Top 10 Amazon Affiliate Websites You Should Never Miss

Amazon affiliate program is growing at an unprecedented rate, many people around us are involved in this project, which countless affiliate websites have been spawned accordingly. A reliable affiliate site not only benefits the website but also helps the buyers to save money. Thus we have concluded the six best affiliate websites that you should never miss in this article.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Site?

Typically, any site that has joined the Amazon Associates program is eligible as Amazon Affiliate Site. You or any one of us can sign up for free and begin selling Amazon items on the website. Then get a little percentage of the commission when the site visitors click on them and purchase the product.

Top 10 Amazon Affiliate Websites

1. TopTenReviews

TopTenReviews was established in 2003, with millions of visits monthly, it has more than 200 categories for various products, which makes it a very popular affiliate website among Amazon shoppers. The categories and visitors are growing over time, if you are totally an Amazon lover, you should really check on this site.

Pros: It covers many categories, you can see the review and comparison of most products here.

Cons: There might be some ads on the site, which means some products might be sponsored, so the reviews of them might not quite accurate.

2. Gadgets-Reviews

There are also a large number of categories on Gadgets Reviews, such as The Best Gardening Products, The Best Power Tools, The Best Computer Products. When you choose the related category, it will recommend the best product for you along with the alternatives. Also, the best-selling product list is concluded.

Pros: Available in multiple countries, support the US, UK, CA, FR, ES, DE, and Russia marketplaces.

Cons: Some categories are missing on the site, such as clothes and shoes.

3. BestReview’s 

This is indeed a one-stop-shop website, you will find extensive, in-depth product reviews on the leading brands and models of every product on this site, meanwhile, it will guide you to the best pricing available online. Which this site will greatly save you from chaos.

Pro: Well design page, you can check the pros and cons of the product from the contrast box.

Cons: Only support the US marketplaces.

4. John Harvards

John Harvards contain many eBook categories, you can quickly access a substantial eBooks list that you are interested in. Most products will have two major categories: 10 Best XXX: Recommended and 10 XXX: Recommended.

Pros: Contains nearly all the eBook list on Amazon.

Cons: No comparison among products.

5. Dealomni

Although Dealomni is not the oldest affiliate website, it has attracted many buyers with its unique classification and user-friendly designs. Most products on Dealomni have been automatically classified as “Top 15 XXX”, you can easily find the product you want at a glance.

Pros: User-friendly designs make it easy to shop.

Cons: Currently only support the US marketplace.

6. Findthisbest

Findthisbest is not as straightforward as Dealomni, you need to select the related product category in the upper right corner of the website. And then there will be some topics and lists under the specific category. It is also very easy for you to find the top products in your category.

Pros: Available in multiple countries, support the US, UK, CA, and AU marketplaces.

Cons: Some categories have not been updated, hence some products might not available.

7. Dr Wealthcare

8. Pet 5 Stars

9. Tech Sek

10. GoGo Sport

11. VaVa Fashion

12. Deals Maps


If you are already an Amazon lover, why not use affiliate sites to save time and money?