Product research is a big need of the time for enhancing the product one sells. It is the whole and sole requirement for bringing up your product by making a market research and hence making an in-depth comparison with the products of your competitors.

The Amazon FBA sellers need to do the same in order to reach to a maximum number of customers, before which they have to make sure about their product rankings in the market based on the quality of the product they have come up with.

This is all possible with a product research tool that is very flexible for use and provides the sellers with a set of advanced features at best prices.

In this article, we are going to learn about two such popular product research tools provided for the Amazon FBA sellers, viz. AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout.

AMZ Tracker

amz tracker review

AMZ Tracker is a product research tool that helps the Amazon FBA sellers to raise the quality standards of their product ranges and hence their rankings as compared to their competitors present in the marketplace.

AMZ Tracker is suitable for tracking the progress of the sale of an Amazon FBA seller and does not help in the estimation of sales at all. It also comes loaded with less number of features as compared to Jungle scout.

Let us go through some of the features of AMZ Tracker:

Keyword tracker

This feature is very common in every product research tool and lets the Amazon FBA sellers describe their product specifications in short (keyword is a set of single words that best describe your product).

Product tracking

The Amazon FBA sellers can track their products in comparison with their competitor’s products in order to enhance the quality and other features of the products, hence improving profit ranges to the best possible levels.

The sellers can make a wide comparison of their products on the basis of points like Best Seller Rankings, sales estimation, revenue estimation, and few other aspects.

Negative review alerts

The review club of AMZ Tracker is the one that gets the customer reviews due to which the Amazon FBA sellers can make the required improvisation in their products as compared to their competitors.

If the products of Amazon FBA sellers get reviewed negatively; they are notified about it and hence can enhance their products and services according to the customer’s expectations.


  • AMZ Tracker allows the sellers to keep real-time tracking of their and competitor’s product performances.
  • It gives the Amazon FBA sellers a deep knowledge of the product pricing range, product rankings, product reviews, product ratings, overall possible sales estimation, best-ranked products on Amazon, etc.


  • The dashboard of AMZ Tracker is not much user-friendly due to its complicated user interface.
  • The customer service is also not satisfactory, its inability to communicate with the respondents being the main reason behind it.
  • Even the subscription prices are also very high as compared to other product research tools.

Subscription plans and pricing

  1. Basic Plan:$33.3 per month (beginner plan)
  2. Professional Plan:$66.7 per month (yearly package) or $100 per month (monthly package)
  3. God Mode:$133.3 per month (yearly package) and $200 (monthly package)
  4. Legend:$266.7 per month (yearly package) and $400 (monthly package)

Jungle Scout

jungle scout app

Jungle Scout is an advanced product research tool as compared to AMZ Tracker as it has way better features and is very much flexible for the Amazon FBA sellers to use.

Along with the performance tracking of the Amazon sellers’ products, it also provides an accurate estimation of product sales.

Let us discuss the features provided by Jungle Scout.

Product history

Jungle Scout provides the Amazon FBA sellers with in-depth sales and product history. The price history of the products is also made available to the sellers which can be compared to the competitors’ products on Amazon marketplaces.

Data accuracy

The accuracy level of the data provided by Jungle Scout is very high as compared to other product research tools. This data is based on Amazon sales rankings (Best Seller Ranks – BSR), product pricing, product units sold, stock inventory available, and product history.

Listing Quality Score (LQS)

In Jungle Scout, LQS lets the Amazon FBA sellers track their products’ ratings and rankings on the basis of pointer system on a scale of 1 to 5. This further helps the sellers to enhance their products by making a comparison.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout is same as that of its web app having the same user interface. Its operating speed is a bit faster than its web app. The extension has been updated recently, giving it a better look and easy to understand features as well.


  • Jungle Scout has maintained its data accuracy levels up to the mark than the other product research tools in the market.
  • It also has a deep and extended product and sales history.
  • Jungle Scout is available in the form of web app and Chrome extension, of which Chrome extension gives the sellers top-notch flexibility in use.
  • The pricing of Jungle Scout is very low as compared to AMZ Tracker.


The LQS rating scale of Jungle scout is limited to only 5 points, which makes it difficult for the Amazon sellers to identify the scope of product improvisation.

Pricing and Packages

  1. Start-Up Plan: $29 per month (annual payment) or $39 per month (monthly payment)
  2. Standard Plan:$49 per month (annual payment) or $69 per month (monthly payment)
  3. Business Plan:$69 per month (annual payment) or $99 per month (monthly payment)

Among these three plans, the Standard Plan is the most popular one and is preferred by most of the Amazon FBA sellers for the features it provides.

Jungle Scout vs. Unicorn Smasher

  • Jungle Scout is most accurate in the United Kingdom, whereas in the United States it is accurate near about 20-25% as compared to Unicorn Smasher. Unicorn Smasher’s accuracy is very low.
  • Unicorn Smasher is free for use, but it seems to be of no use due to its lower levels of data accuracy.
  • So as compared to Unicorn Smasher, Jungle Scout is much more ahead and is hence the best product research tool.


AMZ Tracker is only helpful for the Amazon FBA sellers for tracking the sellers’ own products and also is equipped with lesser features. Jungle Scout hence is the best product research tool in the market place for the Amazon sellers providing the best ever features and flexibility in terms of use.

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