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We are looking for writers!

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What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles that are mainly about the E-commerce business, Amazon strategies, seller tools reviews, and other similar topics.

These include:

Tutorials — Either help people get started with how to start their E-commerce businesses, or walk them through all processes and strategies of building a profitable business.
Opinions — Give readers strong useful opinions on trendings in the E-commerce industry or tools comparison to help sellers choose their assistant tools.
Ultimate Guides — Write a reference piece that people can learn all the things they need to know and will return back to the articles again.
Case Studies — Show the readers what they can learn from a particular project. These need to focus on practical examples which will be useful to E-commerce sellers.

Who We’re Looking for?

We are looking for long-term content writers to provide us monthly blogs on various niches and topics.

Anyone who has writing experience can solve problems through search engines can apply for the position.

The content would be as simple as a conversation with your neighbors.

Not advance expression required.

We provide topics and main ideas.

The working time is flexible.

We hope you have the qualifications:

  • -Have enthusiasm in writing
  • -Have SEO knowledge
  • -Exceptional grammar and knowledge of the English language
  • -Willingness to work within a set deadline
  • -Ability to provide high-quality and original content
  • -Strong writing and researching skills
  • -Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Whether you are a student at school, stay at home mom, retiree, or a working person,

Welcome to click the button below and apply for the job.

Just fill out a simple registration form giving your details and qualifications, and let’s start to work together and then you can also receive your salary for work done.

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