club (Not Available)
46. Reviewer Group (Not Available)
47. AMA Specialist
48. Amazing Deals Group (Not working)
49. Secret Deals Club –
50. AMA Lovers Community (Not working)
51. Amazon VIP Deals (Not working)
52. Honest Few (Not working)
53. No Kidding Coupons Club (Not working)
54. Reviews for Free (No longer available as Amazon Review site)
55. Toilet Tree Product Review Club (no longer available)
56. Promo Launchzon (Not available) –
57. Reviewsio (Not available as Amazon review site)
58. Jungle Launch (not working)
59. Review Directory (not working as Amazon review site)
60. Giveaway Nation (not working as Amazon review site)
61. Honest Society(Not available anymore)
62. Blue Ribbons Review (Not working as Amazon review site anymore)
63. AMZ Review Trader (Not available)

Best Alternative For Amazon Review Sites

AMZDiscover get reviewer information

With some of the websites closing down and not available as a review site, it is always better to look for an alternate option.

If you are a seller and searching for a good alternative for the Amazon review club then you can definitely consider AMZDiscover.

This is a great tool for the Amazon sellers that enables them to get a large number of quality reviews on Amazon products that they sell. This is completely a safe way and the best way to get honest reviews about different products from verified buyers.

There are only genuine buyers on this who will provide genuine feedback for you too. Check the video below to see how it works:

How It Works | Amazon Reviewer’s Email Addresses Discover | AMZDiscover

As a seller, you can also check the detailed information about the reviewers including their name, helpful votes as well as reviewer ranking.

Another great part of this website is that you will get access to the contact details like email addresses, social media accounts etc. of the reviewers.

So, being a seller if you want to get some genuine and honest reviews on your products, then AMZDiscover is the best place to join.

All you need to do is to join them by submitting your email address. Once you have registered, you can login and start your work.

Great News. AMZDiscover offers free 100 reviewer emails to everyone that everyone can apply for. Check this article and you will get the email list sending to your email account: What Makes AMZDiscover the Best Reviewer “Mining” Tool for Amazon Sellers?