How to Get Walmart Free Samples

Best Proven Ways to Get Walmart Free Samples and Cashback

Walmart is one of the largest retailers across the US and with influence across the world. It is renowned for its willingness to offer the most incredible prices and great deals. But, did you know that there are also Walmart free samples?

Even though they work to offer the best prices from the start, they are also willing to give away free items.

The superpower of the retail space still understands that it needs to maintain customer loyalty, keeping regular visitors happy and ready to share experiences.

Get Free Samples Inside Walmart


The first way you can enjoy Walmart free samples is by visiting the store. Walmart stores love to set up experiences and events that keep you in store for longer and potentially buying more.

The first freebie opportunity is often available in the grocery aisles. There are likely to be free samples on offer. The best time to experience a free taste of some high-profile items is in those busy periods – usually lunchtime or dinner time – and see if there is anything on offer.  

This may not be the most exceptional freebie of all time; it does give you the option to try before you buy.

You can always ask at customer services when such events will take place – but to be honest, they tend to be a regular feature of most Walmart stores.

Walmart is also excellent at upping the game a little at different times of the year.  They do love a seasonal in-store event to keep customers interested.

The highlight of such holiday experiences is the Walmart free samples that they give away to those who attend. Interested? You just need to look for adverts in your local store or on the website.

The other options for a Walmart free sample are seeking out the bundle packages that they offer on related items. Look out for deals on the shelves and be savvy in the way that you collect the things you need for a much lower price.

All supermarkets are bright in the way they offer two-for-one options or more — however, Walmart excel at offering bundles on bigger items. If you scan the internet, you will hear stories of people saving hundreds of dollars because they collected together items on such a deal.

If you don’t fancy visiting the website all the time, or cluttering your email, don’t forget to follow Walmart on social media platforms so you can always stay informed with the latest news about free samples.

walmart social media accounts

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Get Walmart Free Samples by Mail

Like most major retailers, Walmart understands the value of having access to your email. Stores know today that your email is on your phone, and they can send your offers directly to your hand.

Therefore, if you want some of the best free samples, you should sign up for the Walmart newsletter.

All you need to do is go to the website and look to the bottom of the page where it asks you to enter your email for the weekly newsletter.

Not only will they send you news of the events at your local store and exclusive discounts, but they may also send coupons that allow you to claim free items.

Getting the newsletter will help save you from going back and forth to the website to find your best deal. However, the site is still an excellent option for finding Walmart free samples. There are Baby Box Free Samples and Beauty Box Free Samples.   

The Baby Box offers samples for moms and dads who have a new baby – and may not really know what products they need to support the new little person.

There are diapers and pacifiers, blankets and toys. You will also find some of those ointments and creams that you never knew you needed.

The Beauty Box is also free, with only a small fee for shipping. Here you will find a collection of sample items, from lotions to make-up and more.  

Signing up for the boxes give you the chance to experience the samples five times a year.

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Get Free Gift Cards by Doing Surveys

There are sites out there, employed by Walmart marketers – along with some other big names – to find out your opinion. Completing a survey takes your time – so they offer you a freebie as a reward.

This means you have an opportunity to cash in for only a small amount of time.  Before starting on these survey websites, you might want to set up a separate email address – so you avoid littering your original email with too many mailshots.

Here are some sites where you might find Walmart free samples in return for completing surveys. The sites are general survey sites and not only offer the option of free items from Walmart but other stores too. Most survey sites offer points that you can then swap for cash or entry into a prize draw.

Walmart survey is an official survey program for customer satisfaction. It offers its customers chances to get free gift cards up to $1000. It does have a requirement which you will need to purchase something from Walmart first and get a receipt for the order. Then you are eligible to participate in the survey, and finish it within a week from your purchase.

If you don’t have the purchase receipt from Walmart, it also has Walmart Sweepstake that everyone can take part in and win free items!

Swagbucks is another survey site that allows you to gain points to earn freebies.  Not only could you get some Walmart free samples, but also opt to be paid in iTunes gift cards if you want. Check out the other article about Swagbucks that we have put together: Swagbucks Review: A Good Side Earner or A Waste of Time?

MyPoints is yet another site that allows you to complete surveys for Walmart free samples. You can choose where you spend your rewards – which makes it brilliant for consumer choice.

Irazoo offers a potential prize of gift cards for Walmart or other online stores such as Amazon. If you answer a Walmart survey, you can get a useful sum for just a few moments of your time. There are more ways that you can participate to get paid including watch videos, play games, offers and more.

iPoll offers gift cards in response to your opinions. Better still, maybe, you will be entered into a sweepstake competition each quarter. You could win cash!

Wow Free Stuff is a site that allows you to collect points by completing surveys. You can then cash in these points for free items that you genuinely need.  

Get Free Walmart Samples From Deal Sites

get walmart deals and discounts

There are people out there who spend time collating all the best freebies available.  The great news about these websites is there is no limit to the shops they cover. These sites offer Walmart free samples, but also other retail outlets too. Double bonus!

The Krazy CouponLady is a site that offers what it suggests in the name. You can get coupons from almost everywhere. There is some excellent consumer advice on this site too – so well worth a visit.

Like Free Stuff Finder, Freebie Radar are sites that offer freebies from almost anywhere – including Walmart. The site updates several times a day and helps you to combine coupons and other discounts to get the best savings.

There are also entirely free products available on the sites too – so both are well worth your time.

If you want something wholly dedicated to the wonders of Walmart, then you can go to the site called: Grocery Shop for Free at the Mart. Not only are there freebies but there are also super clear listings of the best deals on offer at Walmart.

The other option for getting freebies is by entering giveaways. Although you are not certain of getting your free product, you could end up winning a Walmart gift card that allows you to spree on the site. If you go to Sweepstakes Fanatics and Giveaway Monkey, you can enjoy the latest online giveaways.

Then, there are free sample sites that might every so often touch on free samples available at Walmart. These sites are updated regularly, usually at least daily.

Free Samples is another site that is great for free items and for the best consumer advice you can hope to read – anywhere other than here!

Sweetfreestuff is another site that collates deals from across the website and is well worth a look.

Another way to seek out your Walmart free samples is with the use of coupons. At sites like Groupon, which has collected together the deals you want and you can seek out those coupons that you can redeem in-store and online.

Earn Cashback for Walmart Purchases

Walmart Cashback

If you have exhausted your opportunities for free goods, then you might want to explore rebate sites.

With some proof of purchase, you can get your money sent back to you – usually through PayPal – but some other sites offer you gift cards and vouchers.  

The ultimate way to get some cashback is through the Walmart Credit Card. It is time to be wary and wise. A credit card is a tempting thing and can lead to some unwise budgeting decisions.

However, if you know you can show some discipline, then this is a store card that could earn you some money back. For instance, you can get up to 5% off at Walmart gas stations when using your credit card.

You will gain 3% cashback when buying on the website or when buying in-store.  Better still, all other purchases receive 1% cashback. The cash is usually given back to you on your credit card, helping to pay off the account.

There are some points of caution here. First, you need to be sure that you can afford the repayments.

Second, as it is a store card, the interest rates are higher than the average credit card, and you might not end up getting any money back in reality.

To make the most of the cashback, you need to pay off the card straight away to avoid the interest being added to your account.

There are other sites, separate from the Walmart brand, who will offer rebates on your purchases – usually in reward for a review.

Cashbackholic is one site that offers up to 5% cashback on some purchases. It doesn’t just cover Walmart either – offering dollars back for travel with certain airlines too.

Topcashback offers discounts and rebates when clicking through the site to the product. If you are wondering how they make money, they are an affiliate and Walmart will pay the company for the referral. This makes the site a win: win: win for all involved.

Swagbucks is another site where you can get gift cards if you purchase through the website from one of the major stores. You can also get rewards into your PayPal account, so close to getting cash in your hand that you could hope for.

Rakuten is another cashback site that has been around for a while. Established in 1999, you could argue that its longevity is a sign of the strength of the website. They have 10 million users worldwide and have offered over $1 billion cashback since their conception.

Ibotta is a cashback app that is worth a look – it allows you to get cashback on your groceries – something that you have to buy and so something where you can make genuine savings. is another site where you can earn cashback. The site claims you can earn up to 40% cashback on your purchases – through a gift card, direct deposit or PayPal. Most of the savings are a lot lower than this – but it is still worth a look.

Mr.Rebates is a cashback site that offers rebates on online shopping sites. There are over 3000 approved merchants on the site – including Walmart. The site provides up to 10% cashback on your purchases – you just have to shop through the portal.

ShopAtHome is an app you can download on your phone and find the best-collated cashback offers – and at the time of writing they had deals offer 4% back on some Walmart purchases. Coupon Cactus will give you $3 for just signing up. Then they will reward you with coupons for shopping through the portal.

Finally, Inbox Dollars is another site that is happy to offer cashback offers, as well as surveys and coupons for many significant merchants.


You should never be shy about finding your free samples from any store. It may feel a little tight – seeking out free items from one of the best discount stores in the land – but why pay more than you need to?

Walmart is willing to work hard for your loyalty and your continued attention, so why not take advantage. Some of these strategies will help you get your free samples and others will help you enjoy heavily discounted items. All the company asks is for a little bit of your time.

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