Amazon TikTok advertising for sellers

An Overview of Amazon TikTok Advertising for FBA Sellers

It is no secret that TikTok has become one of the most popular mobile apps. With over 1 billion downloads and over 10 million daily active users, it is a must-have app for marketers.

Using TikTok marketing strategies is a great way to boost your sales and drive traffic to your stores. Besides, TikTok advertising for Amazon sellers is an essential part of these strategies.

So, this article will discuss everything about TikTok advertising for Amazon sellers.

What Is TikTok?

tiktok ads

TikTok is more like a tiny social media platform that allows users to make videos. Then, the users can share the videos with their TikTok friends. It was Invented in 2016 by Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Yiming.

Users can also share TikTok clips via social media platforms. The social media platforms and apps include Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram.

As a result, this concept makes TikTok very popular among teens, millennials, and young adults.

TikTok has several features that are easy to use. These features make it easy for users to create fun videos, including filters.

1. Basic TikTok Features

Easy Video Uploading: This feature lets users upload their video content to the platform. The user may upload their video and add music from the music library.

Likes and Comments: TikTok users can like and comment on a video. The “like” is a heart-shaped icon, and the comment section is like a speech bubble.

Social Sharing: TikTok users can share their videos to other social media apps. It will redirect their friends on other social media platforms to TikTok.

2. Advanced Features

Tik Tok has many advanced features that make it unique compared to other social media apps.

Real-time analytics: Users can see their activity log on the app. They can see how many views and comments a video has received. Also, the users can get analytical data on the videos and ads.

Reactions: The reaction feature allows the users to react to a video in real-time. So, for example, they can crop their reaction video in real-time while watching a video of their favorite TikTok er.

Hashtags: To tag other users, influencers can use hashtags. Users can search hashtags on TikTok. For example, a user can open the TikTok app and tap “Discover” at the bottom of the screen. This section will show previews of videos tagged with hashtags that are trending.

Live Video Streaming: Well, live video streaming is one of the best features. Here, users can go live by showing a lot of stuff and earn money from other virtual gifts.

In short, these unique features are worth trying, especially when you want to promote your products. For example, an Amazon seller can use these features for advertising products and reaching a wider audience.

How to Use TikTok?

The primary content of TikTok is videos. Thus, you will first need to download this app on your device and create an account.

The aim is to grow into an influencer and to create excellent video content. Here are a few steps to get you started on using TikTok.

1. How to Sign Up for a TikTok Account?

To set up TikTok, users must first download the Tik Tok app from either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Then, open the app, go to ME, choose a sign-up method.

After that, the user can do an instant sign-up with other social media accounts or they can sign up using a standard username and password.

So, here are some essential steps on how to get started.

Step 1: Download the app from the store, install it on your device and sign up.

Step2: Set up your profile, ensure your profile is attractive for users to view videos. Also, choose the niche for your videos.

Step 3: View the video feed of other users. You may Like, comment, or share videos you enjoy viewing.

Step 4: Follow other users via videos through search, hashtags, or TikCode.

2. What Are the Basic Requirements to Grow Into an Influencer on TikTok?

The requirements for becoming an influencer depend upon why you are using TikTok. For example, you may opt to use TikTok as a business page to market your products or services.

Each of these uses needs a unique approach. Here are some of the requirements for becoming an influencer on TikTok.

A) Pick Up a Niche

To become an influencer, you have to pick a niche and build it uniquely. The most popular ones are cooking videos, dancing, humor, dancing, and lip- singing.

Amazon sellers can put up their products on TikTok. For example, if you sell cosmetics on Amazon, you can create make-up videos on TikTok.

B) Know Your Competitors

Like any other business, knowing your competitors on TikTok is essential. In addition, influencers need to know other fellow influencers who are in the same niche.

They can get inspiration from their competitors, find the missing loop in their content, and fill that gap. Influencers can also collaborate with other influencers to promote their brand or products.

C) Create Unique Content

Unique content is what many users cannot offer to people. Thus, ensure you have original and creative content.

Sellers who have unique content get ahead of other users. For example, Amazon sellers can use unique TikTok content to promote their brand.

D) Post Consistently

Amazon sellers aiming to become an influential brand on TikTok should be ready to upload videos consistently. Thus, brands should post regularly and always keep their followers craving for the next upload.

E) Target Your Audience

Amazon sellers should know who their target audience is on TikTok. They should know the age group, gender, and the interest of the people they want to sell their products.

F) Promote Your Brand

Promotion of your content is vital. Amazon sellers can promote their brand page through collaborations.

Promotion through friends and family is also beneficial. They can promote your brand and products by sharing your TikTok videos.

G) Interact With Followers

Amazon sellers should interact with their TikTok followers. They should listen to their followers’ opinions and improve on the content they upload.

For example, Amazon sellers should thank their TikTok followers for buying their products by offering some discounts or product giveaways to customers. It would be an easy way to get more attention and fans.

H) Join a Challenge

The easiest way to have a significant following is by joining challenges on TikTok. That’s because these challenges can help you gain more followers and new viewers to your videos.

I) Be in Trend

Recording and uploading product videos are not the only thing that can make you get noticed.

Getting into the trending video, song, or hashtag is essential to reach top rankings and get more views fast, while you can also try to display your products in those videos appropriately.

3. What Type of Videos Are More Popular on TikTok?

Putting up the most famous content is more likely to increase the visibility of your Amazon brand.

Naturally, some videos become more popular than other content. So, you must figure out the popular video types that can get you more views and engagements.

Here are some of the most noticeable video types that often go viral on TikTok.

A) Song Imitation Videos

Making fun videos on the popular app TikTok is all about being cute and cuddly. The most popular songs are usually trending on the app.

So, you should be among one of the first ones to cover them in your version if you want it to go big fast. Try to utilize those songs as your background music in your videos.

B) Funny Dance Videos

A quick dance video with the right hashtags is highly influential. So it’s essential to pair it up with a popular song for more exposure, ideally one that is trending online at the moment.

The length of your meme doesn’t have to be long-drawn or complicated. Instead, it would help if you were short enough so people can share easily on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

C) Tell Funny Stories

It is possible to create entertaining videos in a short amount of time. You can tell your own stories and connect it with your brand concept or product features.

And you can also try to create some life sitcoms to use and showcase your products, to show the customers why they need the products and how to use them.

Keep it funny and creative!

D) The Latest Memes

Memes are so popular because they are relatable and creative. As long as you don’t precisely copy an idea, there should be no problem taking inspiration from the trending memes.

E) Clips of Your Cute Pets

You can never go wrong with clips of cute pets. Pets attract attention, whether they’re performing tricks, reacting to your voice, or having a good time.

Also, keep the music as adorable as your pet is by picking shots that give them intense reactions when filming their video.

If you are selling pet products, it is the best idea to showcase your products with cute pets in the video to gain more attention.

4. How to Get Accurate Traffic or Audience for Your TikTok Videos?

TikTok marketers can use TikTok to send targeted traffic. For example, it can be from TikTok videos to their website or even an Amazon listing.

Here are some ways to get the right audience for your TikTok videos.

A) Use a Perfect Bio to Represent Your Brand on TikTok

When TikTok users like what they see, they click over and explore more content from that account.

In the bio section of your TikTok profile, you can describe who you are and give details of your brand.

B) Target Your Niche

If your content is not brand-related, you won’t keep viewers hooked to your brand. They likely won’t pay attention when it comes time to promote products.

Remember, your posts are likely to lead to sales if they focus on a particular niche.

C) Use Appropriate Hashtags

Amazon sellers can use hashtags like #amazon, ##amazonmusthave, #amazonfinds, #tiktokmademebuyit, etc., to get potential consumers on board.

TikTok users searching for posts related to these topics will be able to find your product video with ease. Other relevant hashtags include #sales, #promo, #BlackFriday, and so on.

TikTok Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers can get ahead by using specific marketing strategies. Some of the best methods can direct your audience back to your products on Amazon.

TikTok marketers can do this by adding a clickable link in the description of each video.

1. Send Traffic From TikTok to Amazon

Amazon sellers can use TikTok video for their Amazon products by forming a campaign.

The campaign should have an ad with its related video representing the same product. It’s important to track results from these campaigns so you know how well they are doing!

Don’t always show your products in the videos, it will be boring because TikTok is an entertaining and interactive App. Stay with the trends and create some funny videos to get more fans and occasionally post your products videos to get engagement.

2. Team Up With Influencers

Influencers are personalities with many followers and views on their content. They are one of the most economical and effective ways to promote your brand.

The audience often trusts in products or services they recommend. So a great way to market your products on TikTok is by partnering with an influencer.

Having an influencer stand behind your brand or product will likely boost your sales as much as 11%.

The most important thing is to choose Influencers who are related to your brand content, such as beauty Influencers (cosmetics promotion), outdoor sports experts (sports goods promotion).

In order to motivate celebrity marketing, it is best to use a commission system to encourage them to help drive more sales.

3. Leverage TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are easy to get the word out about your brand or product. In addition, TikTok marketers can use these ads to increase their TikTok views and gain more exposure online. Also, it will help display your products to your target audience.

Compared with most social media platforms, TikTok’s advertising costs are higher. 

For example: You need a budget of at least $500 to start using the advertising feature. The minimum budget for one group of ads is $50, and the cost per thousand impressions is around $10.

According to different needs and product categories, you can use a variety of advertising forms and strategies to market your brand on TikTok.

4. Offer Free Samples

Most social media users love giveaways so TikTok marketers can hold fun contests.

So, offering TikTok users a free sample of your product if they follow you or watch one of your TikTok videos will create a better connection.

It can be a dependable approach to get them involved in your products!

In addition, Amazon sellers can offer other incentives like coupons. It will keep TikTok users interested in their brand!

So it is another way for TikTok marketers to attract the audience and direct them to their products.

5. Join Tiktok shop seller central

tiktok shop

The TikTok Shop is a new feature released by TikTok where sellers can set up their TikTok shop to turn regular viewers into buyers. TikTok Shop Seller Center is a place for creators, sellers, and buyers.

You will need to present basic information about yourself and the store. Moreover, you may also need to offer verification documents, like information about business registration. That’s it! Your TikTok shop will be ready.

After that, you can feature a product catalog in your TikTok shop. What’s more, you can also include shoppable tags during live streaming.

That’s how Amazon sellers can make some additional sales through TikTok shop and its unique features.

Top Three TikTok Marketing Case Studies

Many famous brands are using TikTok for product marketing in their unique ways. To give an example, let’s examine two TikTok marketing case studies, which have proven successful.

Case Study #1: Playfoam Pluffle – Educational Insights

Playfoam Pluffle Educational Insights partnered with “The Influencer Marketing Factory” to promote their services. It is an influencer agency that works with selected influencers.

They promoted the product for over four weeks. As a result, they gained 2,500,000 video views and 470k+ likes on TikTok. In addition, it increased the popularity of the Playfoam Puffle.

Case Study #2: Ralph Lauren

They used a clever marketing strategy that made the brand stand out and get the most exposure. In this case, Ralph Lauren partnered with TikTok influencer Diana Silver.

This partnership included the US Open Tennis Championship to gain exposure. In addition, the custom hashtag allowed users from both platforms to share how they are winning in real life.

This creative marketing strategy resulted in 600 million views along with 100,000 likes on posts related to the campaign.

Case Study #3: OPPO Mobile Phone

OPPO is a Chinese brand of smartphones. It launched a challenge activity strategy to help itself build brand awareness and expand the business to overseas markets. 

It required Influencers to create dance videos by using dance moves like use a mobile phone and take pictures. The winner will receive a mobile phone and cash rewards.

During the several-day event, more than 7,000+ videos and 6 million views were generated.

Final Thoughts!

TikTok marketers can use TikTok in many ways to market their products. If you are an active Amazon seller, you must add the TikTok app into your marketing toolkit.

Remember, TikTok users can see your brand, get a feel for it, and buy it on Amazon. But for this to happen in reality, you will have to learn TikTok advertising in detail.

Moreover, you may also need to plan unique strategies to get the most out of your TikTok presence. Following the above tips will help you use this platform to boost your sales!