It is usually a straightforward thing to copy the link of a certain product available on Amazon.

You go to Amazon, search the product, click on it, and copy-paste the link on the address bar. But, the link is always a mess and may not be so attractive to the customer.

You can, however, make the long URLs shorter using the Amazon link shortener. That’s because shortening the link will most likely attract more clicks and affect the performance of your funnel.

Continue reading this post to know more about the Amazon link shortener!

What Is an Amazon Link Shortener?

An Amazon link shortener is a tool to create short URL links for your Amazon products. Usually, most Amazon links are long and messy.

Well, such links can be an issue if you want your product to attract traffic, and more so, the customer may not be impressed by it.

Your customers’ choice of links to check out your products tends to determine how your strategy performs. You can be sure that customers will have little to no interest in your product when the URL is long.

So, you will have to incorporate the amazon link shortener to make the link shorter. Short URLs typically attract more clicks, unlike the regular Amazon links. Also, when the URL is short, it comes in handy when it comes to branding.

As an active business owner, you will most likely post the Amazon links on your social media pages like Twitter or Facebook.

Unfortunately, such media outlets have character limits, so it will not be possible for you to post lengthy, chunky website links.

But since you need your business to prosper, why not use an Amazon link shortener?

How Does Amazon Link Shortener Work?

You can compare Amazon with any other website, even though it is vast. But, when using Amazon links, you will notice that they always end with several complex words.

Such words make the links super long, and it is hard for your customers to click through such links. So, this calls for you to make it shorter using the Amazon link shortener.

The Amazon link shortener, as the name suggests, helps in reducing the URLs. It reduces the characters in them to something more straightforward for you and your customer to read. Moreover, it also makes the URL to be more noticeable to your customers.

When using the link shortener, you can create a short URL to your liking. In short, you custom make your URL that will appear on your Amazon product listing.

When trying to reduce the number of words in your Amazon link, you may cut out some words.

For instance, you can remove the search parameters and the timestamp in the link while making it a bit short. Well, even after you cut it, the link will still direct you to the same place.

But you should know that Amazon is the one responsible for how the URL looks and not you. So, while this option is viable, it is best to use an Amazon link shortener; it does a better job than manually. In some cases, you lack the option of cutting the URL down to the ASIN.

Keeping the extra parameters such as the tracking tags and the affiliate tags in the URL may, in some cases, be critical.

So, you do not need to eliminate all the parameters in a link when using a shortener. If the person clicks the link, it will direct them to the long URL with all the parameters.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Link Shortener?

One significant benefit of using an Amazon link shortener is that it creates a short link, which is easy for your customers to remember.

Besides, some other benefits you get are as below.

· Gives Easy to Remember URLs

Most customers may not recall the long links even when you cut it manually up to the ASIN, and you can be sure that even you cannot remember your ASIN. A link shortener creates a unique link, and the person will follow it.

· Keeps Targeted Keywords Intact

When shortening the link, you still want to maintain the keyword-targeted URLs like the super URLs in it. Such URLs help in the ranking of your products, so you do not want them out. A link shortener will help you keep the benefit of such URLs.

· Offers Link Analysis

Even though you require a short URL, you may still need to see the number of clicks that your link attracts.

Most link shorteners usually have an analytics dashboard that will show you the number of clicks you get.

The link shortener technically adjusts the link to monitor the success of your business, and you are also able to see the impact of various marketing campaigns from the link.

· Adds Brand Name in the URL

Another great thing about using link shorteners is that you can add your brand name to the URL. Again, such plays a significant role in building your audience and the brand in general.

Moreover, using a tool helps you attach various tracking codes to the link. You can therefore know the performance of your links due to multiple campaigns.

Also, you can tell the kind of people who click on the links, which is some excellent information to help you build your customer base.

What Are the Top Amazon Link Shortener Tools?

This section will figure out some of the best Amazon link shortener tools that are super simple to use.

1. Bitly

Bitly is a typical URL shortener, and it works well when shortening Amazon links. When using it, you need not create an account, and you can go directly to your link and make it short.

All you may need to do here is copy-paste the link into the homepage box, then click shorten.

With this tool, you can know who is clicking on your link and the person’s location. It also helps in monitoring the performance of campaigns.

  • One thing that makes Bitly stand out is how easy it is to use it. It also features over 20 data points that you can use to track things, like the number of clicks and the location.
  • Using the unlimited account, you can track information about the top referrers for 1000 links each month. Also, you can customize your links to have the characters that suit your brand.
  • Pricing
  • You can try the Bitly free plan. But it also offers other premium plans starting from $29 per month.
  • 2. Rebrandly

    The features that Rebrandly comes with are usually unique, unlike those of other link shortening tools.

    It works under the notion that the brand should hugely benefit from the shortened link. With it, you can add your brand name to the customized link.

    Such helps in building a good customer base for you. This website has made over 550,000 customers happy, making it stand on top of the game.

  • It offers five custom domains through its free plans. Also, you can customize all the short URLs to your liking. Using the unlimited account, you can track information about the top referrers for 1000 links each month. Also, you can customize your links to have the characters that suit your brand.
  • The website also includes tools to show you how the link performs, including data on who clicks on it. It also generates an automatic QR code.
  • Pricing
  • It has the free plan option covering up to 500 links and 5000 clicks tracked per month. There is also a plan for $29 /month covering 5000 links and 25000 clicks followed per month. If you need more, you can also choose from their Pro, Premium, and Enterprise level plans.
  • 3. PixelMe

    This tool also comes in handy when it comes to shortening your URL. It helps embed retargeting elements on the shortened link.

    When using PixelMe, you can create advertising campaigns on your link that will help grow your brand.

    The tool allows you to retarget people to other platforms such as Youtube and Spotify.

  • You can connect your Amazon attribution account that will help in tracking how the link performs. Then, you can make a few clicks that will connect to your domain, embed your brand and edit the link preview.
  • Pricing
  • The pricing plan starts with a seven-day free trial which is a paid plan. Then other plans start from $29/month, which includes 5000 tracked clicks/month, 500 branded links, and three retargeting pixels. Besides, like Rebrandly, you will find three more plans in their pricing section.
  • 4. Blink

    Blink works well for both teams and individuals who want to shorten their links. With it, you can track the performance of the links and merge their API into your tools. In addition, its dashboard can show the trending links and other statistics.

    It also features an analytics page that shows the referrers and their location. You can also know the number of clicks and also be able to add tags in the short links to see the traffic in your URL.

  • You can upgrade blink at any time, but you can pay for the features you need when starting with it.
  • You can also access it from many ends due to the Google Chrome extension and IOS app in it. It is also a safe platform to use.
  • Pricing
  • You can access the platform using the free plan. There is also an expert plan that goes for $48/month.
  • 5. TinyURL

    You can use the TinyURL to make short links for free. First, you need to enter your link in the box, click the shorten button, and the platform will do the job.

    This tool will come in handy when someone is in a hurry and needs to make the Amazon link short quickly. Usually, you do not need an account to use TinyURL.

  • You need not pay anything to shorten your link. However, you may not access other features like tracking and analytics unless you subscribe to a paid plan.
  • Pricing
  • It is free to use. But you can subscribe to a personal plan at $9.99/month to access more features.
  • 6. Clkim

    You get to enjoy so many options when using this link shortening tool. With it, you can realize the best potential your links can give, including making short URLs containing your brand name, building custom lists, and intelligent redirects.

    Clkim gives you accurate details of your analytics, and they offer you 24/7 support. Setting it up is also pretty easy.

  • It allows you to monetize your links through ads. In addition, it has a feature that helps to retarget the users and come up with custom lists. What’s more, it will offer you quick redirects.
  • Pricing
  • There is a 14-day free trial. After that, you have the $10/month option that you get once you pay annually.
  • Final Thoughts!

    There is a great need to create a short link for your Amazon products, especially attracting customers.

    While you can do it manually, you should consider using an Amazon link shortener. You can select any of the link shortening tools above to help you with the process. Best luck!

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