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Cashbackbase Review: How to Join and Get Free Items on Amazon?

When it comes to shopping, if you search for items that you want on Amazon or some shopping sites, you will know that there are several prices available – and it is not always easy to find the best deals.  

Cashbackbase is a fantastic community for users who are looking for discounts; they are hoping they will save money. You can also find those products that are being given away for free.  

It sounds too good to be true. You might be wondering if this site is everything it claims to be.

Here we offer you a Cashbackbase review that explores how legitimate the offers are and how you can make the most of the discounts.

What is Cashbackbase?

Cashbackbase is a discount website that focuses on providing the best deals available on Amazon products in 3 supported marketplaces: Amazon US, UK, and Italy.

Ultimately, they collect together the best buys for consumers and help them buy and purchase the most desirable items at the lowest prices. Sellers will offer deals on the site that can be claimed by the buyers.

But it is more than just a collection service. There is also an option to collect points and retrieve the cashback from your purchase.

To qualify for purchasing products and getting money back, you need to gather a certain number of points.

You will then exchange these points to qualify to buy any of the products on the site, getting it for free or at a considerable discount.  

This is a loyalty program. Once you purchase a deal, which gives you money back on your purchase, your points will be consumed.

You will then need to finish some tasks or buy point-rewarded deals to accrue more points to qualify for free items again.

How does it work to get free items?

Cashbackbase claims it is easy to get your money back on your purchases. They have broken it down into four simple steps.

If you are used to that instant pleasure of making a purchase, these will not feel so easy.

There are moments you are going to have to wait, and you may be disappointed if the deal is turned down. Let’s break it down:

Get cashback deals:

how to get amazon free items on Cashbackbase
  • Step 1: You need to create a Cashbackbase buyer account. You will need to upload all your personal details.
  • Step 2: Search the site and find your deals. When you have any inquiries, you can contact the dealer, and wait for their approval.
  • Step 3: When the seller approves your request, you will go onto Amazon to make your purchase and upload your order information.
  • Step 4: The seller will then verify your order information and issue a refund to your PayPal account with the amount of cashback promised.
  • To gather the points needed to get further discounted purchases, you will have to go onto the site to log your order information.  You will need to log in to your account and submit your order information.

    The seller will then confirm you made the purchase.  The points are required to continue using the site for free products.

    And, there are also some great deals that do not require sellers’ approval, and you can claim the deals and buy them on Amazon directly.

    Get coupon Deals:

    get amazon coupon on cashbackbase

    There is now a coupon service available on the site, where there is no need for points to complete the deal.

    The sellers offer these deals on the site, similar to Slickdeals and other discount sites, which you can then claim with huge discounts.

    There will be a time limit and quantity limits on these coupons, and you need to be sure of the boundaries placed on the deal.

    To claim your coupon discount, you click on the coupon code on the product page and get it easily, no strings attached.  You then copy this code into the appropriate field when you purchase on Amazon.  

    The discount is directly made via the Amazon portal, and you do not have to wait for the money to be returned to your PayPal account.

    Here is a completed guide on how to get discounts on Cashbackbase. You may want to check it out!

    Things you should know before joining

    You might already have guessed that using Cashbackbase requires some commitment. On its most basic level, the site offers an easy-to-navigate service.

    It promises to find you the best prices on Amazon. Then, the coupons seem quite straightforward and something you are used to with other sites.

    You click on the deal, collect the code, go to Amazon and retrieve your discounted amount.  

    This is simple, and you can feel like you are getting a good deal.

    However, these are not free products, and the discount is not as impressive as the other details on the offer. To get exceptional deals and free products, you will need to put some work in.

    Here is all that you need to know to help you make intelligent choices.

    Are you really getting something for nothing?

    The correct answer to this question is yes. You do get products, and you do get your money back (except the shipping fees) – the rules you need to follow and the points you need to accumulate for free items will make this feel like a chore, but there are several ways for you to earn points easily.

    If you don’t mind spending your time this way – then you can still believe you are getting something for free!

    However, if you don’t feel like accumulating points to get free stuff, you can just go for discounted deals and coupon deals that don’t require any points. It is still a way to save money and some of the deals may up to 90% off.

    How does the points system work on Cashbackbase?

    You start with 3000 points, which equates to about $30 of cashback on Amazon. You then need to request to use these points to make a purchase, contacting the seller who will then approve or not your request.

    You then will have to go to Amazon and make the purchase, using your money. You will then submit details of the purchase, and the funds will be returned to your PayPal account.

    Earning points can feel challenging but is at the heart of the reason the deals are on offer.

    To gather points, you make purchases that are discounted but not free. Gathering these sorts of points takes time, as you don’t receive many.

    You can earn decent points by leaving reviews for the products you have bought either on Cashbackbase or Amazon.

    These reviews are why the sellers are keen to use such a site and offer free items.

    If they get lots and lots of reviews, then they are going to rank higher on Amazon and those reviews will also be able to help other shoppers in decision-making.

    For buyers, they can also save tons of money and get to test every kind of product that they want. It’s a win-win, isn’t it!

    It is not that hard for getting points. Quite possibly the easiest way to gather your points is by logging in each day to get rewarded points.

    If you do this for long enough, you will gradually gather some usable points to make your “free” purchase. 

    You can make even more points by referring a friend to the site, leave your opinion for the experience on the site, and so on.

    How long does it take to get your money back?

    From the point of purchasing to the point of you getting your money back depends mainly on how prompt you are.

    When you click on a deal with a seller, you will usually get approval for that deal within a day.

    Then, you progress this to Amazon and make your purchase for the full amount.  You then need to log your purchase info on the site to get your cashback, which will usually be in your PayPal account within soon.

    A good tip to get your cashback quicker is to follow the status of your orders and keep in touch with the sellers. Therefore, the whole thing could be resolved in a quick way, if you are really actively on the case.

    Notice that there are also three points of some potential delay:

    1. You might not pick up the approval straight away.
    2. You might not then convert this approval into a purchase immediately.
    3. You then might wait a while before claiming your cashback.  

    As there will be moments where you have to wait for feedback from the site or the seller, there is a chance that the process could take a couple of days to go through from start to finish.

    Notice: Cashbackbase has updated its policy, and the refund time frame can be up to 35 days. For some deals, sellers may refund you fast, but they are also allowed to take time to review your order and send the payment at a later time.

    Is Cashbackbase real and legit?

    The short answer to this question is “yes”. This is a legitimate way of getting products for no money.

    For the payment you give in your time, with the review and the referral of friends, you will be given items that the sellers offer through the site. It is a basic win scenario.

    You are gaining something that you didn’t have before. The sellers also are acquiring those essential reviews that will move the business forward.

    If you use Amazon Prime shipping, then the item will genuinely be free to you – having only spent your loyalty points gathered on the website.

    The positives
    • You genuinely can get free or high discounted items.
    • There are a lot of deals collated in one space that you might struggle to find just by browsing Amazon.
    • Even if you don’t want to get involved in the whole points thing, you can still save money – whether it is from discounted products or the coupons offered on the site.
    • Free to access and use. User-friendly and intuitive interface and you can easily browser different kinds of available deals.
    The negatives
    • It only supports the Amazon US, UK and Italy marketplaces currently.
    • The rules you need to follow to claim your points can take some time for getting something free.
    • As each point is only worth about a cent, you may need to work hard on points for your free item if you are not frequently using the site. And, it will take some time – so no instant gratification.
    • Most of the items are free-shipping, unless the item does not deliver to your place, and you will be paying shipping and tax fees. If you go directly to the Amazon marketplace, you will be able to purchase items for a matter of cents, but then you may pay an certain amount to have it delivered to you.
    • It requires you to wait for approval, though at most case, there is no problem on the approval.

    Is It Recommended?

    cashbackbase testimonials

    The point of the Cashbackbase review is to offer the reader a judgment on whether the site is everything it claims to be. Its users have given it a great score on the testimonials page.

    Notably, there might be different reactions to the site. People either gel with the points system or they don’t.

    The complaint against the site is the amount of time you must put in to get anything for free.

    Sometimes you might wait a bit longer to get cashback for some deals. It depends on different sellers’ responsive rate but eventually, you will get it. 

    However, those who praise the site highly are delighted when they get something for nothing that they would have had to pay out a certain amount of money to gain.

    Anyway, it is indeed real for you to get free items and save money on Amazon shopping. It is worth visiting whenever you want to find something cheapest or free.

    Does Cashbackbase work for Amazon Sellers?

    In some ways, the site works better for sellers as it does for buyers. Cashbackbase offers sellers the chance to gain organic traffic and reviews that is an essential part of any marketing strategy on Amazon.

    What are the benefits for sellers?

    Within the marketing strategies for Amazon business, there is a black hat tactic that pays people to write reviews. Here the seller can reward buyers for giving reviews with free products. 

    Also, the site will have its way to encourage buyers willingly to leave a review if they are happy with the sellers’ items and services. 

    It legitimizes the reward for a review-based marketing strategy that most sellers require to succeed.

    Sellers can also use the site to unload stock that would otherwise start costing them money to store. Keeping the supply chain moving is essential for a successful seller, and any backlog is costly.  

    Therefore, offering deals not only raises your profile but solves another problem too. It is not a bad way to encourage a little customer loyalty along the way too.

    People feel good about you as a seller if you have given them something for nothing.

    How much does it cost the seller?

    To access the functions of the website, sellers will need to pay for a subscription plan for the services first.

    As a starter plan, it will cost you $99 a month. You will be allowed to post 15 product campaigns synchronously from one store per month.

    For $199, you can run three stores through the site, with a product campaign limit of 36. If you have more stores and items and want a higher product limit, then you can choose to pay the $399 a month for 75 campaigns.

    Besides, it also requires a certain amount of deposit funds to launch your cashback campaigns to make sure that sellers handle order rebates in time. Once you process all your orders, you can withdraw the deposit at any time.

    Check out the pricing plans from here: Pricing plans for seller.

    How to post deals on Cashbackbase?

    It is straightforward to promote a deal. You register a seller account from the Cashbackbase seller central.

    Next, enter your marketplace name and ID on the site, and then you can start to upload your campaigns. You can clearly see the ‘‘Campaigns’’ on the navigation bar, click on the page to add your product.

    Before upload your campaigns, you can choose to offer cashback deals, or coupon deals.

    If you intend to offer cashback deal, then you will need to have a valid PayPal account for issuing cashback to buyers.

    Finish the product info and submit it, and you are ready to go! Your item will be published on the site and browse by shoppers.

    add deals on cashbackbase

    To be approved as a deal on the site, you must be offered 20% or more discounts on your product.

    The best tip to utilize the site is that you will then need to approve buyer requests for the deal, and keep respond to their messages in a timely fashion.

    Moreover, you can send out caring messages to buyers and ask them politely for a review by the way. This will help make a good impression on the buyers and they are more likely to give positive reviews!

    Therefore, there is significant administration and time involved. However, for the increased market access, the reviews from the customer, and the movement of old stock, it could be worth your while.

    cashbackbase deal community


    What to take from this Cashbackbase review? Well, the site is a middleman. Whenever you put something in between a buyer and a seller, it is going to take time and some admin. But the site seems to manage it well.

    Therefore, it would be an obvious win: a win for seller and buyer. As a seller, you will likely see results from the marketing of your products through sales and positive reviews.

    For buyers who have the patience and enjoy reviewing items, you will get free stuff easily.

    It is worth visiting as you shop on it, it pays for you! Don’t just take our words for it, try it out by yourself now!

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