Amazon has quickly developed into one of the most complex and popular eCommerce platforms out there. New sellers emerge regularly, and consumers use Amazon to cover an extensive range of their purchase needs.

A business on the site can provide you with the profitability you are seeking, but with so many competitors on the same platform, your offers can easily go unnoticed, and your business might lack the level of exposure desired.

When you are creating a strategic plan to add visibly and appeal to your listings, an approach worth considering is promoting your business on social media.

Social media channels are accessed daily by millions of people around the world. Advertising your business on the right networks can thus directly influence your success.

But how exactly can you use social media to your advantage? What are the most promising actions to take here?

The following suggestions will clarify the subject for you a bit.

Choose the right channels

Start by assessing all of your options, and concluding which platforms come with the most potential.

Maintaining a presence on every single social media channel will require too much time and effort form your part, and won’t be as beneficial as expected.

It’s better to strategize your visibility on the most promising networks, and invest your resources in the right options here.

The best way to make a decision in this department is by thinking about your target audience.

On which channels is your target group most present? Facebook and Instagram are usually priority options here, these being the two most popular channels on a global scale.

Twitter, however, can also be great for increased exposure in the world of social media.

Avoid common social connection mistakes

A big difference in your promotion results will be made if you know from the start the tactics that you should avoid.

Without being properly informed on the subject, you can easily be tempted to resort to ineffective strategies that instead of helping you grow online will have a contrary effect.

When you are trying to nurture your following, establish an effective social connection plan, and boost engagement, avoid the following things:

  • Being unresponsive – if you want to ensure customer loyalty and put your brand in a positive light, you’ll need to be responsive to comments and direct messages. Not doing so will only make you seem like an Amazon seller that doesn’t value its customers
  • Relying too much on automation – chatbots and automated messages can come in handy in some scenarios, but if you want to create the right level of publicity, and show your audience you care about them, human responses are a must.
  • Excessive marketing posts – people won’t follow you on social media channels if all your posts are marketing messages. Users want to see on their feed interesting, compelling content, and your following shouldn’t feel like you’re always trying to sell them something.  
  • Inconsistency – you need to acknowledge from the start that a strong social media game requires involvement and patience. You won’t be able to see results fast, but that shouldn’t make you lose your interest. Inconsistency is what triggers a campaign to fail, so remain perseverant, post regularly, and maintain your efforts uniform.

Create engaging, high-quality, sharable written content

Engaging content stands at the base of any successful social media advertising campaign. Besides photos, the written content is also equally relevant.

Your posts need to be enticing and determine your audience to start interacting with your brand.

Sharing interesting facts, asking questions, highlighting useful information about your products – you have the chance to incorporate a wide variety of elements to keep your posts’ engagement to high levels.

However, when it comes to written content, engagement should go hand in hand with quality and shareability.

Whether it’s a short phrase or a block of text, make sure it’s written in a correct and compelling manner.

You can make use of various writing services and tools now easily accessible, such as Grammarly, PickWriters, Hemingway Editor, Readability Score, and so on.

Opt for a product price anchoring strategy

Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to implement a prince anchoring tactic.

When you are posting a photo of one of your products on these channels, including a 1-click shopping strategy.

Users will be more compelled to actually go to your Amazon offer when they have a price displayed and only one click away from your listings.

Being able to purchase something they have set their eyes on when browsing their social media feed will contribute to the number of sales you make –  the easiest it is for users to access purchase opportunities, the most compelled they be to actually go through with the purchase.

Understand the power of hashtags

Hashtags have become a great way for Instagram users to come across posts they are interested in. Leveraging the power of hashtags can work in your favor here.

Hashtags allow you to promote content beyond the feed of your followers, and thus increase your exposure on Instagram, and grow your account organically.

Your Amazon social traffic will increase over time if you’ve planned out and used the right tags in your posts.

Do some research on the most advantageous hashtag terms and include them in all your posts in a relevant manner.

Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with influencers

Affiliate linking has become a great marketing tactic for all sorts of businesses.

What you can do here is find a social media influencer whose feed is relevant to the type of products you are selling on Amazon, and start a collaboration with them.

This type of partnership involves you giving a kickback to a certain influencer each time a buyer accesses your Amazon store through the links they post on their own account.

Because influencers benefit from a high number of followers, it will be easier for you to reach out to a wider audience.

Focus on social media testimonials

A positive review can go a long way. Social media users who might be interested in the products you’re selling on Amazon can get the final “push” to place an order if they come across positive feedback from your other customers.

“Favorite” tweets that mention your brand and retweet them on your own channel, have a review section available on your Facebook business page, and re-gram posts of your customers using or showcasing your products.

Testimonials can put your business in a positive light and can influence the final purchase choice of potential customers.


With the popularity obtained by Amazon over the last few years, more sellers have appeared, and the number of listings continues to expand regularly.

With such an increased level of competition, growing your business can seem challenging, and that’s why you should use the right marketing strategies to your advantage.

As you already know, social media can have great power in boosting a business’ exposure.

To take advantage of social media promotion opportunities, you need to be aware of the most appealing actions.

The tips mentioned above could help you reach your desired outcomes. Analyze these pointers and implement an optimal strategic approach – you will notice that your sales will increase after adopting these practices.

By Guest Blogger: Donald Fomby

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