Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Research

Starting out as an affiliate marketer and are looking to list the right products that can generate more sales for you?

All you need to do is to know just which products your customers may prefer – and that’s what we would be taking a look at below:

What is Amazon Product Research

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces attracting buyers and sellers from all over the world.

There are over 244 million active users on the portal and sales have been growing at a consistent pace throughout the years.

But not all sellers are able to experience success.

It can be challenging to choose suitable products that have demand in the market.

First-time sellers are especially confused about which products to add to their pages.

You need to perform thorough product research based on some criteria and then select the ones which fit the bill.

There are many ways you can do product searches for Amazon, and we will be talking about them in a while.

The Importance of Amazon Product Research

Choose the right product to sell

Your product search will help you choose the right products to sell in the best possible niche.

By doing your research, you will also be able to decide on the perfect price to sell your items.

Know the pain points of your customers

It also helps you to know your customers and their pain points.

You can improve the products and services after taking the reviews and customer complaints into consideration.

Track your competitors

A comprehensive product search also involves your competitors and tracking them to know what they are doing.

You can predict which products are likely to have higher demands and add them to your inventory.

Improve your product descriptions

You can also improve on your product descriptions by finding what works best.

Overall, you will be able to find out what the market wants and introduce such products to have greater chances of success.

How to Conduct Amazon Product Research

There are many ways to conduct your product search for Amazon.

You can do it manually or use automated tools that are developed especially for Amazon product research.

Research Amazon Portals

The portals of Amazon are also a big resource which will help you in your product search and better understand what customers needs.

Amazon Best Seller

Amazon provides you with significant help in your product search. The Amazon Best Sellers page is the first thing you will want to check out.

Amazon lists all the best selling products on this page. You can even find the products based on categories and subcategories.

Check the listings to determine which products are sold most. It will also help you to decide a niche if you haven’t done it already.

From the selling information, you can also predict which products are more likely to appeal to your target market.

Also, check out the related products which give you an idea of the area you can expand into.

Amazon Hot New Releases

This page is updated hourly with new or future released items that sell best on Amazon.

The ranking is calculated by the products’ sales volume. From the selling information, you will know what products are best-selling for the time being.

Also, you can predict which products are more likely to appeal to your target market.

Amazon Movers & Shakers

This page lists Amazon’s fastest-growing products in the past 24 hours, where you will find the hottest products in a quick way as it updates hourly.

Amazon Most Wished For

This page lists all the products that are most often added to Amazon’s Wishlist by customers.

It genuinely shows what products buyers really want.

Amazon Gift Ideas

The gift lists shows those favorite products that are bought as gifts.

With daily updates, it would be an effective way to learn about the most popular product trends on Amazon.

You should try to pick products which are not priced too low or too high. Limited competition in the niche is also helpful and gives you more opportunities to sell your product.

Spy on your Competitors

The Best Sellers page on Amazon will enable you to find out your main competitors.

Check out their respective pages and official website if it is available.

From there you can see what products are selling most and other important details like customer reviews and ratings.

You can also track your competitors outside of Amazon using plain old Google or other search engines.

If you can afford, buy a product from your competitor and check out the services they offer.

For example, some sellers send a thank you email with more marketing offers to their customers after they purchase something. You can learn the best practices and also the areas which you can improve upon.

Social Search Engine

Utilize social media can help you discover what are current trends and what is in great demand right now.

There are some useful social engines such as:

Google Trends: Google is one of the most popular and advanced search engines so we must make good use of Google tools, such as Google Trends, Google Keywords, Google Shopping, etc., which to a large extent, can help you with how to research your Amazon products.

Review Blogs: Sellers should usually check out different review blogs and see what their recommendations are for shopping. Whenever something new is launched, it will start with bloggers or other social marketing channels.

We can analyze whether we can take the lead in developing our own hot-selling product.

Some websites to find product ideas are:, and other professional forums.

Follow the Industry Influencers

Pay attention to influencers or trendsetters in your niche market, or influential people in this industry, and see which products they recommend on social media.

If you find that many blogs are marketing the same product together, it could be a new trend.

Generally, these products are likely to well spread and become popular products.

Therefore, it is also a better way to find trending products through Internet celebrities.

For instance, these are some social media platforms that you can use: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The latter two are especially suitable for clothing and beauty product marketing.

Search from

Looking for products on the Internet could be more convenient now.

Sellers can search for products from many wholesale websites, as they are the places where sellers look for product ideas and manufacturing.

For example, the most well-known wholesale website is provides a lot of product information. When choosing a category, Amazon sellers will search for products with special characteristics and high demand, thereby this will relatively promote product sales on Amazon.

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Related Magazines and Blogs

Nowadays, many people are inclined to get information through magazines and blogs.

By reading some magazines and blogs, you may be able to garner some inspiration for product research.

The main purpose of such magazines and blogs is to help entrepreneurs grab a certain share in terms of new products.

Therefore, it is also helpful to find products that the public is eager to buy. Here, we will share a few useful websites with you:

Tips to Keep in Mind While Researching the Product Page

You will find many new product ideas when you thoroughly check a particular product page.

Be clear as to what you are looking for when you are carrying out the product research – especially since it’s easy to want to list more products than you originally planned to.

If you are in doubt, follow these tips:

  • Any product from the Best Seller page will do!
  • You need to concentrate on the sections like Frequently Bought Together, Sponsored Products Related to the Item and Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.
  • The sections offer great deal of intelligence and product ideas which you could take up for up selling or increasing your inventory.

Apart from that, what factors make a good product on Amazon?

After you finally find a suitable product, it is time to testify whether it meets the core elements of the best products.

According to research, we found that products with the following distinguishing features will be the best options:

  1. For small items, the average selling price is between US$10 to US$50.
  2. At least sell more than 10 units every day.
  3. Product ranking should be at 5,000 or lower in the main product category.
  4. The monthly search volume of the top 3 keywords exceeds 50,000.
  5. The preferable product weight is under 2-3 pounds).
  6. The product size better ranges within Amazon’s standard packing size.
  7. Rank on the first page but with less than 50 reviews.
  8. Non-brand items
  9. Non-seasonal products
  10. Price can be set to a lower selling price but still remain profitable.
  11. Whether you can develop or improve the product with new features.
  12. Simple items that are not easy to break or malfunction.
  13. Has a relatively strong repurchase rate.
  14. Easy to find reliable suppliers.

Recommendations for Amazon Product Research Tools

You will find much automated software that can help you in your product research.

The tools have many features like database, product and competition tracking to help new and experienced sellers.

Here’s a few of them:

Jungle Scout

This web app is very popular and used by many first time sellers.

You can search a huge database of products with exact filters like price, rank, rating, weight and so on.

There is also a niche hunter for discovering new revenue streams. The app can be used will all marketplaces of Amazon in the world.

Here is what you would love:

  • The Google Chrome extension allows you to take any sales data easily
  • Search for products with high demand and low competition helping you beat your competitors.
  • Easy to find niches with automated product tracking

Unicorn Smasher

You can also use this as a support tool to run your Amazon business – and it can take weeks out of your product research.

The software also enables you to track your competitor’s product listings, prices, inventory, and other useful information.

Here are some of its features.

  • The Unicorn Smasher extension that you can install on browsers like Google, allows you to get search data. However, the sales data isn’t as comprehensive as offered by Jungle Scout.
  • Free research tool – great for beginners!
  • Get sales estimates easily

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AMZ Scout takes over from where the freebies lay off.

Known for its sales estimate accuracy, AMZ Scout is considered to be one of the most reliable tools on the market for Amazon sellers and a great Jungle Scout alternative.

Here are some of its features.

  • The starter plan only st $19.00 per month
  • Support 10 different marketplaces: United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India and Japan
  • Sellers can easily to do product research with its Chrome extension

All of the readers here can enjoy a discount for the combination package of AMZ Scout here: Web App + Extension Pro Tool Kit ( 80%-off ) & 7-in-one Bundle Tool Kit ( 45%-off ).


Keepa is one of the most useful product research tools for Amazon sellers to find out the most useful information.

It used to have a free version, but in order to get the most accurate information to make your selling decisions, the paid version is the way to go.

Here are some of its features.

  • It can be downloaded for free as an app or Chrome extension
  • Process product info quicker than some of other tools
  • It is regularly updated to make sure sellers can access to the latest information

AMZ Base

AMZ Base is a great tool to help sellers to quickly search and identify the right products to sell on Amazon and, the most wonderful thing about it is that it’s free!  

Here are some of its features.

  • Free to use
  • Only need to download its Chrome extention and your are ready to go
  • It can find out product’s information, description as well as calculating FBA fees


Starting out as an affiliate marketer may seem tricky, but don’t lose heart. It all depends on finding the right products.

Product research on Amazon could take a while but if you follow the right basics, it is going to be easy.

To make it quicker, use one of the two tools above, and make better ROI.

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