How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer and Get Free Items

How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer and Get Free Items?

Everyone needs to know that brands want people to learn more about their products.

The only way to do this openly was to have people use their products and give an honest evaluation.

To do this, Walmart will select random people online. Walmart picks these people majorly on their consistent reviews dropped at

This way, online buyers are looking to get more information about what they want to buy to have a truth about the product.

The thoughts are in no way influenced by the brands and, as such, can be trusted.

Walmart, like every brand wanting to improve on her services, chose this program, and named it “Spark Reviewer.”


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What Is Spark Reviewer Program?

Walmart Spark Reviewer

Ever heard of the joke, “Everything you need is at Walmart”? Well, it’s true.

Walmart sells everything. They have over 11,000 stores in about 28 countries. The store services more than 200 million customers every week.

Buyers can get almost everything needed from Walmart, ranging from Electronics, Kitchen utensils, Provisions, Clothing, Home decorations, and Groceries. is an online store that caters to everything you need for online purchases.

For a good customer service relation, Walmart introduces the Reviewer’s program.

Spark Reviewer program is to give 100% feedback to customers through objective reviews.

The reviews, both positive and negative, are collated and posted on the site. The aim is to work towards satisfying the customers.

Then, who is a Walmart Spark Reviewer?

A Walmart Spark Reviewer is selected by Walmart to give free samples in exchange for honest reviews.

Although the Spark Reviewer Program in 2016 was on hold, now Spark is back and better. Reviewers get a list of free items for trial every month.

They test the samples and leave a comment of about 200 words on

These comments nudge buyers in the right direction during purchase.

The reviews are not only about the products’ best or fails. It also aims at enlightening other customers of what purpose the products served.

Walmart doesn’t, in any way, modify the reviews. Reviews are posted as received, both positive and the ones with a negative ring to it.

Buyers can go through the reviews knowing they have not been influenced wrongly in any way, and they can purchase products knowing they can rely on reviews of users who have tested the products.

You will see those reviews are marked with the ”Spark Reviewer” badge.

How Do I Become a Spark Reviewer?

The Spark Reviewer is an invite-only program and limited to the United States.

Here’s how the reviewer program works:

  1. Once being selected and receiving your invitation, register as a member, and sign up to receive sampling offers via email alerts.
  2. Upon receiving an alert, log in to the Spark Reviewer portal.
  3. Select the samples for that offer.
  4. Wait for sample delivery to your home.
  5. Test the products within the timeframe.
  6. Submit your honest review of the item.
  7. Keep the samples!

Spark Reviewers get picked from people who always write reviews on Walmart’s product post.

However, Walmart picks the best from the lots. If your comments are good enough, Walmart sends you an invite.

So becoming a Spark Reviewer is strictly by invite. When sited through your reviews, Walmart sends you an official invite.

A form is attached for the reviewer to fill. When the form is filled and shipped, you are officially in.

You do not have to stop there. Continue to build your credibility by writing your reviews while you await your first free samples. Samples are sent monthly to reviewers.

Before that, the reviewers get a list of products available for selection.

How to get invited to the reviewer program?

Keep writing reviews

No one gets into the program through referrals or affiliates.

You can only become a Spark reviewer by dropping comments on

Each time you come across a product you have sampled, write an honest review on it for other buyers to sift through.

Quality comments get picked for “possible Spark candidates.” After careful deliberations, chosen candidates get sent an invite to join the program.

Walmart picks from reviewers on their site and invites you into the program via mail and an attached form to be filled by you.

Write decent reviews on the shopping site

Walmart doesn’t pick just good comments. They are not sentimental about who they choose for an honest review.

Still, writing good comments on products purchased is easy.

Buy the said product, sample it, and write honestly how efficient or not the product is.

You can go a step further by explaining how the product is useful and why you like it.

If you bought furniture from Walmart, for instance, you could comment on its comfortability and quality.

You can even talk about how beautiful the color matches your home decor.

How do I increase my chance of getting selected?

Consistency is the key.

Want to be selected for the program?  Write more.

Let the site knows that you love sharing your thoughts on products and help other buyers make informed decisions on their purchases.

The more comments you leave at the site, the better your chances of being picked.

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Is The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program Genuine?

Yes, Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is real. It is as genuine as can be.

Customers get at least four products monthly and it is required to write a review for each item you receive.

Reviewers are required to write an honest and unbiased review of the items. It depends on customers’ decisions to write positive or negative reviews, and negative reviews do not affect membership in the program.

For the products, Walmart asks for no return and reviewers can keep the items themselves for free!

See other people’s experience with the Spark Reviewer Program:

What do people say about it?

There’s been up ar online about Walmart Spark Review not well organized.

Though genuine, online users feel the team needs to work on attending to emails personally and not leaving an automated response.

Aside from this, the time between filling forms and getting free samples takes so long.

However, Spark Reviewers already in the system thinks differently. Some claimed to have gotten close to 100 free samples in a month.

Is it real to get a free product sample?

Online freebies can be discouraging as there is always something to pay for.

But this isn’t the case with Walmart. The free samples are for a test and then review. Spark Reviewers sample and comment appropriately on the site.

Customers read these reviews, like them and, instantly buy these products. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

So yes, you do get your free samples from free.

Do people get invited but not get free products?

The whole point behind Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is to have reviewers and leave a review on

Walmart selects people for the program based solely on the quality and quantity of reviews left on the site.

However, why some get to have four to six items to review, others might get more.

These products are sent based on credibility, almost like a step further into the test.

When you prove your credibility to give your honest opinion, you get more offers.

What Should a Buyer Do?

Read reviews

As a buyer, please know that the reviews are the honest opinions of people who have tried the products.

If you are buying anything on, you need these reviews.

Sift through the comments, know more about what you intend to purchase.

Check to see if you could make a better alternative or if your choice is preferably the best, then pick your item.

You might as well go back to the site and give your review of how the Spark Reviews helped your choice.

Always check the comment section

Comment sections are always the best place to gather legit information. Try to read through the comment section on the products you want to buy.

Comments are mostly from Users who have tried the products. They have a better idea of what you want to buy.

Other Programs Like Spark Reviewer

Walmart Spark Reviewer Program isn’t the only store that always for product sampling.

Other stores like Amazon, Homestesters, and more run such programs too.

By joining the following websites, you can become a product reviewer and receive free stuff.

Amazon Vine

Amazon deals and samples

Amazon, for instance, has randomly selected people that test products freely.

Their program is named “Amazon Vine”. The program chooses Reviewers to send out samples and leave honest comments on products.

Amazon invites customers to become Vine Voices based on their reviewer ranking and helpful votes from other buyers.

It is well running that online users keep dropping positive comments about the team.

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Home tester club

This club was also created for online users. Like Vine and Spark, the idea was to get free products to users and have them write an unbiased review on it.

Groceries and other items are sent to users to get tested from home. The reviewers are expected to put those products through any test possible for good reviews.


PINCHme free samples

This is also a free sampling program. Users are sent a box of new products to sample.

Though it takes about 5weeks to get these samples, PINCHme is legit. Online ratings place this freebie store in the 3rd rank.


cashbackbase- get free amazon stuff

The biggest reason why sellers offer free items is to get more sales and reviews.

The site collects thousands of free items from Amazon and offers buyers a chance to get freebies in exchange for their honest reviews.

Buyers who go through can get Amazon products at the lowest price. Moreover, buyers can easily apply for free samples with a 100%-off discount.

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AMZDiscover- become a Amazon reviewer

This site is a reviewer mining tool that provides sellers with potential reviewers and buyers from Amazon’s product listings.

It helps sellers save time and effort on finding suitable reviewers who are likely to review their items on Amazon.

If you want to become a reviewer for AMZDiscover, you can contact their support and request to be added to their database, then you will have a chance to be selected by sellers.

Product testing usa

This site here is an American site for online searchers to get honest product reviews—this site targets brands and help them build an open customer relations service.

Users are given products from these brands to sample and write their honest reviews.

The reviewers get to keep these products for themselves.

Read more: Product Testing USA Review: Is It Legit Or Not To Test Products?


Walmart Spark Reviewers Program, like every other reviewer program, is legit.

It launched this review program so users can go through reviews, learn more about the products then make their purchase.

Walmart expects these reviews to be unbiased since reviewers are picked strictly without having any form of relationship with Walmart.

It is free, so you have nothing to lose if you try this out.

All you have to do is, keep dropping honest reviews on to increase your chances of being selected.

Once chosen, Walmart officially invites you to the program via email. You fill their form and wait for your free samples.

Remember always to drop your honest review as other buyers count on you to make their purchase.

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