List of Useful Amazon Seller Tools to Increase your Amazon Sales

A List of Useful Amazon Seller Tools That FBA Sellers Must Have

Whether it is finding the right products to sell or operating a successful seller account, you have to learn skills and develop the patience to make sure you reach these goals.

Possessing the right tools to do so can not only save you a ton of work but also increase your sales by enhancing work efficiency and optimizing the operation of the whole seller account.

To help you achieve your goals we have chosen some Amazon seller tools we’ve found to actually work. A quick guide to the article:

1.Product Search Tools

amazon product research tools

Product searches are an important part of the development of your Amazon store.

They can be the difference between your product being just one of the hundreds or being the one that bursts onto the market.

You can find many articles online that will talk about strategies behind product searches, but there is one easy tool that is more effective than all of them put together.

 Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a multi-function software that helps you find products that sell in niches where the opportunity is high and backs up these claims with real sales data.

It is easy to use and can be accessed with a Google Chrome extension or web app.

With a paid service in the form of an annual fee, it can seem a little expensive to some.

That being said, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to try it out and decide if it is right for you.

2.Keyword & Ranking Tools


If you are starting an online business, you will need a keyword tool to optimize the description of your products, help with SEO, and for running an Amazon store.

 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool I use all the time and highly recommend. The keywords can be classified into groups and displayed with monthly average search quantities.

It really is a must-have tool for those webmasters who want to enhance their site rank on Google.

It is limited to the keywords that have been searched on Google, however, so that means it lacks integrity for Amazon sellers.

 Keyword Tool Dominator

If you are trying to find long-tail keywords for your Amazon products or service, Keyword Tool Dominator could be what you have been looking for.

They have developed software that can be installed with a Chrome extension and specialized for Amazon.

It claims to use Amazon’s Auto-complete service and provides predictions (search terms) from real customers. Finally, it ranks the keywords from 1 to 10 to indicate their popularity.

Using the free version you are able to search for 3 keywords every day. If you want the unlimited search option then you need to purchase the paid service.

What surprised me most, however, is that it is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees or subscriptions.

 AMZ Tracker

If you have been selling on Amazon for a long time then it’s likely you are already very familiar with this software.

They claim to be the first-ever Amazon keyword rank tracker and now also integrates competitors’ sales tracking, review management, page analysis, Amazon SEO, and many other functions.

A friend of mine used this all-in-one solution tool and recommended it to me, but personally, I think it is better suited for large size sellers since the monthly fees are not insignificant.

3. Pricing Tools

Amazon Pricing Tools

When it comes to product listing pricing, I do not recommend you guys completely rely on this kind of tool, especially the auto-pricing function.

According to Inquistr news, “A select group of Amazon customers made out like bandits, due to a glitch in a third-party software named “Repricer Express” that caused certain Amazon products to sell for only one penny…”

With some tools there can indeed be a risk of losing money, but here is an alternative tool that is worth recommending.


Appeagle enables automatic re-pricing and offers insight into understanding the state of your account.

Some users have voiced concerns that the automatic re-pricing is not useful because the price is not reasonable compared to their competitors.

All things considered, I think the 14-day trial is a good way to see if it is working for you. The software is not only for Amazon sellers but is a great tool if you own eBay or Wal-Mart online stores.

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4. Review Monitor Tools

Amazon review monitor tools

It can be hard to find good software that specializes in dealing with Amazon reviews, but it cannot be denied that they are one of the most important factors when customers are deciding to purchase your product.

Luckily, I found one that helps a lot.


If you are a seller with hundreds, or even thousands, of orders a month then it is a big headache dealing with individual customer reviews.

The biggest problem is you cannot figure out which customer it was that left a negative review, which can really ruin your store’s reputation and degrade your ranking.

AMZFinder is a review monitor tool that can monitor all your reviews and keep you updated with the latest info on what customers said about your product.

No matter if the feedback is good or bad, it can lead you to directly reply to your customer in a timely fashion on Amazon.

By showing your care to your customers, there would be a chance that they will revise or remove the negative reviews.

The software isn’t free, but it’s reasonably priced for both its feedback request system and review management system.

Personally, I would rather pay for software that will improve my business than settle on using a free program that has little or no impact.

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5. Deals & Coupon Tools

Amazon Deals & Coupon sites

Submitting some discounting offers to deal websites is always a fast and efficient way to get traffic to your Amazon store.

As a medium or small-sized seller, you have to make good use of this method to get more sales.

Here are some of the most common deals or coupon websites:


Slickdeals, simplified as SD, is the largest and most effective deals website in the United States.

Not only that, but it also brings the most traffic to Amazon Stores, making it a great method to optimize product listing and improve ranking.

Other deal websites from different countries like mydealz (Germany), hotukdeals (UK), Deallab (France), Redflag (Canada), and kakaku (Japanese) are also a source of great traffic. & Retailmenot

If you are a large-sized seller on Amazon, submitting coupon codes to your Amazon listing is a great way to gain a lot of traffic.

To access more coupon sites you have to join an Amazon affiliate, but Retailmenot is a great website that allows you to submit coupons for free.


Cashbackbase, as shown by its name, it is a cashback website for Amazon sellers and buyers.

It helps sellers promote their items to all real buyers on Amazon. It claims that it has up to a 7 million customer base which can lead to more traffic and sales.

Simply register an account on the site and launch your promotion campaigns.

It allows you to connect with buyers and send out review requests, which is definitely a good way to generate more reviews for your listings, thus rank higher and get more sales.

That brings us to the end of the guide. Please feel free to contact if you have any experience with the software above.

Any other comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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