Getting started as a seller on Amazon is often overwhelming. Scarce inventory and the impossibility to access your money immediately after scoring a sale are some of the drawbacks new sellers complain about.

A financial service such as Payability could give you much-needed help, but is it truly a good finance solution for Amazon sellers?

Find it out in our review below.

What is Payability?

Payability is a New York-based FinTech company founded in 2014. It offers a cash-flow solution to sellers on marketplaces and is most famous for its seamless integration with Amazon.

The firm is specialized in offering simple financial solutions to suppliers who can’t access their funds during the withholding period implemented by most marketplaces.

If you struggle with replenishing your inventory, Payability helps you address cash flow gaps and lacking working capital.

Since 2016, the Paybaility’s founders focused majorly on Amazon sellers and even partnered with the giant to offer financing solutions to startups through the Amazon Launchpad Services Hub.

Easy to use and fully scalable, this service will help you replenish your inventory whenever needed so that you can avoid stock-outs.

Not to say that it even gives you daily access to cash.

How Much Does Payability Cost?

Setting up an account on Payability is free of charge, and you will only have to start paying after they begin to process your incoming payments.

The company charges a flat fee between 1% and 2% from your gross Amazon sales, but it’s easy to cut off this cost if you decide to use their seller card which gives you 2% cash back on purchases.

If you’re a prolific seller and manage to exceed $100,000 a month, you can even contact the company and ask for a special offer.

Payability Features and Benefits

Payability is a modern financing solution that comes with a host of features and benefits. The best thing about it is the daily payout system, albeit you’ll get the amounts in installments.

The company advances 80% of your sales on a daily payout schedule, after deducting their fees. Then, they release the remaining 20% on the typical Amazon payout schedule.

The only requirement is that you must have a seller history of at least 90 days on Amazon and a monthly turnover of $2,000.

Nonetheless, their system works great for small firms who struggle to achieve steady cash flow. Among their features, we can mention:

Flexible Seller Solutions

Payability comprises two financial products dedicated to marketplace sellers. The most popular is the Instant Access.

This service is dedicated to those who only look for a serviceable to manage the sales on your behalf.

It is available under the conditions described above, and they’ll make your sales available for you the next day so that you can enjoy a consistent cash flow.

Instant Access is perfect for business owners who make some sales but need quick access to their funds so that they can reinvest them.

Another product dedicated to startups is Instant Advance which gives you access to instant funding. Payability can grant you with a lump sum of growth capital of up to $250,000.

The process requires no paperwork and no credit checks, but you will have to pay custom interest starting at 0.75% per week.

This service is dedicated to sellers who need a higher sum of growing capital.

Seller Card

Another feature praised by the users is the Seller Card. You can use it to spend your payout without waiting for bank transactions to happen.

A nice perk that comes with the card is the 2% cashback on transactions.

Except that, you can get up to 20% cashback when you sign up for some Amazon seller tools such as Teikametrics, Ecomdash, AMZshark and more.

This card is issued by Visa, and you can use it almost anywhere in the world for online and in-store purchases.

Automated Service

One of the greatest features of this service is that once you applied for it and got accepted, everything else is automated.

You’ll have your marketplace balance available in just a few hours right after you got accepted, and then your balance will be updated daily with any available sums.

The funds are readily available on your Payability Seller Card, or you can opt for a same-day transfer to your bank account.

Is Payability a Scam?

Available to integrate with all major marketplaces, including Amazon, TopHatter, Wish, Jet, and even Walmart, Payability is a legit service to use.

Like with anything else though, not all users are happy. Major complaints regard account privacy because Payability reviews your entire seller account before approving an application.

Some users also complained about customer service which seems to be quite poor.

If you opt for the Instant Advance service and can’t keep up with your payments, the company may also decide to withhold your funds until your account is balanced again.

Payability Alternatives

If you feel Payability is not the right service for you, know that there are some valid alternatives.

Amazon Loan by Bitbond is perhaps the most popular for business owners selling on this marketplace.

They give you instant funding for your Amazon business and brag with easy application and 24-hour approval.

The service is available to sellers worldwide.

Credit cards, personal loans, and credit lines offered by your bank could also replace Payability if what you need is only some aid to help you achieve constant cash flow but not a long-term money management service.


All in all, Payability is an excellent financial product for marketplace sellers who need instant access to their money or who simply want to work their way around the withhold period practiced by most marketplaces out there.

Simple application, fast approval, and affordable service fees are just some of the things you will get.

Certainly, Payability may have its drawbacks and it may not be the ideal product for everyone.

But if you’re looking after a no-frills money management solution, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Sign up now to get $200 bonus cash.

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