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Complete Guide on How and Where to Get Reddit Freebies

One thing many people love to anticipate is freebies. Whether it is fun items, free clothes, stickers, or anything with the tag “free,” people love rushing them.

This is one of the things companies use in promoting their brands, and a popular one is what we call Reddit freebies.

Being the face of the internet and ranking 119 on the most visited website, it is not surprising that Reddit has space for freebies.

This article will help you with how you can get Reddit freebies.

It will show you where you can find them, the myth behind them, and what to do to stay safe on the platform.

What Are Reddit Freebies?


Before you get to know how you can get Reddit freebies, we must tackle the mother, Reddit itself.

There is a huge chance you already visited Reddit, and if you have not, you can check it out.

However, let me warn you that it is one of the most addictive sites on the modern web.

Reddit, in its word, refers to itself as a home to people looking for better conversation and connection.

It does not matter what you love, whether breaking news, sports, or anything on mother earth, you will have a community (subreddit)  prepared on Reddit for you.

The platform is a huge forum, and there is a community for virtually any topic that crosses your mind.

There is a difference between each subreddit. For example, subreddits are different in terms of popularity.

The difference in popularity is due to three things: the topic, the influencers/author, and the promotion associated with it.

You do not need to register on a subreddit before you can engage them. Subreddits are more like websites. You visit them, and you start browsing at your comfort.

So, let’s get to it!

Where Can I Find Reddit Freebies?

The first question asked by people who just heard about Reddit freebies is where they can find them.

That is after confirming whether they are real.

According to old users on Reddit, people get freebies on /r/freebies. However, this is not completely true.

It has thousands of categories (which we know as subreddits) that host these freebies, making them available to a large audience.

You can check more other popular subreddits where you can have access to these freebies. However, these subreddits may focus majorly on one product or a category of products.

There are many communities where you can get Reddit freebies. Whether completely free or with a huge discount, you can save money on them.

Top subreddits for Reddit freebies are:

We will discuss these subreddits and others later in this article.

Are Reddit Freebies Real?

Are Reddit Freebies Real

A friend has this saying, “nothing in life is free,” and I heavily supported him.

I had to because many free products we see on the internet have a hidden cost or agenda. A very good example is Google products.

Even though many people consider them free, many of them have very good ad support.

Do you notice that whatever you search on Google shows on social media such as Facebook and Instagram in the form of ads?

That is because the algorithm Google uses can decode our behaviors, what we search, and actions. Google then sells them to promote these supposed-free products.

It won’t surprise me if this information promotes Reddit freebies as nothing but fake a thing.

However, is this true? Yes!!! Reddit freebies are real.

I once doubted their realness until I started receiving free samples from a company promoting their foods and magazines on particular subreddits.

Some weeks ago, I received a Rolling Stone and Wired magazine and seven instant coffee packs without paying a dime.

Companies use social media as a marketing tool to promote their products and build up brand awareness by offering free samples to people.

So, it is normal that you can find free things online everywhere.

Before you get started with it, just learn how to find and be safe with free things on Reddit.

Things to Know When Browsing Reddit Freebie Groups

The next question related to the above question is whether Reddit freebies are safe.

While Reddit freebies are real, there are many scams out there. In other to beat them at their games, there are a few things you must know.

We will highlight some tips that will help you when you are browsing Reddit free stuff.

These tips will also help you maximize the opportunities to get them.  

Create an Account and Subscribe to a Subreddit

Reddit is tricky to navigate, with many people not accustomed to its user interface.

It took me a couple of trials to get a hand at the site and maximize its uses. To make it better, it would be best if you created an account.

You can do this in a few minutes, with the only requirements being your email address and a few personal information.  

After you create an account, the next thing to do is to subscribe to a subreddit. It will help if you do this with Reddit freebies in mind.

This means that you must choose communities that will give you such satisfaction.

If you do not create an account on Reddit before checking for freebies, you will be jumping from a subreddit to another, and you might get lost.

This means that there is a higher tendency to forget communities you checked before.

When you create an account and subscribe, the “home” tab will display your favorite subreddits, and you can easily browse them.

Check for Limits 

To maximize your opportunities when dealing with Reddit freebies, you must pay attention to the limit on them.

The common limits I am familiar with are:

  • The time the supply will last.
  • Some freebies are only available on specific days.
  • Some freebies have a time attached to them.
  • Some freebies are only available during a particular season.
  • Some freebies are available for only people at a particular location.

You must factor in these limits and others when you want to check for freebies on Reddit.

Check the Expiry date 

Many factors determine how long a freebie is out on Reddit. These factors tend more towards the people or company giving out the freebies.

To maximize your opportunity and get access to many others, you should check the expiry date.

A seamless way to do this is to hide or show the expired buttons.

The “hide expired” button will help you to browse efficiently with better exposure to freebies that are currently online.

However, if you need to check for closed freebies, you can use the “Show expired” button.

I wouldn’t recommend that unless you like feeling somehow because you just missed a freebie.

Check the Comment Section

You remember I talked about the safety of Reddit freebies at the beginning of this section.

How then do you want to check whether there is a scam going on?

You can assure yourself that the freebie you are interacting with is not a scam by checking the comment section.

There are two things I note when checking the comment section. One is the number of comments, and the other is credibility.

I check the comment section for the number of comments present. If the comments are much, I proceed with checking the credibility.

If they are not much, I wait for a little time and see what others have to say before partaking in it.

To check the comments’ credibility, I used a psychological algorithm that I will like you to use.

A Reddit freebie is not a scam if you don’t find promotional comments there, i.e., after checking the first one.

If I read through a “part” of the comments and see the genuine expression of feelings, I know it is safe to proceed.

Depending on the subreddits offering the freebies, sometimes, you might not need to worry because of the moderators.

Good moderators can filter and delete spam as soon as they see it.   

Use the Search Feature

In other to quickly assess many Reddit freebies, you must not waste your time.

A feature Reddit installed to help you with this is the “Search bar.”

If you have a freebie in mind, you can use the search feature and whether there is a free one.

Although it looks easy, it is not that straightforward.

It might give the right result, and sometimes it does not. We can agree that there is no guarantee.  

For example, if the Reddit freebies you are looking for is a t-shirt, select the subreddit (mostly /r/freebies/ and search “T-shirt.”

You can then check the results to see if they have what you are looking for.  

There are many other things, but these are the most important. Move fast in the right direction, and you will be able to assess more and better Reddit freebies without any issues.

Best Subreddits to Get Free Items

It will be wrong to show you how to assess Reddit freebies without finishing the task.

The last task is for beginners, and it will help them become more accustomed to getting these freebies.

Here we will talk about some subreddits that are the best for some categories of freebies.

In other to do this, we will try to talk about each subreddit in terms of the following criteria:

  • Created date
  • Number of members
  • What is the community about?
  • What people can get from it

Let’s check some of the subreddits that can help you get free items on Reddit.


Created on: May 26, 2008

Number of members: 749,000+

You might already be aware that this is the master Reddit freebies community.

Yes, /r/freebies/ is, and it boasts of about 700,000 members.  The subreddit is the right place to go for people looking for free items, such as clothes, food, and stickers.

However, they do not focus on digital freebies, coupons, etc. You can check the list under their rules.

It is very secure due to the presence of highly efficient moderators. The moderators do a lot of work to detect and weed out spam in the comment sections.

/r/freebies/ is popular because of its unprecedented influx of freebies. However, there are catches and huge competition.


Created on: Feb 15, 2012

Number of members: 144,000+

Unlike the /r/freebies/, this subreddits deals with digital freebies. Here, you have access to games, eBooks, software, and many more.

The freebies are available via either a giveaway or a direct link to the offer. /r/eFreebies is only ideal for people who love non-physical freebies.


Created on: Jul 5, 2012

Number of members: 54,200+

This subreddit is ideal for people looking for sticker related Reddit freebies.

It offers new opportunities every day, and moderators do a lot to keep the community up to date.  In a day, at least there will be two or three new stickers.  


Created on: July 18, 2008

Number of members: 222,000+

This is another subreddit channel close to the grandmaster. It boasts of about 222,000 members, although from the comments, I can say there is more.

Here, you can get freebies such as pizza and Redbox rentals without much issue.

The only thing you should take note of is that a lot of freebies here are giveaways. You better have a contract with lady luck.  


Created on: Sep 1, 2009

Number of members: 1,000,000+

This subreddit is very popular among the reader out there. If you are one, you can proudly join about one million members already there.

Based on its name, you will have access to free eBooks currently on the rave. I can only recommend these Reddit freebies for people who like books.


Created on: Jan 27, 2010

Number of members: 275,000+

This Reddit group is a perfect place for those who like to join giveaway and sweepstakes.

It posts many sweepstake campaigns daily and you can easily find and enroll in them. Be lucky enough, you have many chances to be selected as a winner and get free items!

Other similar subreddits are r/contests and r/giveaways/.


Created on: May 24, 2013

Number of members: 3900+

This subreddit was created to bring benefits to all savvy Amazon shoppers who want to find the best freebies and discounts available on

It posts all that you can think of including clothes, home appliances, electronics, games, books, and more.

Make sure to check on it first before making a purchase on Amazon, you may save a large sum of money from it.


Created on: October 7, 2009

Number of members: 55,900+

Who knows we can actually get food freebies online! Join this subreddit, you can find others’ sharings of 100% free food.

You can find free grocery from Walmart, free McDonald’s, and free coffees. Sometimes, there are also coupon codes or gift cards to enjoy discounts on buying your food.


Created on: March 23, 2012

Number of members: 139,000+

This subreddit is the right place to go for people who want to get paid apps for free. Each day you will be able to access up to 15 free premium apps.

Like any other Reddit freebie, you must be fast because they don’t last long.


Created on: Feb 27, 2014

Number of members: 195,000+

This subreddit is for the gamers out there, and it boasts of about 195k members.

Here you can find free games on platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation, with about four posted per day.


Created on: Aug 28, 2008

Number of members: 8600+

Although it does not have the same members as /r/Freebies/, there are many freebies available to members every day.

It is common to see members post the codes; however, you must be fast to claim them like other Reddit freebies.


Created on: Jan 29, 2014

Number of members: 225,000+

This is another subreddit for people who love computer games. Boasting of about 225k members, it offers access to free steam games and the keys.

In a week, you can have access to more than ten games. Like other Reddit freebies, they also don’t last.


Created on: Jan 12, 2012

Number of members: 26,400+

This is another subreddits for those that love books. Here you can have access to free kindle books from any genre.

Whether it is romance or sci-fi, you can have it on this subreddit.


Created on: Oct 12, 2014

Number of members: 1900+

This subreddit is for gamers using iOS devices. It currently has 1900 members who have access to temporarily free iOS games.


Created on: Oct 22, 2014

Number of members: 2,500+

This subreddit is for people who are into music. It provides its members with paid music on Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, and Soundcloud sites.


Created on: Jan 31, 2016

Number of members: 7,300+

This subreddit is for people interested in graphics and web designs.

Here, you will have access to free graphic design and web design resources. It includes UI kits, background, icons, etc.


Created on: Jun 16, 2013

Number of members: 900+

This is another subreddit for those that love books. Here you can have access to free nook books from any genre.

Still want to learn more communities for freebies on Reddit? Check the following chart:

More Reddit Freebie Communities

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