In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most effective Amazon PPC management software that is available for Fulfilled By Amazon sellers.

Amazon PPC software are programs that assist you with managing your Pay Per Click advertising, which is an effective way of selling more products online with the help of Amazon.

Amazon PPC management can be more valuable if you have an external program helping you complete the work you need to do, instead of trying to manage your business and your PPC at the same time.

Listed below you’ll find 14 Amazon PPC software programs that can help you with your Fulfilled By Amazon business.

Though Amazon is the main focus for this article, several of these Amazon PPC management software systems allow for marketplace crossover, giving you an advantage in the world of online selling, and putting you above your competitors in terms of response time, and customer targeting.

When your business is dwindling, and you can’t figure out why, Amazon PPC management could be exactly what you need.

1. Prestozon


Prestozon is an Amazon PPC management service that can get you results within moments.

You’ll be able to switch out your keywords from bad ones that aren’t searched for to ones that your customers frequently use when searching for the kinds of products that you sell.

Prestozon can work with the campaigns that you already have on the go, meaning that you won’t have to start from the beginning, and no damage will be done to your advertising cost of sale for Amazon (ACoS).

Key features of Prestonzon include being able to review each one of your keywords and automatically update them, optimizing your ACoS, completing tasks for you, and analyzing search terms.

Prestonzon’s price package ranges from $50 to $1000, for monthly advertising spend of between $1000 and $100,000, depending on your PPC uses and needs.

2. Sellerlabs


Sellerlabs offers you intelligent Amazon PPC management, which a view to help you improve your ads based on your data history, so that you spend less time managing your campaigns.

This Amazon PPC software can keep you below your ACoS percentage target, enabling you to spend less money on your ads, and focus less on keywords.

With Sellerlabs, you’ll benefit from Amazon PPC software that can recognize which of your campaigns are working, and which aren’t, to better improve your product selling.

Other features include smart filters for your keywords, and unlimited data downloads. Their pricing plans start from $49 a month, for 5 managed campaigns, and unlimited automatic and manual targeted campaigns.

3. Sellics


Sellics is the solution to maximize your Amazon PPC profits.

Their Amazon PPC management system allows you to track, analyze, and optimize the performance of all of your Amazon ads, using useful and user-friendly graphs that are easy to read.

Sellics’ key features include automated keyword changes, the ability to pause keywords in your campaign ads, and being able to set search terms to negative in your campaigns.

Your historical data graphs and trackers will help you make informed decisions for your campaigns, and carry your business in the right direction.

Their basic price plan for Amazon sellers that sell around $1000 – $60,000 annually, is $67 per month.

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4. PPC Entourage


PPC Entourage is a simple, user-friendly Amazon PPC software system created for Amazon sellers who aren’t fond of maths, or don’t want to spend so much time looking at numbers to figure out how to make their business better.

With Entourage, you can have effective Amazon PPC management by reaping the benefits of all of their features, such as:

  • automatic campaign keyword editing, their Campaign Strategy (which takes the data from your previous two campaigns
  • shows you where the profits came from
  • helps you create a new campaign based off of this)
  • a quick bid change system that allows you to raise or lower your bids based on your ACoS strategy in a single click.

Their starter price plan is just $47 a month for 1-5 SKUs.

5. PPCscope


PPCscope is the Amazon PPC management software that will help you optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns with their simple analysis graphs that show you the big picture of your campaign results and history.

PPCscope use advanced analytic tools that help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your PPC campaigns, showing you which keywords are working, and helping you replace those that aren’t.

You’ll be able to make smart decisions, using the data gathered from your past and current campaigns, with ease.

For new sellers, you can benefit from a basic price package of $19.99 a month.


6. Cashcowpro


Cashcowpro is more than Amazon PPC management, it’s customer service. You’ll be able to check your product SKUs quickly, and make changes based on how each of your products is performing.

Your keywords will be tracked, up to 100 of them per product, allowing you to monitor your performance.

With Cashcowpro, you can automatically email customers while you sleep, allowing you to gain more positive and organic reviews for your business.

Cashcowpro offer two price packages, monthly at $99.70, and annually at $997, with a 10-day free trial.

7. Adbadger


Adbadger makes running your business easier with their Amazon PPC software. You’ll never have to log into Amazon Sponsored Products ever again, simply leave the hard and tedious work to Adbadger, and watch your profits grow.

Adbadger automatically adds positive and useful keywords to your products, and ensures that you never overpay for a PPC ad click.

Their ”Basic Badger” package is simply $107 a month, perfect for small accounts.

8. Amachete


Amachete is an Amazon PPC management system that acts as a Google Chrome extension for your browser.

The software monitors your listings constantly, ensuring that you can automatically stop product hijackers trying to take your customers and product listings.

You’ll also benefit from an hourly rank tracker, and an inventory tracker, making the extension basic, but great, Amazon PPC software.

Pricing starts from $39 a month, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

9. Amazooka


Amazooka offers you an effective PPC ad tracker, which can show you real-time stats for all of your paid ads.

Their product launcher will help you easily generate sales with little to no effort, keeping track of your reviews with their product promotion tool, and assisting you in launching products every day to generate hundreds of sales.

For even better customer engagement, Amazooka will also offer sales support on your behalf, cutting down the work you usually have to do to keep your business flowing and your ratings up.

Amazooka Amazon PPC management software starts at $60 a month.

10. Teikamatrics

teikametrics repricing tools

Teikamatricsaims to empower sellers with their Amazon PPC management.

With their expert guidance, sellers can benefit from a wealth of services, including data that’s easy to understand, automated tasks, and amazon support from the Teikamatrics team.

Their software will help you create targeted campaigns that with help you achieve your sales goals, while ensuring that the keywords you’re using are actually helping to improve the sales of your products.

Request a demo today to see what Teikamatrics can do for you, and inquire for a price through their website.

11. Trendle


Trendle is the all-in-one Amazon PPC management software that looks to help Amazon sellers grow their business in profitable ways.

With Trendle, you’ll benefit from several of their key features, including automatic emails to your customers, review alerts to let you know when a good review comes in, great analytics that you can view in easy graphs, and a keyword ranking system; which will let you know which of your keywords is doing amazingly.

Trendle offers a 30-day free trial, and their services are only $50 a month.

12. Mysellerpal


Mysellerpal will assist in accelerating how quickly you can grow your Amazon business.

Their Amazon PPC software works in three stages: First, by using their tools, you can provide discounts to your customers, and give your products a further reach while getting more positive and honest reviews.

Second, you use their Amazon PPC management software to start advertising more, and collect data. Third, your continue optimizing your campaigns using their tools.

Their standard package is only $20 a month, with a 7-day free trial, and you can cancel anytime. With their standard package, you’ll receive the benefits of their automated email reports, product optimization, and 10 listing landing pages, among other features.

13. Junglehustle


Junglehustle will help you increase your Amazon PPC sales with their Amazon PPC software, while still remaining in control of your ACoS percentages.

Their user-friendly graphs can be used to figure out where the holes in your business are, while their software informs you which keywords you’re using aren’t doing so well.

You’ll achieve amazing Amazon PPC management as Junglehustle keep your business simple, and offer you timely solutions based on your past results.

You can book a free consultation to chat with Junglehustle representatives, who’ll be able to offer you a unique package built around your needs.

14. Zon.Tools

Making it easier than ever before to manage and automate Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, always-affordable Zon Tools delivers improved Pay Per Click conversion rates, increased Advertising revenue and lower ACoS for any Amazon Sellers.

As Fulfilled by Amazon business, you could easily benefit from any of these 13 Amazon PPC management systems.

It would be practical to enquire to the companies that peak your interests, and see what they can do for you to help you build your business.

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