12 Amazon Sales Trackers An FBA Seller Should Know

As the name suggests, sales tracking is the process of monitoring and keeping records of all sales in order to ensure clear visibility of sales histories and trends.

This vital process not only allows a seller to keep track of sales made but also offers valuable insights in order to convert more prospects into solid sales.

The savvy seller can save time and effort by investing in a Sales Tracker App and, here, we’ve put together eleven of the best to help guide your decision.

1. AMZ Tracker

amz tracker review

The AMZ Tracker is a comprehensive Amazon sales tracker that helps users to track and maintain sales in order to improve rankings.

The AMZ Tracker is offered with four different package options, all of which include a seven day free trial for risk-free testing.

At just $41.70 per month, the Yearly Basic package offers 50 products, 100 voucher sends and unlimited email reports and is ideal for Amazon FBA beginners  The Yearly Professional package at $83.30 per month features 100 products, 500 keywords and 300 promo voucher sends.

The modestly titled Yearly God Mode offers users a whopping 200 products, 1500 keywords and 1200 promo voucher sends and, finally, the Yearly Legend package offers 300 products and 3000 keywords and voucher sends.

 AMZ Tracker features include a comprehensive tracking system,  Negative Review and Hijack Alerts, Account Performance Reports, Keyword Research Tools, Deep words Longtails Mining, Competitor Analysis, and Unicorn Smasher Pro.

Signing up to the seven-day free trial is quick and easy but users do need to supply payment card details in order to sign up.

Users describe the AMZ Tracker as extremely useful and are particularly impressed with the ability to view and analyze competitor data.

2. Kibly


Kibly is a software program that promises to plug into your Amazon business within three minutes.

Despite the slightly annoying audio track, the website is simple to use and offers a free 14-day trial (payment information required).

Kibly offers three different pricing options. The Small Business Package at $37 dollars per month offers six products and 6000 emails per month. The Professional Monthly package which costs $97 dollars per month offers an increased tracking of 30 products and 30,000 emails and, the more expensive Extreme Seller Monthly package features 120 products and 120,000 emails for $297 per month.

Unfortunately many user reviews for Kibly’s sales tracker are less than complimentary with customers claiming that services promised were not provided and that customer service and after-care are sadly lacking.

3. Sellics


All in one software provider, Sellics promises to increase organic traffic and track sales and profits and features two programs; Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central.

The Seller Edition features seven different features in one tool to allow users to manage and grow their Amazon business including a reliable sales tracker.

One of the cheapest software packages available, Sellics has three pricing plans; the Basic plan for $47 per month, the Biannual Plan for $57 dollars per month and the Monthly Plan for $67 dollars per month.

No information is included on the website about which features are included in each plan.

The website does offer a free 14 day trial (with payment information required).

Although users say that Sellics is affordable and easy to use, the downsides include the fact that no FBA tools are offered and a lack of different pricing options to allow users to design their own bespoke package.

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4. HelloProfit


The optimistically named is updated with live data every 10 minutes and features an easy to use dashboard for at-a-glance statistics and sales tracking.

The Product Genie feature allows for advanced searches and easy competitor analysis.

Pricing is straightforward with just one package available offering Hello Profit’s entire toolkit for $97 per month. Hello Profit offers a no-strings-attached 21 day trial for $1 which can be canceled at any time during the trial.

Well reviewed, most users award Hello Profit’s Amazon sales tracker five stars and praise its straightforward, easy to use dashboard.

5. AMZOne


AMZ.One is a comprehensive Amazon sales tracker featuring keyword rank and seller and sales tracking and product promotions.

An all-encompassing SEO tool, AMZ.One allows users to see which keywords are most effective for growing traffic and where improvements can be made.

AMZ.One offers an outstanding five different sales tracking price packages including a free basic option.

Aside from the free option which offers limited features, the Basic package at $20 per month offers 20 negative reviews and 45 keywords.

The $40 per month Standard options includes 50 negative reviews and 100 keywords with 100 negative reviews and 500 keywords for the Advanced option at $90 per month.  The most comprehensive of the packages is the Professional package at $180 per month which includes 200 negative reviews and 1500 keywords.

Reviewers give AMZ.One a solid five stars, calling it a ‘simple powerful tool for Amazon sales tracking.’

6. AMZShark


Another tool from the mighty AMZ range is the AMZ Shark.  Featuring helpful tutorial videos for each feature, the AMZ Shark website is user friendly and easy to navigate for quick and simple sales tracking.

Featuring just one price option – the Ultimate package – AMZ Shark is free for the first month and then $299 per month thereafter.  Features include 1500 keywords, 1000 sales tracker products, 300 hijacking alerts and 1000 review alerts, making it ideal for even veteran FBA sellers.

With a 3-star average review, AMZ Shark users praise the product’s price research capabilities but negative comments include sub-standard customer service and inaccurate data.

7. CashCowPro


Self-proclaimed Number 1 software tool, Cash Cow Pro is a reasonably priced Amazon sales tracker and inventory monitor.

With offices in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany, and Australia, CashCowPro is run by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers.

Offering just one package, Cash Cow Pro caters to both beginners and experienced sellers.  At just $49.97 monthly or $497 annually. Cash Cow Pro also offers a free 10-day trial which can be canceled at any time.

Reviewers praise Cash Cow Pro’s sales tracking and additional features which include inventory monitoring, A/B split testing and product selection and most users find the price to be fair.

8. Zonguru


The curiously named Zonguru promises to enlighten and elevate your Amazon business, which users seem to largely agree with, given its solid five star reviews.

Zonguru offers three affordable sales tracking packages starting with the Annual Starter package at just $35 per month.  The Annual Business plan at $65 per month is suited to intermediate users and the Annual Plus plan at $119 caters to the more experienced Amazon seller and offers a fully comprehensive tracking system.

9. Overgrowth


Run by entrepreneur Brian Burt, Overgrowth is a branding and social proof building tool designed to drive external traffic to Amazon selling sites.

With four different sales tracking packages available, Overgrowth caters for all levels of users and also offers a free seven-day trial.  At $79 per month, the Small Package offers 150 keywords and 6 influencer campaigns.  The Medium package at $149 per month includes 800 keywords and 20 influencer campaigns.

For the more experienced user, the Large package costs $249 per month and features 2000 keywords and 400 influencer campaigns and, the XL package at $499 offers 5000 keywords and 100 influencer campaigns.

Generally ranked in the top 10 sales trackers, reviewers consistently state that the program saves them hours every day.

10. Seller Labs


Scope’s Seller Labs is a comprehensive Amazon sales tracker and analytics tool.

Features include Scope, Ignite, Feedback Genius, and Quantify and are available in a choice of five different packages.

At $59 per month, the Essentials package is great for beginners.  The Startup package at $149 and the Growth package at $249 cater to intermediate users and the Premium and High Volume packages at $499 and $899 respectively, are designed for experienced to expert level sellers.

All packages include free telephone support.  With a consistent 4.5 star average, Seller Labs is considered by its users to be reliable and easy to use and users claim that using the packages has increased traffic to their sites.

11. Asinhunt


Last but not least, Asinhunt is a product research and Amazon sales tracking tool featuring product search, tracking, and ideas capabilities.

The least expensive of our 11 sales tracker tools, Asinhunt’s pricing starts at just $5.99 for the basic package which includes tracking of one product.  Next up is the Pro package at $7.99 per month which offers 50 products and then the Business Package at $19.98 which allows users to track 100 products.

A free seven-day trial is available on all packages.  Unfortunately, very little review data currently exists for the brand new Asinhunt but, at $5.99 per month, it’s certainly worth a try.

When it comes to Amazon sales tracking, reliability is most probably the most desired characteristic and, in this respect, clear winners include AMZ One, Zonguru and AMZ Tracker.

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For those with tight budgets, low-cost packages such as Asinhunt and Cash Cow Pro offer affordable packages with upgrade options as business demands.

Want to learn more about Amazon seller Apps? Here is a destination site for showing you all Amazon tools from sales tracker, listing optimization, review request, and inventory management. Check out the AMZ APP Store.

12. FeedbackFive

eComEngine - FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive by eComEngine has been helping sellers get more feedback and reviews for more than a decade.

It also provides detailed Amazon sales metrics, allowing you to filter your data to see total orders, sales, rates of change, and more.

The top-rated Amazon seller software is available on multiple Amazon marketplaces and can be found on the Marketplace Appstore. Pricing starts at $0/month for the Free plan.

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