Whenever we talk about niche product research, Jungle Scout will almost certainly spring to mind.  A firm favourite with sellers, Jungle Scout is available as a chrome extension or web app and gives users the opportunity to quickly and easily search through thousands of products.  

As well as product searches, Jungle Scout includes a whole host of features including niche hunters, free webinars and case studies and comes in three packages ranging from $29 per month to $69 per month for the Business Package.

We’re aware that, good as it is, Jungle Scout may not be right for everyone and so, we hear you ask, is there any alternative?  

Well, yes there is – several of them in fact. Here,  we’ve put together our list of eight viable alternatives to help you get your niche sales up and running.

Not only are there alternatives to Jungle Scout but, even better, some of them are absolutely free!


Top 8 Jungle Scout Free Alternatives

Supported Marketplaces
Ratings of Sales Estimation
Ratings of Product Research
Chrome extension: $97 Web app: starts from $29/month
9 marketplaces except JP
Product Database Product Tracker Niche Hunter
Reliable and accurate excellent and constantly available customer service
Expensive Do not support JP Marketplace
5 Stars
5 Stars
Chrome extension: Free Web app: starts from $33/month
Product Database Keyword Tools Inventory & Financial Management
Reasonably priced
Unreliable Not user friendly Incomprehensible customer service
5 Stars
4.5 Stars
Sales estimates Product research Analysis
Free to download Fun and easy to read dashboard
Basic except for when integrated with AMZ Tracker
3 Stars
3 Stars
Chrome extension: $40 Web app: starts from $10/month
9 marketplaces except JP
Product research with best seller tag Fee calculator Next 5 products button
Works on any page on Amazon Very broad data for full analysis
General over-estimation which leads to inaccurate data
4 Stars
4.5 Stars
Web app: starts from $97 and then $10/month
Best seller rankings Niche Research Revenue Estimator
User friendly interface Fast product research
Only the pro version differentiates between organic and sponsored content
3.5 Stars
5 Stars
Web app: starts from $40/month
Product research Historical Amazon keywords Automatic storage
Fast, accurate results
A little expensive on other packages.
5 Stars
5 Stars
Web app: starts from $29/month
Competitor analysis Profitability estimation
Good compatibility Reasonably priced
Some features can be quite basic and accuracy can be hit and miss
4 Stars
4 Stars
Web app: starts from $40/month
8 marketplaces except JP and IN.
Inventory Profit calculator Metrics
Reasonably priced Easy to navigate
Users can’t tell from the tool if a product has reached its potential - better metrics would be useful
3 Stars
3 Stars
Web app: starts from $299/month
12 marketplaces.
Product Research Product Tracking
User friendly interface Wide range of features
Thought to be quite expensive in comparison to similar tools Inadequate customer service
3.5 Stars

1. Scope


Scope Seller Labs is a handy Jungle Scout free alternative.  A 100% free to use Amazon tool for keyword research, product research and analytics, Scope Seller Labs has everything you need to get started with your product or niche search.

Although maybe a little more basic than some of the paid options, Scope is a great tool for beginners and includes a number of handy features including reverse ASIN lookups on selected products to allow users to find out which particular keywords successful products are using.  

This YouTube video is a really useful tutorial for those just starting out.  

As well as the usual webinars, ebooks and tips, you can schedule a tour of the site and features online to get a fully comprehensive grasp of what Scope can do for you and your business.

2. Unicorn Smasher


There’s nothing mythical about Amz Tracker’s Unicorn Smasher.  This free to download product research tool is featured on the ‘best available’ leaderboard and features real-time comprehensive data and accurate sales estimates.

Users can navigate quickly between product niches to find insights to pricing, ranking and ratings as well as product reviews.

Check out this great YouTube video to get started with Unicorn Smasher.  As well as all of the features mentioned, and a tool to check the optimization of a conical URL, users can also integrate Unicorn Smasher with AMZ Tracker for a supercharged selling tool (although there is a charge for using AMZ Tracker).

Although these unpaid options are really helpful for beginners and those just dabbling in Amazon selling, more experienced sellers may be looking for something a little more comprehensive to help elevate their business.

Although there is a charge to use the following, it’s worth the investment to have a reliable and effective product research tool.

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3. AMZScout


AMZ Scout takes over from where the freebies lay off.  Known for its sales estimate accuracy, AMZ Scout is considered to be one of the most reliable tools on the market for Amazon sellers and a great Jungle Scout alternative.

Users can try AMZ Scout for free for seven days before committing to a purchase – options for which include three packages; the Basic for $19.99 per month, the Start Package for $29.99 per month and, the Business Package at $39.99 per month.

All packages include product databases, keyword trackers and analysis of competitors, with 20 product trackers with the Basic Package, 40 with the Start Package and a whopping 80 with the Business Package.  

AMZ Scout is not only a product research tool! Here is a piece of Great news! All of the readers here can enjoy a discount for the combination package of AMZ Scout here: Web App + Extension Pro Tool Kit ( 80%-off ) & 7-in-one Bundle Tool Kit ( 45%-off ).

Users can also log onto the AMZ Scout website for free estimators and FBA calculators.  This useful YouTube video gives you the lowdown on all things AMZ Scout. Reviews of AMZ Scout are largely positive with reviewers praising the reliability and accuracy as well as the 24/7 availability of customer service professionals.

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4. ASINspector


ASINspector is your very own listing detective and a fantastic tool for both new and experienced sellers.  

The handy ‘open in store’ feature allows users to seek out listings on Alibaba, ebay, AliExpress and even Walmart and, provides a number of features that are not available with Jungle Scout including really handy product and niche ideas.  

ASINspector will also, at the click of a mouse, provide a list of keywords for which a product is ranked, along with its position in search rankings.  

In addition to these features, users can access a profit calculator and, wholesale sellers can take advantage of a unique feature that helps to estimate the value and profit of bulk buy on Amazon.  

Although users find all of these features – and more – really useful, some reviewers say that there is a tendency toward sales underestimation on anumber of products.  

Find out more by watching this helpful video.

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5. Kiprt

Affiliated with ASINspector, KIPRT is a visually pleasing tool for those who want ‘at a glance’ results and a great Jungle Scout alternative.

Easy to read graphs show monthly sales as well as the number of reviews being added on a daily basis and the option to view sellers, negative keywords and reverse ASIN keywords for each listing.  

Slightly different to other tools, KIPRT’s pricing structure works by buying credits for particular features that can be renewed once they have been used.

Because of this, many users find KIPRT to be somewhat overpriced and, also, many warn that it is frustratingly slow so, not ideal for those who want to see results in a hurry.

This YouTube video will give you a good overview od how it works.

6. Amachete


Amachete was created to help both beginners and experienced sellers to achieve success.  Available as a convenient Chrome extension, Amachete offers competition analytics, profit estimators and rank and inventory trackers.   

This YouTube video gives a handy overview of what Amachete can do for Amazon sellers.

One very useful feature offered by Amachete is the Hijack Monitor – the site claims to monitor your listings constantly so that, once a hijacker is detected, you will be contacted straight away and the hijacker will immediately be shut down before they are able to start gaining sales which are rightfully yours.

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Amachete offers a generous 14-day free trial and, packages start at $39 for the straight-forward product tracker option.  Many users cite Amachete as more reliable than Jungle Scout and praise the ease of use, ease of switching plans and proactive customer service.

7. CashCowPro


Useful but fairly basic, Cash Cow Pro is a reasonably priced tool with a number of useful features.  Cited (by themselves admittedly) as the number 1 Amazon selling tool, Cash Cow Pro features an advanced top 20 Million Best Sellers and includes a free Chrome extension download.  

Although, frustratingly, Cash Cow Pro doesn’t give the option of filtering lists of products (despite its assertion that it has all the features you need to grow your business), most of the important filters are available.  

There is the option to search either by keyword or by the number of sellers which can come in really handy but, unfortunately, users are not able to delete products from the lists which doesn’t make for efficient house-keeping.  

Cash Cow Pro pricing runs from $49.97 per month or $997 per year.  Find out more about Cash Cow Pro in this video.

8. AMZshark


When navigating the murky waters of Amazon selling, AMZ Shark is a great tool to keep close at hand.  

Using the method of tracking actual product sales, AMZ Shark has a number of useful features including the Shark Score which is a competitiveness score for niches. Fast and accurate, AMZ Shark supports Amazon Japan and China giving it an advantage over Jungle Scout who has yet to include these territories.

This informative video gives you the lowdown on this useful tool.  The place where AMZ Shark lets itself down is in its filtering which is vastly inferior to that of Jungle Scout.

AMZ Shark is, unusually, free for the whole of the first month but then gets a little expensive at $299 per month. However, the price includes a large number of features including 1500 keywords and 1000 sales tracker products.

As an Amazon seller, nothing is more important than product and it’s worth investing in decent tools for your trade.  

Although the free tools listed here can be useful (particularly for those just dipping a toe in the water), most sellers will eventually migrate to one of the more powerful paid options for the extended features and increased reliability.

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