Your buyer expects more from you than just a great product, in good packaging, delivered promptly. 

The discerning buyer nowadays wants an experience and they want to feel like they are getting something for nothing.

But, what is the benefits for the seller in providing this Amazon Giveaway experience to your vendor?

Here is your ultimate guide to help you understand the awesome potential of the Amazon giveaway.

What is Amazon Giveaway?

An Amazon Giveaway is a promotional event that aims to increase awareness of your brand.

It is a prize giveaway – that customers enter and when names are drawn products are given away for free.  Alternatively, the buyer can be rewarded with a prize for simply watching your video.

So, prizes are either awarded instantly, or Amazon will award prizes to a random person at a set interval.

This sounds like something that would lose you money – but there could be nothing further from the truth.

What are the benefits of running Amazon giveaway campaigns?

A successful Amazon Giveaway offers many potential rewards for sellers.  First, and most importantly, you will grow your customer base.

You will let people know that your brand exists – and you will give them a chance to try your wares for free.

It can also increase the loyalty of customers who have already made a purchase.  Success in eCommerce is dependent on life-long customer loyalty – you need people to come back again and again.

An Amazon Giveaway is also a great way to introduce a product to the market. 

You can use your marketing channels to link to your giveaway and give some much-needed visualization of your new product line. 

The awareness of your brand will increase – and any click through your marketing channels will help you to gain vital data on your customer.

Ultimately, by giving a fun experience to your customer, you drive sales and improve business.  It is one of the easiest sales rank hack strategies out there.


What Are the Requirements of Amazon Giveaway?

So, there is little doubt that an Amazon Giveaway will offer you a return on your investment.

But, what will you need to be able to run your campaign of product awareness?  The basic requirement to qualify for running a giveaway is an Amazon professional seller’s account – and this account needs to be in a good state. 

You will also need a credit card with a large enough credit limit to cover the items being given away and the items should be available via FBA – merchant fulfilled items are not eligible.

Once you qualify to run a giveaway, Amazon will expect you to provide any written content and an image – that will support the giveaway competition.

How to Set Up Amazon Giveaway?

How does an Amazon Giveaway work? Amazon, as you would imagine, make sure that setting up an Amazon Giveaway is simple.

You simply employ Amazon to organize it for you and start by going to Seller Central and engaging the services of the website.

Click on Promotions, which is under the advertising tab.  You then can click on the Giveaway option and the create button.

You will then select a product you have previously listed on the website.  You can paste the ASIN number in the search bar and click on the set up a giveaway button.

Amazon will ask you to provide all the relevant details to help them set up the listing for your giveaway – this includes a description and a decent photograph of the product.

You should use the same tested image and text that you used to list the product.  This should be optimized, as you are using it as a hook to attract new customers.

You will also be asked to enter the number that you are willing to give away.  The minimum number is 1 and the maximum is 30.

It is a good idea to offer at least three prize opportunities – to keep the promotion running a decent amount of time, without it costing the earth.

You then have options for your giveaway type.  You can select:

  • Sweepstakes – which is to randomly award winner at the end of the giveaway.
  • Random instant win – where the winner has a 1 in 1000 chance of clicking on the item at the right time.
  • Lucky number instant wins – where you need to enter the rule of winning – which means that the odds to be logical to promote participation.
  • First come first served giveaway – which does what it says in the title.

You will then go through a series of dialogue boxes that ask you to set up the giveaway requirements – for instance, this is a great way of building your social media following too – as you can direct people to watch on your YouTube channel to be in with a chance of winning.

The more generous the decisions you make the more likely it is to prompt further sales and brand awareness.

Once all the decisions about your giveaway have been entered, you will then checkout and publish the promotion.

Once the giveaway starts you should keep a close check on the metrics to see how well it is performing.

How to Make the Most of Your Amazon Giveaways?

Remember that Amazon will run most of the logistics of your giveaway. 

They will identify the winner for you, based on your rules, and then send them the prize.

However, this does not mean you should sit back and just let it happen.  It is time to be proactive and make sure this promotion works.

To make the most of your giveaway you need to make sure that you select the right product.

You obviously choose the product that you want to raise awareness of – but also one that will draw attention to other products that you sell.

You then need to market your giveaway.  You should build anticipation of your giveaway 48 hours before the start of the giveaway. 

This will give the consumer time to register the giveaway’s existence.  You then market the launch, and then 48 hours after launch.

The point is that the giveaway needs to enter the consciousness of the consumer – and this comes from repetition.

You should promote urgency towards the end of the giveaway, to make sure you capture all those other potential buyers.

You should use EDM or Electronic Direct Mail – a means of getting directly into the inbox of your potential customers.

If you are wondering how to get these email addresses, then you should introduce yourself to AMZDiscover.

This is a search engine that allows you to find the email address of Amazon customers and reviewers who have set their preferences to share their email.

The email addresses you discover will relate to the product that closely resembles yours – therefore, you know you are contacting people who will likely show a genuine interest.


Another means of marketing your giveaway is to request the help of a contact influencer – this is someone who has a following on social media who would be willing to draw attention to your promotion.

This is highly effective if you choose the influencers whose audience is going to be most interested in your product or brand.

Equally, you can employ the services of Amazon to market your giveaway instead.

And, there is always your own social media accounts – where you can post content about your giveaway with a prominent link that will take your users there directly.

Finally, to fully make the most of your giveaway, you need to keep the support of those who did not win.

You do not want the disappointment to drive the user away from the product.

Therefore, you can prompt a sale by offering a generous discount or coupon to all those that do not win.  This has the added benefit of improving your ranking because you are getting more sales.

The same rules apply to each channel of marketing – you should entice the user with phrases such as “Feeling lucky?” before the launch. 

At the time of launch, you should provide the link to the giveaway.  After 48 hours and 48 hours before the end of the giveaway, you should prompt the consumer to consider what happens if they miss out.

Tools That Help With Your Social Media Giveaway?

Social media is your ultimate tool in promoting your giveaway.

It can help drive traffic to your Amazon seller’s page and ultimately promote conversions and customers – potentially regular customers.

When designing the social media marketing of your giveaway there are several popular tools that can help.



Wishpond offers contest templates to help you set up your giveaway on social media.

However, it is much more than this – as it also offers landing pages, website pop-ups and email marketing.  Wishpond covers most of your marketing needs for your giveaway campaign.

However, with this comprehensive service comes an expensive monthly subscription price – but you are essentially paying for what you are getting.

You would choose Wishpond if you were a serious seller who wants to take advantage of a full suite of marketing tools – and you are not simply looking for your contest template for social media.



Woobox has an extensive library of contests that you can call upon.  The templates are configurable – and allow you to give a bespoke look to your promotions.

The app integrates with all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  The contests covered include quizzes and sweepstakes to name just two.

Be aware that any major changes to the interface templates – although making your contest distinct – can make the usability decrease.



This is a tool that is aimed at small businesses, agencies and consultants.  This tool offers contest templates that are simple and easy for the user to access.

It is the design of the interface of the contest – an essential part of making your giveaway successful. 

The aim of this app is to access your mobile audience successfully – and it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn.

The campaign options include sweepstake, refer-a-friend, video contest, and more.

This is a drag and drop contest builder – which makes it simple for anyone to set up a giveaway on social media.



Like Heyo, ShortStack is a drag and drop contest building tool. 

It has a lot of features in addition to Heyo – it allows event triggers, team plans and deep analytics, for instance.

Unlike Heyo, which is aimed specifically at small companies, Shortstack is packaged for larger and more technically minded companies.

It is worth considering Shortstack because there are some huge discounts to enjoy if you think you will be using it regularly enough.

Latest update: Amazon Giveaway is retiring and the last day for giveaways experience is October 17th, 2019.

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