Top 10 Free PDF417 Barcode Generator You Shouldn't Miss

Top 10 Free PDF417 Barcode Generator You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you been lost in finding the best PDF417 barcode generator? Or you might be confused about which barcode generator you should use? Well, this article will help you with the top 10 best pdf417 barcode generators.

Dr. Ynjiun P. Wang invented symbology used in pdf417 at Symbol Technologies in 1991. PDF417 Barcode Generator is a tool that generates high-quality multi-line barcode images.

When entering the barcodes, you need to set general parameters and other options. The program generates a single image or sticker that can be printed out or saved in any high-quality format.

PDF417 is a linear 2D barcode format. It can encode large amounts of data and is used in multiple applications: transport, identification cards, and inventory management. The “417” indicates the vertical dimension of 4 bars, and 17 signifies spaces per pattern.

10 Best online free PDF417 Barcode generators

Top 10 Free PDF417 Barcode Generator

Here are the top 10 free PDF417 barcode generators you need to work with:

1. Barcode TEC-IT

Barcode-TEC-IT is the most famous and top barcode generator currently on google. You can generate barcodes as much as you want to use on labels in the form of images.


  • It covers mostly all types of symbology’s including CODE128, CODE39, UPC, and EAN
  • It also suggests specialized options, like Telepen Alpha and Pharmacode.
  • Barcode-TEC-IT allows you to create multiple series of barcodes with your suffixes and prefixes


  • You can download a single .zip file containing multiple barcode images from TEC-IT’s site
  • They make it easy to generate PDF417 multiple barcodes and download them in one step


  • It isn’t easy to print multiple image files from this platform
  • An internet connection to use this pdf417 barcode generator is necessary.

2. is one of the most popular websites which offer free pdf417 barcode generators.


  • You can download JPG, SVG, and EPS formats of images
  • This website lets you download numerous barcodes straight to your computer


  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files can be scaled to any size without losing detail
  • This website offers a brief description of each barcode symbology and which industries typically use them


  • They don’t take any accountability or give a guarantee about code accuracy.
  • is an online platform; you cannot use it anywhere without a strong internet connection

3. Morovia

Morovia PDF417 Fonts & Encoder 5 makes it easy to add high-capacity, scannable barcodes to your documents and print jobs.


  • This program supports all standard linear barcode formats.
  • A feature of this barcode generator allows you to include barcodes in Excel and Word documents
  • A scalable PCL font is included with the software to print barcodes on compatible printers
  • A Crystal Reports extension DLL that adds the ability to print PDF-417 barcodes onto Crystal Reports


  • It assists you with 1500 label papers built-in database system
  • Due to support in all linear formats, it allows you to insert barcodes into Word documents and Excel spreadsheets


  • Using this free online barcode generator for commercial purposes is prohibited.

4. Bcgen

These Barcode Image Creators are JavaScript-driven web pages that allow customers to generate barcodes from the web with several options.


  • The free versionof this product includes a watermark in the barcode area
  • Easy and customizable templates for barcode generator according to your organization purposes


  • Barcode tutorials utilize various SaaS barcode generators.
  • High performance, low latency, and fault understanding
  • Locally installation option for to take advantage of low latency


  • Special formatting is required to encode readable data only available in premium features.
  • Multiple barcodes cannot be generated in the free version

5. Aspose

Aspose. Barcode for .NET allows developers to quickly add barcode generation capabilities to their applications with the industry-standard PDF417 symbology.


  • Generate image files in raster or vector formats in seconds
  • Many designs support systems including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF, SVG, and GIF


  • Codes are ideal for government applications because they can store personal data like a photo, fingerprint, signature, text, numbers, and graphics
  • Our service works on all kinds of devices via a web browser, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • No software installation or plugin needed


  • Inkjet printer-friendly PDF417 barcode generator labels must be no smaller than 0.241mm in any dimension.

6. Barcodesoft

Barcodesoft provides you free PDF417 barcode generator symbol. It has a unique structure and can encode up to 1000 characters in one symbol. Both extended ASCII characters and ASCII characters can generate.


  • The PDF417 symbology employs Reed-Solomon encoding for the effective generation of checksum digits.
  • Reed Solomon helps with error correction.


  • Higher security ensures a larger size of pdf417 barcode generator with very few chances of error


  • Only pixel size is acceptable in the free online version.

7. Abarcode

This generator uses abarcode technology to create PDF417 barcodes that you can easily copy or download for free.


  • High-Density symbology allows for barcodes containing more than 1000 characters
  • This code uses the Y-Dimension property to set the minimum height of the bar, which is 3


  • The degree of error correction can be set from 0 to 8, but 9 is recommended for automatic correction


  • Unfortunately, the free version of the Barcode Generator does not come with support or a guarantee

8. OnBarcode

An online free pdf417 barcode generator for .NET controls based on OnBarcode. This website also provides library and components access to the pdf417 barcode generator.


  • It encodes utilizes 128 characters, almost all using .NET pdf417 generation
  • The generator encodes 128-255 values in agreement with ISO 8859-1, stated as extended ASCII


  • Autocorrection feature used with a level from 0-8.
  • Onbarcode pdf417 barcode generator is simple to use requires no technical knowledge


  • There are no watermarks available in this barcode background
  • Settings will be ignored in case of smaller width and height of image than barcode

9. Manytools

Manytools provide a free 2D digital bar code symbology used by Postal Services worldwide. And also in the airline industry’s Bar-Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP) standard to print boarding passes.


  • It provides barcode in PNG and SVG formats only
  • This free tool uses many open-source libraries to generate barcode


  • Uses in machine-readable zone technology for driving licensing real ID and identification cards.
  • Also used on border crossing cards.


  • They don’t take any responsibility for generated barcode verification
  • If you want to use a barcode within the global supply chain, you must apply for an assigned prefix at a registration authority.
  • Many tools online pdf417 barcode generator only offer you text content option not advance options like dimensions or scaling

10. Nicelabel

Nicelablel offers a free unique structure and capability to store large data pdf417 barcode generator online and in software. The barcode generator of this platform provides free software for desktop computers that helps you produce different types of barcodes.


  • Using their software, you can integrate barcode abilities into your MS Excel, MS Access, and Crystal Reports applications.
  • With this pdf417 barcode generator, you can create sequential barcodes with variable parameters.
  • An easy-to-use tool to create QR Code 2D barcodes with check digits.


  • The PDF417 symbology uses in logistics and shipping
  • Used in organizations that require a large number of texts into images in a single symbol uses multiple languages

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use the pdf417 barcode generator online?

No, not at all; a risk associated with using a free barcode generator website relies on the site owner to direct users to the information you create. If you rely on your barcode campaign to drive discoverability, engagement, and revenue, you’re taking a risk.

2. When should you use pdf417

The PDF417 barcode type can be used to print a label that the United States Postal Service will recognize. Broad usage of PDF417 in automotive, transportation, security agencies and airline industries make this barcode more sensitive for security reasons.

3. What is pdf417?

PDF417 is a standard two-dimensional barcode that contains data in “codewords” stacked in columns to create a machine-readable pattern.

4. What is the distinction between a QR code and a PDF417?

A QR code is a pattern of black dots and squares on a white background. They encode information that can be read easily by cameras or scanners. It is widely used in online payment methods, logins, virtual stores, and advertising campaigns.

A PDF417 is a type of variable-length two-dimensional barcode. It is used across industries, including the shipping industry and the federal government (passport, driver’s license).

5. How much data can a PDF417 barcode hold?

The PDF 417 Barcode can hold up to 1850 letters, numbers, and other characters like spaces. The exact capacity depends on the length of your text. But it can hold up to 1108 bytes.

6. Is PDF417 1D or 2D barcode generator?

The code generated by the PDF417 barcode generator looks like a 2D barcode. But it’s not a 2D barcode; it stores data in both the X and Y coordinates. The other is a linear code, which only holds data in the X-axis.