How To Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages & Sell Them For Cash

How To Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages & Sell Them For Cash?

Amazon unclaimed packages are orders placed on Amazon that never make it to their destination. Because the addresses are either inaccurate or obsolete, the carrier partners are unable to deliver the orders.

Henceforth, the unclaimed Amazon packages are actioned off to the highest bidder online and in person.

To buy unclaimed mail, try to find store owners, vendors, and eCommerce websites that will offer Amazon packages as mystery boxes for bidding.

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What Are the Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

Ever wondered what happened that prevented you from getting your Amazon orders?

The first guess would be “porch pirates” stole your goods, misplaced in a warehouse lost in transit for one delivery truck to another (mixed up from truck to truck).

Such a package goes months unclaimed while Amazon refund or replaces missing items. As a result, the unclaimed mail was auctioned off or ended up for sale at local swap meets.

When an Amazon package hasn’t been claimed within 90 days from the warehouse (also partner’s courier), it’s likely to be auctioned off on GOVDeals.

Ever wondered what happened to the Amazon unclaimed packages? Those unclaimed and undelivered Amazon mails will be eventually auction off to the highest bidder.

As a result, small businesses and vendors buy up some of these packages and then resell them at a profit.

Also, you buy unclaimed mail at physical auctions or online liquidation sites, often without knowing what’s inside.

The unclaimed packages are sold in lots rather than individually—the buyer winds up with a bunch more items to sift through, resell, or donate.

As featured on several influencers’ TikTok videos (unboxing Amazon unclaimed packages), most liquidating websites let you see the assortment, while others just show boxes or pallets. Others categorize it falls under, as well as an estimated retail price.

Typically, depending on the size and weight of the unclaimed order, you can expect shipping costs to be upward of $100.

How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Yes. Anyone can buy undelivered packages at Amazon liquidation websites.

Buying the unclaimed or undelivered Amazon packages is a lot like the show Storage Wars.

Typically, you’re not quite sure what you’re bidding for until you open it up.  At any liquidation website, you can explore various auctions, including Amazon unclaimed mails.

Most listing just shows a pallet of boxes in addition to a simple description. For example, “pallets of Assorted Tools & More,” which makes purchasing the unclaimed orders something of a risk.

After bidding and successfully buying the assortment of items, you might find a treasure trove of tools. On the other, you might find out you just overpaid by quite a bit.

Search the liquidation website inventory up for auction by product type. For example, look for boxes that have consumer electronics or boxes containing clothes.

Amazon liquidation websites look very profitable. You can buy unclaimed mail at huge discounts. However, it’s risky too. You can end up with a truckload of items with little or zero resale value.  

Research is key. Find out the best places to buy unclaimed mail from!

How does the liquidation site work? And tips on how to find suitable products and maximize your chances of success.

Top Amazon Liquidation And Clearance Websites

Top Pick: Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation auctions Amazon unclaimed mail with a by now option. The website features both new and refurbished stock under a 90-days warranty.

Also, provide shipping, but the customer can still arrange to pick the assortment of items.

Direct Liquidation is an e-liquidation business that various people trust and rely on. The company works around efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness.

With direct e-liquidation, you get easy transactions, and stock is available in all sizes.

No matter your budget, you can always find Amazon unclaimed packages here, which you can use to make some profit.

Moreover, you can find Amazon unclaimed packages near me at the Direct Liquidation 6 convenient locations across the US.  


BULQ is a USA-based liquidation business that deals directly with Amazon among e-commerce companies.

The e-liquidation site lists new inventory thrice a day with varying prices depending on each seller.

While some bear a fixed price, others run a two days auction.  However, BULQ purchases are final, with no returns or exchanges.

You can either ship the pallets or lots yourself or pay the BULQ $30 flat shipping fee. Only shop in a US address only.

They sell unclaimed lots from Amazon by truckload, pallet, and box.  You can buy unclaimed mail in varying conditions, mainly in the apparel electronics, houseware, and industrial, vehicle, and computer categories.

The unclaimed packages auction at $100 bids, but some pallets sell immediate purchase. Moreover, the actions are available for non-US through wire transfer.



BoxFox sells Amazon unclaimed packages by auction directly from an eCommerce giant.

Register for free at BoxFox, or just use the app to keep track of live auctions. However, they just sell unclaimed brand-new lots.

They have an asking price for each lot and accept higher bid prices automatically. In Addition, they provide packages photos, ratings, market value, among other attributes.

You pay the bid price, shipping fee, and 7% commission each time you buy unclaimed mail.

Barton’s Discounts

Barton’s Discounts provides unclaimed packages liquidation services. The company helps Amazon conveniently process the overstocks, shelf pulls, and unclaimed returns.

To access some liquidation pallets or truckloads for Amazon, then definitely give Barton’s Discounts a try.

They have a business dating back 10 years built to deliver efficient and effective services to customers without much hassle.


Quicklotz is one of the best options to buy Amazon unclaimed packages. They sell liquidation stocks from truckloads to pallets of all sizes.

At Quicklotz, you can get what you need in the quantity that suits you in terms of unclaimed packages.

The site is relatively easy to navigate and find tons of inventory. Find daily deals, and you can subscribe to receive the latest sale and save extra bucks on your unclaimed mail purchase.

Find Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, Toys, Videos, Games, Apparel, and many more. The unclaimed packages are sold as-is, and Quicklotz tries to keep a check on the quality.

American Pallet Liquidators

American Pallet Liquidators, based in Indiana, is one of the largest liquidation companies in the US.

The company has good experience with Amazon unclaimed packages liquidation and always gets the best available stocks for their clients.

In most cases, American Pallet liquidators have one of the largest warehouse, which let you physically see the lots with over2,500 pallets.

Just find Amazon unclaimed packages near me at any American Pallet Liquidators warehouse open to the public and get a physical feel of the lots.



BlueLots carries some of the largest brands found in the US, more so on Amazon. Unlike most liquidators, BlueLots don’t mark up the lots but directly charge the retailer’s profit.

All you need to do is register at the BlueLots website to browse their clearance.

BlueLots also offers shipping through FedEx, UPS, and USPS at around $300-$400 per pallet.

888 Lots

888 Lots places on sale over 100,000 Amazon returns and unclaimed packages in over 30 categories. Unlike most liquidators, 888 Lots work with fixed prices, but you can negotiate with individual sellers.

Buy both small, individual Amazon pallets and large bulk pallets; that is, brand new Amazon pallets. The liquidator requires a flat fee of $12.99 per box to ship the lots, but you can arrange your shipping.


Bstock sells Amazon unclaimed packages in the US and Europe.  Shipping options and rates vary with flat-rate or individual pallet

Others include”

Can You Make Money Out Of Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

There are tons of YouTube videos where people unbox unclaimed Amazon boxes and find surprises in them.

After you buy unclaimed mail, opening one is just like unboxing a mystery box.

You can start an eCommerce business selling clearance merchandise off Amazon unclaimed packages.

Actually, the more you’re willing to buy, the cheaper the cost, and so is the profit margin when you resell the same.

Also, you can refurbish as much of the product as possible and increase the value.

Other strategies to increase the value of the items are:

  • Repair and Refurbish EVERYTHING
  • Accessorize
  • Bundle Products Together

However, still keep in mind that unclaimed packages are just like blind boxes. Remember not to put too many investments in the first try as it could turn into a potential business opportunity or loss of money.

Make sure to always research every Amazon return pallet that you buy. Make sure to shop at legit auctions to avoid scams online.


Now you know, you can buy those unclaimed Amazon packages, try your luck and make a profit from them.

Prior to claiming those Amazon packages, make sure to bid properly, research about them, and choose reputable liquidation websites.

You can buy unclaimed Amazon mail and resell the same at a profit. The business is both exhilarating and fun.  

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