With the introduction of product research tools, searching competitors’ products online as well as complementary goods have been made easy.

Product research tool helps in estimating the best sellers rank, calculate the average rating, show the pricing history, provide information on competitors’ product offerings, and helps to estimate competitors’ revenue per month.

The two most popular product researcher tools in the market are Jungle scout and ASINspector.

The two products have almost similar features but the product pricing plans and other offerings make the difference. Check out how they are different in the following 8 aspects.

1. Jungle Scout VS ASINspector: Pricing

ASINspector has only one payment plan which requires the customer to pay an upfront fee of $97 and then pay $10 every month as a subscription fee.

On the other hand, Jungle scout has two payment plans namely the pro plan and the lite plan. For the pro plan, one has to pay a one-time fee of $197 while for the lite package, the user has to pay a one-time fee of $97.

Both applications can be accessed by using a Google Chrome extension but Jungle scout can also be accessed using the web application.

Below is a comparison of the two products.

2. Web App or Chrome Extension

Jungle scout: Chrome extension/Web application
ASINspector: Chrome extension

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • Both applications have a chrome extension, but the extension can only be used by the Google Chrome browser.
  • However, Jungle scout can be accessed via a web application giving it an edge when it comes to usability.

Advantages of chrome extension

  • They are easy to use
  • More friendly user interface
  • Source Products Quickly

Disadvantages of chrome extensions

  • Chrome extension makes the user computer vulnerable to online threats

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3. Differentiating between organic and sponsored product

Jungle scout: Does not display the entire sponsored product during a search.
ASINspector: The feature is only available in the pro version. The standard version does not have the feature.

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • Though not displaying sponsored products may help to determine how your product is performing, with or without sponsored products.
  • Not displaying sponsored products denies you a chance to see some of your competitors’ information.

4. Product Variations

Jungle scout: Show various variations of the product.
ASINspector: Does not handle product variation

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • Not showing product variations means that the user gets the wrong information about the product in the market. For example, if a product has some variation, ASINspector will only show the result for the first one while jungle scout shows the combined total of the variation.
  • Jungle pro can, therefore, be said to be more accurate compared to ASINspector.

5. Run on the best sellers page

Jungle scout: Run only on online stores
ASINspector: Can run on the best sellers page

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • Jungle scout has the ability to run in competitors pages as well as best sellers page while compared to ASINspector
  • Jungle scout running on competitors’ pages can be useful in coming up with new product ideas.

6. Price and BSR History

Jungle scout: Only shows the history which is not detailed
ASINspector: Shows Price and BSR History

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • ASINspector has a unique feature that helps to see the price and BSR history. This is very important to sellers in Amazon because it helps in seeing the strategy the competitor is using in price wars. In addition, the pricing history can help you determine the variations in demands in the market before posting a new product.
  • The only disadvantage of this feature is that the accuracy of the data cannot be verified. Sometimes the application may pick the price that the supplier claim to have slashed which in most cases it is not the case.

7. Favorite Searches

Jungle scout: Does not store user search history
ASINspector: Saves users search history

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • ASINspector is able to bookmark user favorite searches. The searchers are important since they give the user suggestions when using the application. In addition, the cached data makes the browser faster to use and in some instances provide the user with reminders on some of the competing product that the user might have forgotten when using the system.
  • Saving user data possess a security risk to the user if now well handles. One can lose important information to hackers and other online threats.

8. User interface

Jungle scout: Web application/chrome extension
ASINspector: Mobile application/chrome extension

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

  • For jungle scout, the user interface is easier to use and more user-friendly since the data is overlaid on top of your browser. On the other hand, ASINspector opens a new tab when searching and sometimes it may result in so many open tabs.
  • ASINspector has a mobile application version, meaning that it can be accessed using a mobile computing device. This enables the user to use the product wherever given there is internet access.


To be able to compete adequately in the online marketplace, having a product research tool is a basic requirement that every merchant should use.

Though the two products above have similar service offerings, each product has its unique advantages and features that one should look for before making a purchase.

For example, ASINspector is pocket-friendly and though it has a monthly subscription fee while jungle scout has no monthly subscription fee but the acquisition cost is high.

ASINspector can be recommended to those people who do not use the product every month while jungle scout can be recommended for monthly users.

Due to its ability to factor in product variation, jungle scout gives more accurate results compared to ASINspector.

In addition, jungle scout has the ability to differentiate between organic content and sponsored content giving it an edge over ASINspector.

With all the above features of the product, one can be able to make an informed decision on which product to purchase for product use.

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