Best Strategies on How to Promote Amazon Products to Boost Your Sales

You’ve done your research, sourced your products, and listed them for sale on Amazon – now the real work begins!

Once your products are all listed on Amazon with great images and attention-grabbing copy, it’s time to tell the world about them.

Follow our guide below on how to promote Amazon products effectively and say hello to increased sales, better reviews, and skyrocketing rankings.

Tips to Boost Sales on Amazon

Product promotion can be a sticking point for a lot of Amazon FBA sellers who claim that it’s time-consuming, sometimes expensive, and often ineffective.

There are a whole host of commonly known ways to promote Amazon products including sponsored product ads, repricing strategies, Amazon PPC, and Amazon affiliate schemes, all of which can help to boost Amazon sales.

There is, however, one lesser-known method of promotion for Amazon FBA sellers – one that has seen sellers achieve fast best-selling ranking and over 500 positive reviews within a month.

Put simply, this step by step guide will show you how to gain more sales by finding more customers. 

This simple technique will show you how to find targeted customers for your product by harvesting contact details for customers who have already bought similar products. 

Our simple process will help you to:

  • Find relevant customers
  • Harvest those customers’ email addresses
  • Send a sales email to those customers to sell your product

What Will I Need?

The great thing about this strategy is that you need just two tools in order to get started, making it one of the simplest and most cost-effective strategies available.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on AMZDiscover.  AMZDiscover is a nifty online tool that helps you to quickly gain reviewers for a product.

Put simply, AMZDiscover harnesses reviewers from other products, collates them, including contact information and then presents that information in a user-friendly list.

Pricing starts from just $9 and it’s quick and easy to join up.

As a member of AMZDiscover, you can collect email addresses for potential customers and reviewers and easily collate that list into an Excel spreadsheet.


The second tool in your arsenal is OmniSend, the first choice of EDM tool for Amazon sellers.

A specialist software for email marketing, OmniSend allows you to create and send email campaigns and newsletters to your customer base in a few easy steps.


It’s really important that you have a good quality EDM platform that hasn’t been blacklisted by users in which case your work will be for nothing as a lot of your emails will wing their way straight into spam folders.

An EDM platform is essential as it’s important that your emails are attractive and professional to help prevent them from being deleted as spam.

OmniSend is a great, reliable tool for this and, also for checking delivery times, particularly across different time zones.

How to Find Relevant Customers?

It needs 5 easy steps to collect any potential customers’ info and get in touch with them. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Register AMZDiscover and search for your customers


The first step to grabbing those sales is to log into your AMZDiscover account.

Next, perform a search for your new targeted Amazon customers. The beauty of AMZDiscover is that you can search for customers who have bought and reviewed products similar to yours and who, logic would say, are likely to be interested in your product too.

Find a similar product listing on Amazon and then copy the link and paste it into the AMZDiscover search engine.

Step 2 – Collect your customer email addresses

AMZDiscover will then provide you with a list of that product’s reviewers and, in many cases, contact information including email addresses.

For the most accurate list of customers, try to find a product as close to yours as possible.

If you are selling a case for a particular camera then your search would be for people who have purchased that specific camera.

Again, the logic is simple – somebody who has that camera may well be interested in buying a case to protect it.

The AMZDiscover dashboard will give you the ranking of any given reviewer when it returns your list.

It’s tempting to harvest the top reviewers in a listing but this isn’t always the smartest option – reviewers at the top of the list have almost certainly been targeted already by other sellers in the same way.

Looking at reviewers from the middle and lower-middle parts of the list who may not have been targeted so much already.

Step 3 – Create your customer database

Although email marketing is a great way of gathering new customers, you do need to send quite a large volume of emails in order to see positive results.

To this end, try to collate at least 1000 email addresses for your list before beginning – and be prepared to send a lot of emails; top Amazon sellers send up to 10,000 emails per month to achieve an impressive return rate.

It’s a good idea to start emailing the least promising reviewers first in order to build up your numbers.

This is where investing in OmniSend pays off as the system allows for the sending of mass emails quickly and easily – saving you hours of work and numb fingers from hitting send!

Step 4 – Write a fabulous sales email

Now it’s time to put together a world-beating email. 

The first – and really, most important, part of this is to create an attractive and well-written email template that you can use time and time again.

OmniSend will guide you through the available templates and help you out with handy tips and tricks.

Choose a template that is appropriate for your product – if your product is a fun item aimed at younger people then color and graphics work well. 

However, if you are selling a serious or expensive item then you’ll want to choose a more professional, sleek looking template for your emails.

The following is a great example of a useful template:

marketing email template

It goes without saying that an attention-grabbing title can make or break your campaign.

Think of a title that’s funny or clever and include a keyword that will grab the attention of your targeted customer.

Avoid using a title which is too ‘salesy’ – a lot of people will simply delete the email without opening it if they think you’re after their hard-earned cash. 

Be a little more sneaky and inspire curiosity with your title to get the customer to open it and then you can go on to sell your item in the body of the email.

The copy in the body of your email should be concise but informative – the writing style is up to you but many find a conversational/friendly tone works really well.

There are many different ways of writing sales emails but a good tip is to work on the following basis:

  • Tell them why they need it
  • Tell them how they can get it
  • Tell them why they should buy it now (limited price offer, stock selling fast etc.). Your customer needs to feel like they may regret not buying your product if they don’t do it straight away.

When starting out, it’s a good idea to experiment with a couple of different templates and tones – do a bit of A/B testing by sending different templates out together to see which returns the best results.

Step 5 – Sending your email via your EDM Platform

Our recommended EDM (Enterprise Data Management) platform is OmniSend, due to its efficiency and low price and the fact that it can be used as both an EDM tool and an email sending tool.

Some EDM providers are blacklisted or blocked by a great number of users meaning that your email either won’t be delivered or will be sent straight to the user’s spam folder so it’s important to choose a good quality provider. 

Your EDM platform deals with the storing, analyzing and sharing of data and so is one of the most important aspects of your business.

To send your emails via OmniSend or your chosen provider, follow the instructions which will guide you through:

  • Uploading your customer database
  • Finalizing your email
  • Timing your email (especially important if you are sending to customers in a different time zone)
  • Sending your email

With OmniSend, you can even send video emails – great for sellers who have a product that can be demonstrated within a video clip.

Finding effective, reasonably priced promotion for your product can be time-consuming and does involve a little trial and error – which can lead to costly mistakes when using sponsored ads and other promotion methods.

Although there are, of course, no guarantees, this tried and tested method of promoting Amazon products will almost certainly see your sales and ranking increase within a short space of time.

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