Since the establishment of Amazon in 1994, the first batch of sellers from 1994-2018 have enjoyed the traffic dividends brought by Amazon in the early stage.

However, as Amazon continues to grow larger and attract more sellers, it has become more and more difficult to obtain traffic on Amazon.

At the same time, Amazon has gradually become more closed, making it impossible for sellers to communicate with buyers.

Amazon has blocked buyers’ contact emails, phone numbers and even hidden their delivery addresses from the orders.

There is almost no way for sellers to build their own customer lists through the Amazon platform.

The traffic on Amazon assigned to each seller has become less and less. While the ACOS of on-site advertising has become increasingly high, many sellers have begun to drive traffic outside Amazon.

Sellers start to use Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Ads to drive traffic to their Amazon listings.

Sellers with well-optimized ads and sufficient budgets may generate good sales. However what the advertisement brings to the seller is only a single sale, the biggest winner is still Amazon. 

As each time the buyers click on the Ads, they will be redirected to Amazon, and what they remember is the Amazon shopping platform, not sellers.

Each time when they want to buy something, they will search on Amazon’s whole site instead of your Amazon store.

As time progresses, more sellers will realize that they can advertise on external platforms mentioned above. At that time, the Ad competition will be severe. Advertising costs will also rise a lot.

So is there any way to acquire customers in a long-term and low-cost way?

The answer is YES.

Sellers should learn and do everything possible to build their own customer list.

With their own subscribed customer list, sellers can get in touch with customers directly, and get direct feedback and suggestions of their products.

Each time a new product is launched, by directly sending product information to the subscribed customers, sellers can obtain sales or product suggestions.

A customer database allows you to develop a relationship with your clients. To keep them informed, you can keep them up to date on product updates, new services, and your strategies.

And there are more benefits of building your own customer base:

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Provide Better Customer Service
  • Marke new products
  • Gain more social traction

So, which is the best and easy channel to help Amazon sellers build their own customer lists?

You can consider using Cashbackbase, an Amazon deals site that helps sellers promote listings, get more sales and interact with customers.

cashbackbase seller central

Here are a few features of Cashbackbase.

1. CashbackBase is a discount promotion platform for European and American marketplaces. All users are real buyers and verified by the site.

2. Buyers from Cashbackbase are willing to leave reviews when they are happy with the purchases, more than 50% of buyers will leave a review after the purchase.

3. Sellers can communicate directly with buyers on Cashbackbase, which is a beneficial feature for sellers to access buyers.

4. Sellers only need to pay a subscription fee to start selling. No sales limits and No additional charge for how many orders are sold. The cost is relatively low.

5. The website has two types of campaigns: coupon code campaign and cashback campaign. e.g., the buyer has to purchase the product at full price first, then the seller will refund the payment to the buyer via PayPal.

6. Sellers can convert buyers who have made purchases into their own customer resources.

In addition to Cashbackbase, there are several ways to obtain your own subscribed customers.

  • Create a landing page through a tool like Landing Cube and place ads on the page.
  • Build a sales website through website building platform like Shopify and place ads on your own site.
  • Build your own branded website and start SEO to promote your brand. 

It is a long-term and slow process to create your own brand and improve your own sales channels without relying solely on the Amazon platform. But once your own channel is established, it will be a huge success, just like Anker.

Hope the above information can be helpful to you.

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