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How To Get Any Top Reviewers Email List Easily

Customer reviews, especially the positive ones, is very important if you are selling physical or digital products on Amazon. In fact, several positive reviews from top reviewers can greatly increase the conversion rate of your Amazon listings.

Targeting reviews from top Amazon reviewers come with a lot of benefits. These reviewers have proven themselves to be consistent and fast reviewers who are likely to have a quick turnaround.

They understand what makes a good and helpful review. Some top reviewers also have blogs and social media with large followers that can bring you additional exposure.

In fact, endorsements by some of these reviewers look great on your Amazon page and are likely to increase the conversion rate of a new listing.

How To Collect Reviewers’ Emails Manually

Now the big question is, how can we find and collect top reviewer emails? Read on to find out the top ways we have recommended.

A) Collect the email on Amazon

top reviewers

Below are some easy to follow step by step instructions on how to manually find and collect Amazon’s top reviewer emails.

Step 1: Find the top reviewers on Amazon by clicking on this link Make sure you are logged in to your Amazon account before clicking on the above link.
Step 2: From the link above, you will find the reviewers’ names, rank, rank, total reviews, number of helpful votes, and percent of helpful votes. Click on the profile name to access the reviewer’s full profile and see all their reviews.
Step 3: Look under their profile or in the interests section to see if they have made their contact information public.
Step 4: If there is an email in that section, copy and paste them into Excel. You also need to include the name of the reviewer and any common interest you can mention when contacting them.

Updated: Since Amazon has hidden buyers’ info, it is not working anymore to find out reviewers’ contact info by using the above way, unless some of the reviewers who want to disclose their info willingly.

B) Collect the emails from Facebook

Facebook has numerous reviewers that you can imagine! One of the best ways to find them is to join those reviewer Facebook groups. try to search the keyword ” Amazon reviewers”, and you will find a lot of the target groups.

it is easy to join and free to post your items on the group. Once you offer your discount condition, there will be reviewers message you if they are interested in reviewing your group.

At this time, you can obtain their contacts and email addresses. Though not all of the reviewers will like your products, you have to keep posting your items and gather as many as reviewers you can. this could take time.

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Advantages of collecting top reviewers’ emails manually
  • Most of the emails you contact from top reviewers profile are working emails.
  • You can get some common interest which you can mention when contacting them.
  • There are a lot of buyers on Facebook who are ready to review items
Disadvantages of collecting top reviewers’ emails manually
  • It is time-consuming since you need to manually find and collect emails from each individual profile on Amazon.
  • Most of the top reviewers on Amazon have made their contact information private.
  • Some top reviewers on Amazon have stated clearly on their profile that they don’t accept review requests from vendors.

How to Use AMZDiscover to Collect Reviewers’ Info


Another way you can use to find emails of top reviewers on Amazon is to use AMZDiscover. This online Amazon seller tool is the best alternative to the manual method.

You can use this tool to find potential customers and top Amazon reviewers in batches without any limitations.

You will get all the information about reviewers such as their real names, rankings and a total number of helpful votes.

The information you get also includes contact details such as their emails, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

How to use AMZDiscover?

search result

Step 1: Go to the to begin your search. Make sure you are logged in to be able to obtain the reviewer’s information.
Step 2: Once you sign up, you will access the tool’s interface. Copy an Amazon listing URL.
Step 3: Paste the Amazon URL you have copied to AMZDiscover’s search bar and proceed to click on the search tab.
Step 4: Wait for a few seconds for the tool to search Amazon’s database. You can continue doing other tasks online as you wait for the list of top Amazon reviewers to be generated.
Step 5: When the search is complete, click on the “Show Contact” option to get the reviewer contact information.

Advantages of using Amzdiscover to find emails of top Amazon reviewers
  • Amzdiscover is much safer and quicker to use compared to 3rd party Amazon customer reviewer sites.
  • In addition to emails, you will get other information about the reviewers such as the social media accounts.
  • You can use the tool online without the need to download any apps.
  • You also don’t have to worry about legality because Amzdiscover fully complies with Amazon rules.
Disadvantages of using Amzdiscover to find emails of top Amazon reviewers
  • You have to pay for a pricing plan first in order to use it
  • You may not be abe to find out all of the reviewers’ info at once

How to Use Cashbackbase to Collect Reviewers’ Info

Cashbackbase, a deal website which helps sellers to promote products to gain more reviews as well as help buyers to get freebies and discounts on Amazon.

It has no limitation to use Cashbacbase. Sellers will only need to upload discount campaigns on the site, and there will be buyers who will reach out to sellers and apply to review the items.

According to the site, it has over 7 million reviewers in its database which can help you promote your items to more potential buyers in a quick way.

Advantages of using Cashbackbase to find emails of top Amazon reviewers
  • Cashbackbase can help you directly get in touch with reviewers directly.
  • Cashbackbase has its reviewers’ database and you don’t need to spend time to find them
  • The site can help you get more postive reviews easily
Disadvantages of using Cashbackbase to find emails of top Amazon reviewers
  • Sellers have to pay for a pricing plan first in order to use it
  • You have to spend time to handle your orders on the site
  • You need to offer high discounts or free items in order to attract more buyers

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How to Use Landing pages to Collect Reviewers’ Info

One of the useful ways to gather buyers’ info is using a landing page to create a responsive and active interface with your customers.

So, how to get your buyers to contact you and submit their info via a landing page? You can send an after-sale email to customers or insert a card into the package to notify them of a way to contact you directly.

Inform the buyers that they can visit your landing page to extend their warranty period or claim a discount for the next purchase. They will enter their email address or contact you via a message bot.

By doing so, you can collect customers’ info and increase your customer loyalty.

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How To Contact Top Reviewers After Getting the Emails

Be polite

After you have collected some email addresses of top Amazon reviewers, manually or using Amzdiscover, it is time to contact those reviewers to request them to review your products.

Remember you are contacting real guys with busy lives, so you need to be as polite as possible. You also need to keep the email short and straight to the point.

Email with a clear intention

Not every top reviewer on Amazon will be interested in reviewing your listing. You need to explain to them why you think they will love your products. Start your email by revealing who you are.

Tell them that you found their email address on the top list of reviewers on the Amazon page and you wanted to request them to give an honest opinion about your products. Finish your pitch by thanking them for their time.

Keep persistence

Most of the top reviewers receive hundreds of emails per day so you need to give them time to respond to your inquiry. Also, aim to contact at least 5 reviewers per day with customized email since some of them may fail to reply to your requests.

Follow the rules

In the past, Amazon sellers used to send their products to reviewers for free in exchange for a 5-star review. This has changed, so don’t mention free products, discounts or coupons when sending the email. Otherwise, you need to check Amazon’s Review Guidelines for possible changes.

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AMZDiscover is one of the best ways you can use to collect email addresses of top Amazon reviewers without any hassle.

If you have any questions on how to use this tool or how to contact prospect Amazon reviewers, feel free to post in the comment section below.

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