Everyone who joins Shopify to sell their products or services looks forward to the best Shopify apps that would optimize sales growth and take the business step ahead. In the tech world where apps are flooded, it can be daunting for new sellers to find the best app suitable for doing business smoothly. This article has the best Shopify product bundle apps, product customizer apps, review apps, invoicing apps, payment apps and, QR code generator apps.

Top 18 Apps For Shopify Review.

Best Shopify Apps

These apps have been carefully researched to help new sellers on Shopify boost their store and make more sales for you. Whatever your goals these apps are for you and some are free.

Best 3 Shopify Product Bundle Apps

A bundle refers to a combination of products that are discounted when sold together. If you want to increase average order value or sell unpopular products bundle apps are you’re to-go tools. When customers purchase products in bundles they perceive value because it creates an image of ‘more for less. These apps will help you create product bundles for Shopify.

Vitals – 40+ Apps in One

This app comes with a lot of unique features. This works as a review picker. It collects customer feedback and transmits it to stores’ managers. This feedback can be used to analyze consumers’ buying trends and consequently measure the success of a marketing campaign. It imports reviews from other Shopify review apps such as Loox and AliExpress. It integrates more than 40 apps into one app.

The payment plan starts at $29.99 per month with a 30-days free trial.


It is easy to use with a straightforward user interface

It provides a product bundle complementary feature which allows for suggesting Cart upsell

Has easily customizable discount features


It is not fit for e-commerce companies as it does not have SLA or SOC compliance

It offers no analytical reporting thus making it hard to track product bundles’ performance.

Bundler – Product Bundles (by Goldendev)

Bundler is a Shopify product bundle app by Goldendev. As the name suggests it is meant for upselling. Bundler has a free plan and a premium plan which costs $6.99 per month. Bundler has custom bundle images that allow for hiding products and show a custom image of various product bundles.


Allows one to create various product bundles

Prompts customers to buy bundle products when they add any product to the cart


The creation of additional landing pages may cause SEO problems.

It has frequent bugs that cause a delay in page loading

Bundler slows down the website

Bold Bundles  by Bold

Bold bundle is one of the best Shopify product bundle apps by BOLD.  It helps users to offer product bundles to consumers and also matches related products. Offer bundles to customers by matching one product with another. It has a buy one get one widget

Has an automated discount by a set percentage that can be customized.

Price: From $19.99/month


Easy to work with

Boost your sales

Offer flexible bundles discount

Automatically discount by a set percentage


The percentage discount needs to be checked to avoid selling products at discounts that could lead to loss.

Best 3 Shopify Reviews Apps

Good reviews are important to your eCommerce business. They not only build customers’ trust but also improve the image of your business. A good product review app will impact your business positively on Shopify. Take a peek at the following three apps.

Loox  Photo Reviews

As per Shopify reviews in 2012, Loox is the best review app as it has been used by over 100,000 Shopify store managers. It has a very interesting feature of adding a photo of customers next to the reviews and a review reminder. This feature makes it so appealing. The payment plan is from $9.99 per month for basic, with a free 14 days trial.


Has easy setup process

Has a fully customizable and automated email for review request

Allows Shopify store users to personalize their review widget

It is the most expensive as the pro plan costs $59.99


Customer reviews cannot be edited or adjusted in case of grammar errors or unintentional reviews

Loox has few customization options


The Stamped.io app is also among the best Shopify reviews apps for reviews collection. Some rapid-growing Shopify brands use this app so it would be a very good option for new sellers. The unique feature of Stamped.io is an extensive user-generated content choice


Stamped.io has many features such as NPS scoring, loyalty programs, customer content collection, and reviews that help build a business.

It is affordable compared to other competing reviews apps.


The backend slows down sometimes

The interface can be a little glitch

The edit feature is limited.

Fera Product Review

Fera Product Reviews App has a star rating of 4.9/5. This indicates that it is among the best Shopify review apps. More than 10,000 Shopify store owners use the Fera reviews app. One interesting feature about Fera is that it allows for the automatic collection of photos, videos, and texts reviews. It also allows the store owner to incentivize reviews with loyalty points.


It’s simple to learn how to use and get started with.

It has a lifetime free plan that allows uses to get 10 reviews per month

It has amazing customizable features- you can customize the reviews by changing the design, location, language, and other important things.

Has a loyalty reward system for reviewers.  This is a good strategy to vouch for more reviews.


Fera can be a bit expensive. Although this app is a free plan, it has a limited number of reviews per month. Its paid plans start at $9 to $99 per month. A basic plan of $9/month is recommended for new sellers.

Its limited widget and review request creation is a major limitation. For the basic plan, you can create three widgets only.

Top 3 Shopify invoicing apps

Must Have Best Shopify Apps

An invoice generator performs several activities for Shopify users. These activities include choosing invoice templates and expenses logging to ensure timely payments. Shopify invoicing apps automate the billing process and improve bookkeeping. These are three Shopify invoicing apps that new sellers can trust.

Invoice Falcon 

Invoice Falcon is an app that can create unlimited invoices for all orders. These orders are sent out directly to customers after an order is placed.  It also allows you to print a single invoice or many of them at once. Falcon also has a feature that allows the user to send payment reminders to customers in case of partial payments. The payment plan is from $9.99 – $14.99 /month.


It is easy to use and has a great intuitive interface

The support is fast


It has no free version but it has a free 14-day trial

Has very few customization features

Easy Invoice

This app is very interesting because of its drag and drop feature that allows users to create various designs easily. It also has invoice templates where you can easily fill in business information. It has options for various languages and currencies and it is tax compliant. With this app, you can send short messages to your customers; create packaging slips, process invoices in bulk, and more.


The great and easy drag and drop feature

Many options for customization

Great and fast customer support


Has no free plan

Its pro plan is very expensive.

Avada PDF Invoice: Order Printer+

This app is completely free to use and thus suitable for new sellers on Shopify who want to maximize profits while making use of the best Shopify apps. It has many customization features that you can use to personalize your invoice. It also allows a user to export many invoices at once and it is tax compliant.


Entirely free

Easy setup process and many options for customization

Great intuitive dashboard with different languages translation

Amazing customer support

Easy to create and download unlimited PDF billing documents

Edit existing PDF templates with a review function


Many Ads run in the dashboard

With themes, it is difficult to install

Top 3 Free Shopify QR Code Generator

Shopcodes by Shopify

Shopcodes is an app that helps you to create QR codes for various products available in your store. Shopcodes allows the user to open a promotion by including discounts to buyers who use Shopcodes purchase. The promotion encourages your customers to use the app to place orders.


It is completely free

Fast generation and scanning of QR codes for products

Allows for discount addition when customers use Shopcodes purchase

Ability to track store’s conversions and traffic

Simple to use and customize Shopcodes


Can be a bit slow

Beaconstac QR Code generator  

Beaconstac has a free plan option on its website and it allows users to create a customized QR code. It is easy to install and use and has good tips to help new users get started.


It generates flexible QR Codes and supports multiple languages.

Users can easily change the content when needed.

QR Code Monkey

This app is free to use and allows users to create desired QR codes easily. The paid plans come with other better features.


Its paid plan is affordable

It’s easy to use


The free plan has limited features.

Top 3 Shopify payment apps


Put it on the lay app allows you to offer the deals through affordable payment terms. Users of this app should have a PayPal business account.  It has a feature that supports different languages; Chinese, French, Spanish, Czech, and English  It not only offers a payment platform but also functions as a setup brand in various countries consisting, including New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and, Australia.


Deals offer features for users

Support Shopify sellers across 5 country markets

Many currencies and languages options

Allows customers to select a down payment percentage option


Limited languages

Fewer customization options

Recurring Payments & Orders

This app has amazing features such as common payment. These include credit, PayPal, debit, and ACH.  The app allows buyers to create accounts and manage their purchasing history and notifications and helps the seller control the subscription numbers and get important data for discount decisions. The app connects with Google Analytics and other amazing platforms including MailChimp, and ShipStation.

Payments start at $49/mo.


Easy to use

Provide various common payment options

Allows for easy Management of customer subscription plans

One can easily customize the design with a color picker for better results

With this app, you can pick the billing dates on your calendar


The app is a bit expensive

Split  Partial Payments by Spurit

Split – Partial Payments is an amazing app for new Shopify sellers because it enables users to split payments. For example, a customer can choose to pay half by PayPal and the other half by credit card.  It allows several buyers to share payment. Split also allows store owners to create invoices and send them manually.  It calculates tax fees as well as the shipping fee. It gives notifications for any unpaid invoice so you will not lose any money. The price starts at $99.9 per month with a free trial of 14 days.


It is fast and easy to use

The app entirely matches inventory and orders so sellers can manage payments as a single payment.


The free trial can be very slow

Best 3 product customizer Shopify apps

Infinite Options

This app is an affordable product customizer app. It is suitable for all merchants; small, medium, and larger stores. New sellers on Shopify can use this app because it is easy to use. The app has a great intuitive dashboard.  The app has unlimited products choices including, texts, schedules, numbers menus, and other options. It is easy to customize products.


Comes with a troubleshooting guide in FAQ

Has very useful tooltips for setting up options

The app has a variety of display options such as radio buttons, file uploads, swatches, and text boxes.


Manual installation is difficult as you have to input a code snippet on the theme and also, remove the code manually after installation

Changing themes call for app reinstallation.

Storefront is not optimized for mobile

Qstomizer; By Big Van Studio

Qstomizer is another good product customizer Shopify app. It is entirely responsive and can work on any device; PC, IOS, and Android. The payment plan starts at $19.99/ month


It is highly customizable as one can change texts, display colors, and also modify templates.

Reliable support

Allows the Shopify admin and shoppers to apply filters on products

Has a language translator


Setting up the app can be difficult because it requires backend knowledge.

Slow customer support in resolving issues.


This app does two things; it is a product designer, and also does product configuration. It is one of the best Shopify product customizers. It has a star rating of 4.8/5 and its payment plan starts at $19.99. Inkybay features include product designer which allows users to select product pieces, colors, and designs.


It is easy to install and use

It’s compatible with different printing methods such as embroidery, screen printing among others.

Great customer support

Powerful admin panel

Customization options that allow a user to personalize products


This app has no free version but it has a test free trial


Running a Shopify store is easy when you have various apps that are capable of doing significant activities for your business. This article has given you a list of well researched Shopify I8 best Shopify apps to keep improving your profits

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