In this article, we’ll show you how to promote Amazon products within Amazon’s website and in external websites that you might use to advertise your Amazon business’ product listings.

Advertising your products outside of Amazon is vital to improving your sale numbers, and will help promote your Amazon store, too.

Things to Do Before Promoting Your Amazon Products

Below are some easy ways we can share with you to help you figure out how to promote Amazon products effectively when you’re a new seller looking to boost your ratings and reviews.

1. Make your products more competitive

Advertising is a great way to boost your product sales, and so is selling products that are a little different to other sellers’ products.

If you’re selling the same product as another seller, add a discount, promote your coupons, or sell it in different colors.

2. Amazon SEO

Ensure that your listing has good Amazon Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This will help potential customers find your products easier using a specific set of keywords.

3. Learn about the Amazon Buy Box

Study the rules of the Buy Box and win the Buy Box with repricing tools that are easy to find online.

The Buy Box is the box that appears on product detail pages where customers add items to their cart. It’s competitive, and the only way to win it is to have competitive pricing and offers in your store with a great Amazon merchant history.

You’ll need to be an amazing seller to covet one of the Buy Box positions available.

Promote Amazon Products Outside Amazon

There are various ways that you should be aware of when it comes to knowing how to promote Amazon products outside Amazon.

4. Crowdfunding

You can apply crowdfunding tactics to your promotions by using programs like Amazon Launchpad, which is a program that showcases products from new Amazon sellers to the customers of Amazon.

Amazon Launchpad collaborates with crowdfunding platforms to solve the sales and delivery issues that new start-ups face when launching their businesses.

Amazon Launchpad will help you discover more opportunities to spread the word about your products and promote them to millions of people by using sites outside of Amazon, as well as the company, itself.

Posting your product on crowdfunding sites yourself. Instead of going through Amazon Launchpad, you could also benefit from going through crowdfunding sites personally to promote your product.

In doing this, you’re aiming to gain attention for your product before you launch it on Amazon, which can help you grow your potential customer base as well.

This tactic would work particularly well for sellers who are the manufacturer of the product they’re selling.

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5. EDM-target customers

EDM, or direct email marketing is a way that makes sense to send ads of your products or services to a smaller group of recipients that might actually be interested in receiving such messages.

You can use tools like AMZDiscover to target your customers’ contact information from Amazon (like their email addresses), and then contact them directly using pre-designed email templates offering products that you sell and discounts to entice them into shopping with you.

You’ll need a good EDM platform, and a way to capture their information (like a product landing page which would ask for their email address).

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6. Offer coupons

If you happen to have a large list of subscribers (on YouTube, social media etc.), you can easily distribute coupons to them.

People enjoy discounted items, that’s a fact. We all look for a great deal, so offering coupons to individuals who have already provided their information to you is a natural business step to take

This also opens up communication with your subscribers, allowing you to continuously contact them and target them for sales.

7. Work with influencers

You can easily reach out to YouTube influencers to promote your product for you.

Famebit is a great site to assist you in the process of contacting YouTube influencers, or you can search for them directly on YouTube and choose the influencers you believe fit your products well.

Your influencers will be well-versed with the knowledge of how to promote Amazon products, too, which cuts out some of the work for you.

8. Drive traffic from blogs

Discover blogs that write about your specific niche of products and ask them to partner with you to promote your products.

You may also benefit from having them write articles about your products and mentioning them semi-frequently. Similarly to working with influences, reputable blog writers will know how to promote Amazon products in the best way.

9. Promote on SNS platforms

When you promote on social networking services, such as Facebook or Instagram, you’re appealing to your pre-build audience to purchase your products.

This can help you increase your sales, and you could even ask social media influencers to promote for you in exchange for free products or discounts.

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10. Deals sites

Websites like Slickdeals are great for promoting your products. If your product becomes popular enough for the front page of any deals websites, you’ll be able to achieve more organic traffic, leading to more sales.

When you’re struggling to figure out how to promote Amazon products, deals websites are good for a first point-of-call.

11. Social ads

By making use of ad services on social websites, like Facebook and Google, you’ll be able to push more traffic towards your product listings.

This works similarly to Amazon Pay Per Click ads, and it can also be effective when you use product landing pages.

12. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are great for promoting your product. The aim is to get as many affiliates as possible to promote your product, which can help boost your sales.

Try Amazon Associates as a starting point for your affiliate marketing needs.







Promote Amazon products within Amazon

In this section of our guide, you’ll find several ways to promote your Amazon products within Amazon.

Our aim is to help you understand how to promote Amazon products on Amazon’s site, and which techniques work the best.

14. Lightning deals

Lightning Deals are limited time offers that you put on your products. They promote urgency, especially when you make it obvious to the customer that there’s a countdown on the reduced price.

The best thing about lightning deals is that there’s a dedicated page on Amazon for them, where they can be listed as long as the discount is at least 30% more than the original price of your product.

15. Amazon PPC

With Amazon Pay Per Click, your ads can be shown at the bottom and top of Amazon search results pages. These ads can help increase your sales on Amazon quite dramatically.

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16. Discounts

can tempt your customers into buying more than they usually would.

When you make more sales, your Amazon ranking improves, so although you might be making less profit, you’ll increase your sales in the long-run.

Discounts are one of the most basic ways to know how to promote Amazon products without putting in too much effort.

17. Shipping

Customers don’t like paying for shipping, that’s a fact. Offer free shipping with your products, or free shipping when your customer spends a certain amount.

18. Offers

Offers, like “Buy 1 Get 1 free”, can be great ways to promote your other products, and get reviews for them when your sales are lessening.

When you sell a product, give your customer a freebie that is related to it, and ask them if they’d mind leaving a review for both. Reviews help sales.

19. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to promote your products. Products can be used as the prize for a giveaway that you host on Amazon, which you can let your customers know about on your shop page or via email.

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Now that you’ve come to the end of our list of tips, we hope that your understanding of how to promote Amazon products has increased.

Start your Amazon business knowing that you’ve done your research, while feeling confident that you can properly promote your products both on Amazon, and outside of the site.

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