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Jump Send Reviews: What’s More in This Automated Email Marketing Tool?

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, then you might be familiar with tools like Jump Send – which are made specifically for helping one increase the efficiency in which they sell goods.

Not all tools are the same, and others will offer different services that another might not. Jump Send, in particular, claims to be the best tool available for automating Amazon emails as well as coupon distribution.

What is Jump Send?

The beauty of Jump Send is in its automation, it is meant to help Amazon sellers increase their sales by boosting the levels of organic reviews through automated email campaigns.

In short, the service offers the seller a way of automating the emails that their buyers will receive upon completing a certain task.

One of the main automated services involve reaching a customer after a purchase- to ask them for honest feedback.

This feedback will promote your products, and hopefully prompt new buyers to go through with their purchase.

Other features include a notification system that will notify the seller about any customers that might want a refund- allowing them to resolve the issue before it results in any negative feedback.

Key Features

In summary, Jump Send features a variety of automated tools that are meant to simplify the way in which a seller can control the kind of information that their buyers will receive whenever a certain stage in the selling process has been completed.

  • Automated Emails: This is the main feature that Jump Send offers, it is what gives the seller the ability to set up automated emails that will be sent to their buyers at the time that is most convenient. This includes, but is not limited to: automated emails that will inform the client their purchase had been approved, shipping confirmation, and delivery confirmation.
  • Increasing Sales Velocity: With Jump Send, a seller will be given access to a marketplace where they can find buyers that are ready-to-buy, with included promotion opportunities. This is an easy way of launching your products and boosting your rank.
  • Managing Returns: Returns can cause a lot of problems. For one thing, if mishandled, the client can leave negative feedback that can severely affect the integrity of a seller’s store. In order to prevent situations like this from happening, one can use Jump Send to be notified immediately whenever a return is in process.
  • Amazon Compliant: With constant changes concerning Amazon policy, it is only right that people are worried over what is allowed and what is not. Jump Send is a service that is 100% Compliant with all of Amazon’s policies- which means, that there is no recourse when using it.
  • Promotions: With Jump Send, a seller can expect an increase in their sales velocity and rank with access to over 100,000 ready-to-buy shoppers and seller protection in mind.


Jump Send comes in four different subscription packages.

The tools for all of the subscriptions are the same, the main difference is how many products you will be allowed to advertise on Amazon through the software.

  • Starter: 29.00 US dollars per month – 3 products limit
  • Entrepreneur: 59.00 US dollars per month – 10 products limit
  • Business: 99.00 US dollars per month – 25 products limit
  • Enterprise: 199.00 US dollars per month – 100 products
The Pros
  • Easily launch products through the available 100,000 ready-to-buy shoppers
  • Jump Send has an automated software that will send emails to buyers based on completed tasks.
  • Can help obtain organic feedback through buyers
  • There is a free trial available that will allow a seller to peruse the services provided
  • Jump Send offers an accessible database of potential buyers that one can make use of as they wish
The Cons
  • The Jump Send dashboard might be a little difficult to figure out
  • Your niche or product of choice might not be available in Jump Send, as some products are not perfectly attuned to the software

Supported Markets

Jump Send is available in different markets, but not all. The software is currently being updated to include more countries.

At this moment in time supported markets include: the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

Promotion tools are available only in the US and the UK.

How To Use It?

For the most part, Jump Send is completely automatic. The seller will have to set up their preferences, but most things are smooth sailing from then on.

Emails will be sent to buyers who complete a certain task or reach a certain level in the sale. Anything that needs the seller’s involvement will automatically get forwarded as well.

This makes sure that there are no gaps in between the seller and the buyer.

Best Alternatives To Jump Send 

Jump Send is one of the many available services that claim to help Amazon sellers to optimize the way in which they do business.

There are alternatives to Jump Send- other services that could be used jointly with it or replace it entirely.

These alternatives include but are not limited to: AMZ Tracker, Get BSR, Snagshout, Cashbackbase and ZonBlast.

  • AMZ tracker used to give sellers the ability to offer buyers discounts in exchange for reviews, however, recent policy shifts with Amazon forced this to change. Nowadays, AMZ tracker is better known for the numerous tools that it provides. With AMZ Tracker, information about keyword rankings, best-sellers lists, etc. are readily available.
  • GetBSR is a service that allows the distribution of one-time-use coupons to become fully automated. Again, Amazon policy changes forced the substance of the services provided to shift- so sellers are no longer allowed to ask buyers for reviews in exchange for discounts.
  • The third service is Snagshout , much like the AMZ tracker, the focus of the services are on increasing the visibility of the seller’s products- boosting overall sales velocity as well as ranking.
  • Cashbackbase is an Amazon deal website that helps sellers to launch discounted campaigns and promote sales. Sellers can directly connect with buyers and request reviews from them. It is a great way to help boost more sales and reviews, especially for new products.
  • ZonBlast is another product that has an active database of registered buyers that can help a seller launch their product, again, this is good for helping increase the visibility of the product on Amazon- resulting to better sales and a better ranking.
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