Nowadays, extensions are rapidly rising in popularity and use since they bring ease and efficiency to a seller on Amazon.

By automating most of the tasks, these tools enhance productivity by saving time and effort while maximizing profits.

The two most popular tools on Amazon are currently in demand by a huge number of sellers.

But, it can be confusing which one to choose. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch review that mentions all you need to know about these tools.

Let’s dive in.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Key Features

The Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch comparison is tough as both of them offer a multitude of key features. Some of the main features of both the tools are as follows:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout
  • The popular Jungle Scout extension makes the task of detailed product research quite simple. It efficiently lists the comprehensive product information without accessing the product page.
  •  The AccuSales algorithm analyzes data of historical sales, historical pricing and even digs out data for the monthly sales to enable informed decision making. This shows the trend of a product’s sales potential to help sellers choose wisely.
  • The Opportunity Score tool does all the research to find out whether a product has potential in the market by comparing its demand, competition, and listing quality.
  • Sellers can customize the tool according to their requirements. Users can choose what information to be displayed such as the brand, pricing, sales, rating, and much more.
  • Jungle Scout even displays data on the product listing page. Graphs of historical data relating to sales, price, and ranks can be easily viewed through this tool. Sellers can request reviews in bulk with a single click.
  • With Keyword Scout, sellers can find out the top-trending keywords. Historical data of the keyword search dating back to 2 years can also be obtained through Jungle Scout.
  • Product Tracker offered by Jungle Scout also makes keeping track of particular products, including their key metrics, very convenient. The product sales patterns, its current ranking, and even the units in inventory can be viewed.
  • It offers multiple flexible packages for various sellers.

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Viral Launch

  • The Kinetic PPC tool enables the seamless automation of your Amazon PPC. There are rule templates that are fully customizable to allow users full control. You can focus on the high-converting keywords and track the product marketing and performance by tracking the keywords.
  • Product Discovery applies various filters to enable customized searching. With this tool, sellers can search for a product by adding filters based on review count, monthly sales, sales patterns, etc.
  • By accessing real-time Amazon data, Viral Launch assesses and informs the trends in product sales, price and reviews. It even calculates the amount required as upfront investment and the possible earning and profit.
  • Aided with the reverse ASIN lookup feature, the keyword research tool displays data of keyword search volume. It also helps sellers find the low competition keywords and also those rising in popularity.
  • Viral Launch features the competitor intelligence tool to allow users to find out the relation between bestseller and keyword rank.
  • Listing analyzer determines the overall performance of the product and suggests solutions to boost its sales.
  • The keyword manager features a dashboard with a library of keywords. You can customize the library to add or remove keywords. This tool can also track multiple keywords.
  • With Split testing, sellers can play with the variation settings to determine which one profits the most.

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The differences between Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

  • While the Jungle Scout chrome extension has to be purchased and doesn’t come with the package, Viral Launch provides the extension for free, without any additional charges.
  • Viral Launch offers more features is thus more expensive than Jungle Scout
  • Viral Launch is known to provide more comprehensive, in-depth, and accurate product data as compared to Jungle Scout.
  • Jungle Scout works in 9 countries whereas Viral Launch is supported in 10 countries.

Pricing Comparisons

Here, we will list the pricing and subscription plans of the popular Amazon FBA tools.

Jungle Scout Pricings

Jungle Scout Prisings

Jungle Scout offers 3 flexible subscriptions with monthly and yearly plans that differ in prices but not in features.

  • Basic:

Price- Monthly plan $49/month and yearly plan $29/month

Features- Fully enabled chrome extension, track 20 products, access opportunity score, estimate 500 sales/month, track historical product and keyword data for a month, available for 10 marketplaces, listing grader tool with 100/month, obtain sales metrics.

  • Suite:

Price- Monthly plan $69/month and yearly plan $49/month

Features- add more users with $49/month, track 150 products, use sales estimator for 1000 sales/month, access complete and in-depth product database.

Keyword scout enabled, AccuSales algorithm estimator, track historical product metrics for 3 months, get historical keyword data for a year.

It supports 10 marketplaces, automatically requests reviews, tracks the rank of 3500 keywords, 200/month listing grader.

Manage inventory and receive alerts and promotions, track and manage supplier communication and compare quotes

  • Professional:

Price- Monthly plan $129/month and yearly plan $84/month

Features- Up to 6 users included with eligibility for additional seats at $49/month, track 1000 products, enjoy 1500 sales estimates/month.

Opportunity score and opportunity finder tool available, access supplier database and use keyword scout, historical product metrics up to 6 months and historical keyword data for 2 years.

5000 keywords can be tracked for ranking, listing builder enabled, manage inventory and receive alerts and promotions, priority on-boarding.

Viral Launch Pricings

Viral Launch Pricing

The three subscription types offered by Viral Launch are divided into monthly and annual plans with varying prices, but the features available in these plans don’t differ.

  • Essentials:

Price- Monthly plan $69/month and annual plan $58/month

Features- Filter millions of Amazon products, keyword search volume data available, get advice to find high potential products, track 3 top-selling products, and access product sales and rating metrics.

  • Pro:

Price-Monthly plan $99/month and annual plan $83/month

Features-Gain access to product data including revenue, sales, price patterns, analyze keyword search volume and track 2000 keywords daily and 30 keywords hourly, monitor a competitor’s performance, receive notifications about rank changes of main keywords.

  • Brand Builder:

Price-Monthly plan $199/month and annual plan $166/month

Features- optimize and enhance Amazon advertising by creating ads with targeted keywords, access to historical advertising metrics to make informed decisions, customizable rule templates, round the clock campaign monitoring.

Track 1000 top-selling products, analyze ASIN listing, 5000 keywords daily and 100 keywords can be tracked hourly, automate PPC and access detailed PPC insights and metrics.

Which One Is Cheaper and worthy?

Overall, after analyzing all the plans and subscriptions offered by the two, it is safe to say that Jungle Scout appears to be offering more features at a lower cost.

Hence, users must analyze all the plans and see for themselves you get your full money’ worth with every subscription type by Jungle Scout.

Do they offer coupons or discounts?

Jungle Scout announces various discount codes and coupons from time to time.

The latest discount deal in 2021 is the 50%-off for the Suite plan for a limited time.

Similarly, Viral Launch also offers exciting and huge discounts. Though it doesn’t publish its coupon code publicly on the site, you can use this code to receive a 20%-off monthly, 40%-off annually during checkout: AMZBASECODE.

Do they have a free trial?

Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. However, it does offer a risk-free trial. This means that users can enjoy and analyze the product after subscribing.

The money-back guarantee is valid on all 3 subscription plans and has a limit of 14 days.

On the other hand, Viral Launch offers an absolutely free 14-day trial. Users can enjoy this trial without paying any money or entering any bank or card details.

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Which One Is Most Accurate?

There is no denying that both the tools are equally powerful and packed with tons of features that render shopping and selling at Amazon effortless and profitable.

However, there are a few cracks that sink one tool more than the other.

What do customers say about them?

According to customer reviews, ratings, and feedback, Jungle Scout certainly takes lead. It has received tons of reviews and the majority of them are positive.

Customers praise the efficiency of this tool along with prompt customer care service.

To be accurate, users have described Jungle Scout to have stellar customer service, owing to their quick responses.

While others boast a user-friendly interface and even friendlier support staff.

The training tutorials have also been customer’s favorites as it helps to operate and use the tool effectively.

In contrast, Viral Launch has received only a handful of reviews. The reviews are a mix of positive and negative ones so it’s hard to say.

Most of the users boast excellent customer service with a rapid response time.

But, many other customers have reported issues with auto-renewal of subscription, plan cancellation after payment, or no refund by the company.

How well do the tools work?

After looking at the various reviews, and pricing plans, both the tools seem to be offering their features at full potential.

But, there is the fact that both tools are facing a fair share of technical and service issues lists.

Nevertheless, these tools are providing a lot of valuable data at cheap rates. And, with the accurate and up-to-date metrics, users have been quite satisfied with the tools, save for a few minor setbacks.

What are some resources they offer?

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch give a multitude of benefits to the sellers ranging from free courses and webinars to e-books.

Jungle Scout offers a range of tools to calculate profit and sales, as well as a listing grader tool.

Apart from these tools, sellers can access a range of other resources that include a huge variety of informative articles, case studies, and webinar series.

Even e-books like Amazon PPB Guide and 10 Step Guide to Selecting a Profitable Product are available for free to help the sellers get their hands on additional benefits to maximize productivity.

Similarly, Viral Launch also aids and boasts the seller’s potential by offering a free Amazon/FBA Profit Calculator, thus enabling them to intensify profits effortlessly and quickly.

Other than this, sellers can enroll themselves in free courses like How to Sell on Amazon and Amazon PPC Playbook. A few E-Books and How-to podcasts are available on the website.

Which One Is Right for You?

which one is right

After reading a detailed introduction of them, do you still hesitate on how to choose between them?

Jungle Scout can accurately estimate whether it is wise to invest in that particular product, eliminating the risk of poor decision-making.

With it, you can launch a product and scale your business through the keyword rank tracker by staying ahead of the game.

By keeping track of the sales metrics, you can easily gauge the performance of your product and change directions if need be.

While Viral Launch maximizes a seller’s potential and boosts profits by enabling users to accurately analyze and gain insights in market research and intelligence otherwise inaccessible.

Through automated PPC management, users can intensify their profits effortlessly and quickly.

The Split Testing tool is a unique feature that is only available at Viral Launch.

By trying and testing multiple variations, sellers can decide beforehand which variation will work best and yield more profit.

To choose one, you will have to go through the plans and the features provided. By assessing what are features you need and whether the features are worth the money invested, you can come to a suitable conclusion.

If you are a small-time Amazon seller, you might want to consider the Jungle Scout extension.

Whereas, heavy sellers might find Viral Launch more suitable owing to its detailed metrics and PPC management.

As we mentioned, determining the better tool depends on the user requirements, budget, and preference.

If you are unsure of which plan to go for, you can always go for Jungle Scout with its 14-day money-back guarantee.

The Viral Launch tool is apt for beginners since it offers a more intuitive interface in contrast to Jungle Scout.

So, go over the pricing plans and see what suits you best by keeping in mind the kind of tools you need.


The Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch analysis shows that both the tools are almost equally powerful and beneficial.

The few drawbacks are clearly outweighed by the numerous stellar features that make a seller’s life easier.

The best part is that there is a wide variety of plans to choose from. So, sellers can take their pick of the plan that suits them best, based on needs and budget.

Now that Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch has been reviewed and presented in detail, sellers can benefit from this information to choose the tool that best compliments their business.

Good luck!

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