Best Practices in Amazon SEO Services: How to Find the Expert

Amazon SEO service providers specialize in optimizing your Amazon webstore’s content to drive more traffic to your store and increase your sales.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which uses keywords and buzzwords to ensure you’re your web content appears on search engines ahead of other, similar online content.

With so many companies offering this service, it’s no wonder that clients are finding it difficult to choose a provider that suits all of their needs.

This article will help you correctly assess which Amazon SEO service is the expert for you.

Why You Need an Amazon SEO Service

Amazon Product Page SEO

There are many benefits to using an Amazon SEO service provider, but among these pros, there are also a few cons that you, as an Amazon seller, should be made aware of.

We aim to help you make an informed choice when searching for an Amazon SEO expert to present their Amazon SEO strategy for your needs.

A trustworthy Amazon SEO service provider will have a team of skilled professionals who are familiar with Amazon’s policies.

They will know how to properly and effectively optimize your product(s) on Amazon, get it ranked higher and help you get more sales.

These providers believe that the success of any online business relies on effective SEO techniques and strategies.

They will help you achieve success in your webstore’s business plan. By using an Amazon SEO service provider, you’re saving time.

Skilled SEO services are adept at figuring out what you, as their client, need.

You may be completely unfamiliar with SEO, so instead of spending time learning the skills to expand your sales base on Amazon, the service provider will take care of all of the work for you.

A good, optimized sales listing can drive sales quickly, meaning that your ratings will shoot up with each successful sale.

There are a few downsides to using an Amazon SEO service provider. The main inconvenience is the money that you’ll need to spend at the start of your business to get your webstore search engine optimized. After you’ve researched a few companies, and found the right people for you, that extra bit of cash may be an expense that you hadn’t originally factored in.

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Before You Get Started With Amazon SEO

You’ll need to know some basic Amazon SEO strategies before you start searching for a company to provide the full service for you.

If you want to be a successful seller on Amazon, you’ll have to follow the SEO guidelines that are recommended by Amazon.

Amazon has its own algorithm that you need to follow very carefully, and you should always keep in mind that the main target of Amazon is to sell products.

By ensuring that you use the best SEO tactics, your store could do very well among the masses of Amazon sellers.

Amazon does not tolerate any fraudulent activities; they will penalize your account and perhaps even suspend it.

The best way to gain more knowledge about Amazon’s SEO strategies is to read more articles about the subject like this one.

Having a general idea of Amazon’s listing optimizations, Amazon PPC promotion, and other related concepts will be very helpful to you before you start up your selling business.

Some SEO service providers indulge in fraudulent practices like paid reviews, overusing keywords and other strange techniques.

However, a reputable Amazon SEO service provider will have adopted a very safe SEO procedure to get your products ranked at a higher position on Amazon, and in search engines.

All of this is self-explanatory, but most new sellers are thrown by Amazon PPC once they start reading about Amazon SEO.

It’s crucial that you, as a seller, understand the difference between the two.

For Amazon, there is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

SEO is used to improve your organic traffic, by employing various keyword techniques, but PPC is about targeting your visibility, and ensuring that your new audience sees your products.

In an ideal world, you should look an employing both in your business techniques.

Finding a Freelance Amazon SEO Expert

With the growing freelance industry comes more opportunities to find experts at competitive prices.

By searching on freelance platforms with the relevant keywords, you can find a wealth of individuals who are willing to work for you as an Amazon SEO expert at a lower price than SEO service provider companies.

By searching for freelancers on these freelance platforms, you can look over their freelance career profile and browse their recent reviews and ratings, to ensure that you’re getting the best person at the best price for all of your Search Engine Optimization needs.

On, most sellers (freelancers) put up an “Hourlie” for their services, designating how much their time costs per hour for the service they provide, or offering a bundle deal for a certain amount of time at a lower price.

You can look on each of these hourlies for previous client reviews, which gives you a quick indication of that freelancer’s work.

There are several trusted freelancer websites where you can find freelancers that offer SEO services:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour

All of these sites are well respected in the freelance community, and definitely worth looking into if you’d prefer an individual freelancer over a company for your SEO expert needs.

Top Amazon SEO Service Websites

There are several companies that offer excellent SEO services for Amazon.

Below is a list of those companies, and a brief introduction to give you an idea of what they can do as a company.

  • Wisitech– Wisitech specialize in Amazon Optimization services to help you boost your rankings, drive traffic to your store, and increase your sales. They are one of the leading and most experienced Amazon SEO services providers around, with a dedicated team of talented marketing experts and creative minds to help your business grow. They have a visible process on their site, so you know exactly what service you’re getting before you even start your enquiry.
  • Amazon SEO Consultant– Amazon SEO Consultant offer a full solution to amazon SEO, Marketing, and Optimization. They work with very specific types of clients that are interested in growing their businesses in a fast and efficient way. They only have two requirements: you have an Amazon seller account, and a product to sell.
  • Buy Box Experts– Buy Box Experts help brands sell their products across Europe and North America. They have a 90-day promise to deliver double-digit improvement in their client’s engagement ratings, while keeping an eye on your potential competition.
  • Ignite Visibility– Ignite Visibility are an expert Amazon SEO Consulting Company.  They are a pioneer in Amazon and have a suite of marketing services to enhance your Amazon sales with their unique methodology.
  • Hire For SEO– Hire For SEO want to be your newest partner in making your Amazon product selling campaigns more effective. They have dedicated themselves to all of their clients’ business needs, giving them the best solutions, and working with them to properly market their products.
  • Amazon SEO Experts– Amazon SEO Experts boast an amazing ability to optimize your listings so that your products rank better in Amazon. They aim to up your sales, and get you the best reviews possible with their business plan.
  • Amazon Ranking Expert– Amazon Ranking Expert promises to help you beat the competition, and improve your Amazon sales. They want you to gain a competitive edge over other Amazon sellers, and they believe that, with their help, this is entirely possible.
  • Amazon SEO Service– Amazon SEO Service will work with you to get your product ranked where you want it to be ranked on Amazon. They offer listing optimization, alongside their ranking service, making them a useful company to work with.
  • Syndigo– It works with Sellpoints now, which offer an Amazon SEO service to help you improve your Amazon rankings and get your product the visibility that it deserves. They have in-depth knowledge and experience with Amazon’s search algorithm, meaning that you know they know what they’re doing.
  • Thrive– Thrive provide Amazon product optimization services that aim to increase your online sales. They’re aware of the ever-growing online market that Amazon has become, and have gained proved results for their clients in the past.
  • Viral Launch– Viral Launch will optimize your listings in a way that is designed to maximize keyword ranking and conversions. They will help you build the best Amazon product listing possible, backed by their experience of launching 20,000 other products on the site.
  • EStore Factory– EStore Factory will help you boost your sales, and not only do they work with SEO, they also specialize in PPC, so all of your bases are covered for your Amazon seller needs.

Tips Before You Hire Your Expert

If you’re still unsure, we have several tips to help you make a decision before you hire your Amazon SEO expert.

  • Compare prices between freelancers and companies. Always look for the best deal.
  • Make a list of services that are included in the price.
  • Learn more about Amazon SEO projects from the company/individual.
  • Look at reviews for the company/individual’s service.
  • Check success stories.
  • Ask the company/individual if they can guarantee their service outcomes.
  • Learn about the service’s refund policies.

Be smart, and don’t pay for a service without knowing exactly what you’re getting out of it.

The internet is full of SEO service providers; do your research before you make your selection.