We all love freebies – not just for ourselves but for our furry friends. Dog food can be expensive, particularly during these troubled times.

So, the following article is our guide to getting your hands (and paws) on free dog food samples online.

Where To Find Free Dog Food Samples Online

If you’ve never tried to get hold of free dog food samples before, it can be difficult to know where to start and you can find yourself barking up the wrong tree and wasting time.

Don’t worry, the following will help you to get started:

Pet Food Companies

Dog food manufacturers are always working hard to improve the recipes of their dog food – which means that they’re often looking for testers.

Start your free dog food samples journey by checking out some company websites such as these:

Purina Dentalife

This manufacturer of dog food and dental treats may not often lookout for new product testers.  But you can still sign up for the newsletter to make sure that you are the first to hear about its free sample opportunities and discount offers.


Grain-free pet food manufacturer, Canidae, specializes in healthy cat and dog food and often offers freebies and discounts to those who sign up to its newsletter.  As a bonus, the website and newsletter include lots of handy tips for pet owners.


This company offers bespoke dog food tailor-made for your best friend.  Customers get 50% off their first order and, after opening an account, can be first in line to hear about testing and free sample opportunities.  


Pet nutrition expert, WellPet, encompasses a number of brands, including the popular Wellness food brand.  Sign up to the newsletter to receive freebies, discounts and handy pet care tips.

Trophy Pet Foods

Only available in the UK, this popular brand offers free samples straight to your door from its website and it allows you to choose the sample from different kinds of categories.

Sacramento Pet Food Bank

This is a site that offers pet food available to everyone all the time. They have some specific locations for pet owners to pick up the food samples in the spot. In order to get the food, you will need a valid pet ID and proof of spay/neuter.

Pinal Pet Food Bank

It is a site that offers dog food samples to help people feed pets, especially for those who are scramble during challenging times. You can pick up free dog food at its specific spots within opening time.


As with any other industry, the pet food industry spends a huge amount of money on marketing and advertising every year.

In many cases, they will entice customers to sign up to newsletters, social; media and loyalty schemes by offering entry into competitions and giveaways.

You can be in with a chance of getting free dog food samples from these companies just by following them on social media.

Here are some of our favorites Facebook groups that you can try:


Pet Tester Programs

Some companies offer test trials publicly in order to gain more feedback on how customers feel about their products and how to improve them better.

Here are some of the pet testing program that you can join freely:

Pet Safe

The site has a program that is looking for pet owners to share their thoughts and opinions about pet products. Simply and grab your chances to test free pet samples.


This is a great site for those willing to take part in pet food tests in exchange for free samples.  The program is available worldwide including the UK and the USA.


UK based IDEXX invites pet owners to take part in surveys and testing in order to improve pet health.  Participants are rewarded with freebies including free dog food samples.


A governing body for pet wellbeing, Intertek holds events throughout the year at which attendees can nab free dog food samples.

Pets at Home

It is a website that covers everything that you need to keep a pet. It offers a Hill’s™ Science Plan™ that allows you to fill in a simple online form to apply for a trial and receive free dog food samples.

4 Paws Pantry

The site receives all kinds of denotes to help pets and also give foods out to people per month while in need. You can check on the site and fill out an application form, and then a bag of food will be delivered at your door.

Freebie Sites

If you’re looking to get straight to those free dog food samples, there are tons of freebie websites out there that have been created specifically for pet owners.  Here are some of the best ones:

Natures Menu  It is a pet food company which locates in the UK. You can log in to the site and request a free sample to be delivered to your door freely.

Magic Freebies If you only put one website on your favorite, make it this one.  Magic Freebies offers loads of opportunities for free dog food samples.  Some of these will require you to fill in a survey or complete a task but there are also plenty that requires you to simply send an email or fill in an online form.

Latest Free Stuff Another great one for pet owners, Latest Free Stuff is constantly updating its offers so, be sure to check back regularly.  Some offers may require you to pay a minimal shipping fee which still means great savings for you.

Wow Free Stuff A kind of one-stop-shop for pet food freebies (as well as the odd treat for us humans), this site gathers some of the best offers out there all in one place.

Free Samples This site has lots of great opportunities for free dog food samples.  As with many sites, the requirements vary and you may be required to fill in surveys or pay a small shipping fee in order to get your freebie.

Hunt4Freebies Quick and simple, just log on and choose your free dog food sample to have it delivered to your home.

free samples by mail-AMZFinder

Direct Contact

You can often get hold of free dog food samples by simply contacting the manufacturer directly and asking for them.

Although you may have to wait a while for your sample to arrive, this is a good one to keep in mind.

Find the Top 10 worldwide dog food manufacturers and get access to free dog foods.  

7 Deal Sites that Offer Free Pet Stuff

There are lots of deal sites or reviewer sites out there which offer freebies and discounts in exchange for your opinion.

In some cases, you’ll simply receive the free product and, in others, you may need to make a purchase for which you’ll be refunded once you’ve shared your review.  Some of these sites are:

Amazon Sampling – The world’s biggest superstore on all kinds of pet stuff. Amazon has its product samples program which gives out freebies now and then. Register on the sampling program and choose your preference, then wait for your chances to dog freebies.

Moreover, it features lots of independent sellers of pet food.  Some of these will actively be looking for people to review their products in exchange for free products.  For those that don’t, feel free to drop them a message to offer your services as a reviewer.

Cashbackbase – Check out freebies and products at rock bottom prices on this popular discount site. It is an Amazon deal website that offers items at 100% OFF. You can find products for pets as well as other kinds of different free stuff on Amazon.

AMZRC – A fantastic freebie and discount site for Amazon customers. The site will also send emails to notify you with freebies so you don’t miss any free deals even if you haven’t checked in the site frequently.

Rebaid – Rebaid allows you to shop on Amazon for products of your choice and receive a rebate within three days of purchase.

Snagshout – This site lets you browse or search for products on Amazon and provides great discounts on the new and exciting stuff.

Deal Go Go Go – A veritable treasure trove of discounts, coupons and freebies.  Although this is primarily a discount site, there are freebies to be had if you’re willing to hunt them down.

Giveaway Nation – A members club for Amazon shoppers, simply register with the site to get access to tons of great giveaways.

18 Websites To Get Free Dog Food Easily

We’ve already shown you some really great ways to get hold of free dog food samples and, guess what?  there ‘s more.

The internet is, quite literally, packed with sites just waiting to send you some great freebies – and here’s another 18 of them!

Kasper and kitty dog food samples

Kasper & Kitty – Bag yourself a free two week trial of dog food from this healthy pet food provider.

Freebies Lovers – This site is crammed with freebies and discounts for both human and canine customers.  It may take a while to browse through but it’s worth it as there are some fantastic freebies to be had.

Free Samples By Mail – This slightly chaotic site has plenty of great offers and freebies if you have the time to browse.  Grab a free bag of Essence pet food (and treat yourself to cosmetics or snacks while you’re at it!)

Pet Points – A great site for bringing together some of the best freebies available for pet owners – but be quick as they don’t last long! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter and receive freebies offer in the mail.

Free Stuff Now – Although this isn’t the most extensive site, it includes some worthwhile freebies – and, in most cases, all you have to do is pop them an email with a bit of info about your dog in order to get your hands on them.

Freebie List – As the name suggests, this site gives you a list of places to bag yourself and your furry friend a free dog food sample.

Freebie Finder – This community-based site offers daily freebies for your pet. Check on its Pets & Animals category and you will really find something you enjoy.

Free Stuff – The best of British when it comes to grabbing free dog food samples in the UK.  As well as freebies, the site has tons of competitions and surveys for you to complete.

Sweet Free Stuff – Sweet deals and freebies can be found in abundance on this site including Zignature dog food samples.

Freebie Panda – Despite the name, this site doesn’t offer food for pandas – just great freebies for cats and dogs.

Freebies – Simply log on and choose a treat for your four-legged friends on this popular website.

Gratisfaction – This site doesn’t just offer free dog food but carriers, leads and other accessories too.  Check back regularly to snap up new offers as they arrive.

Offer Oasis – Although this site isn’t crammed with offers, it’s certainly worth a look as the ones featured tend to be of good quality.

Guide2Free – As you might imagine, this site offers a guide to free stuff for your pets.  As well as food samples, if you’re quick, you can get hold of high-value items such as dog cams and subscriptions to DogTV.

TrySpree – Not only does this site contain lots of great deals and freebies but, if you register, you can get hold of samples without lifting a finger – what could be better?

I Love Free Things – Don’t we all?  This fabulous site directly connects customers and manufacturers to make sure that everyone gets what they’re looking for.  Sign up to the website to get hold of your freebies.

Sample A Day – Delightfully straightforward, this website features a new freebie sample every day.  Although these aren’t all pet-related, dog food samples do pop up occasionally and, so, it’s worth taking a few seconds every day to check out the deal of the day.

My Free Product Samples – Cosmetics, technology, clothing and, of course, dog food samples are all up for grabs on this handy little site.  Browse through new offers or search the site to find free dog food samples.  


Saving money where you can is a great way of making stretching your budget that little bit further.  We’re not going to lie – there is often some truth to the phrase ‘you get nothing for nothing’.

Some of the websites we’ve listed here will require you to earn your free dog food samples by filling in surveys, handing over your data or performing another kind of task.

Most of these, however, won’t take you long and, so, a few minutes of your time is well worth it to get hold of a great quality dog food sample.  

As we’ve mentioned in our guide, you can get in touch with manufacturers and Amazon sellers directly to ask for samples.  Additionally, why not try hunting for independent manufacturers in your area who might be looking for reviews?

If you’re prepared to take the time to fill in a few forms and surveys, you can keep your pet fed for next to nothing all year round.

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