Platforms like Shopify own the credit to set an e-commerce store for every user. The blend of interface and step-by-step guidelines make the whole process simple.

In the same way, Shopify plugins add to the functionality and experience of the user. All one needs to do is to install it from the app store. However, do you know which kind of plugin is best for your selling site?

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at Shopify plugins you should install for your store.

Why Do You Need Shopify Apps?

You learned that Shopify plugins are easy to install, but that is not the only reason your store needs to have them. Before you go any further with the top plugins, let’s know why you need Shopify apps.

Shopify apps have become an essential part of the entire Shopify platform, which provides various benefits.

First of all, these apps have become a method to extend better services to the customers of a business. Shopify apps enhance the process of the online store along with other functions and will save you time and let you focus on making more sales and manage your business.

There are different kinds of apps that you can find online, which enable you to perform many functions with the online site.

Coming back to why you need them, first of all, these apps are good ways to gain data and automate the processes of an e-commerce site.

However, this is not the only benefit that Shopify apps can bring you. There are many other advantages, including:  

  • The data gathered through different applications make way for personalized and targeted marketing, which boosts sales revenue.
  • Shopify apps can provide customized solutions as per the needs of online businesses and automate almost everything for sellers.
  • These applications offer different advertising and marketing options for a business. This makes it easy to segment the clients to improve communication and gain higher conversion rates.
  • The purpose of creating some Shopify applications is to amalgamate with social media constantly. This enables customers to spread the word about their experiences to improve the reach and reputation of the business. All it needs is a few clicks.
  • Many of these applications can grow in terms of size, and this provides a chance to introduce more features, which you can do through plugins. Whether it is about improving the experiences or supporting the functions at the backend, it covers all of it.

Now that it has been talked of again, Shopify plugins allow you to add additional functions through Shopify, which can enhance the functionality of your site.

What plugins do you need to add? Depending upon the function categories, you can install the plugins on your e-commerce platform.

However, with a massive list of plugins you can install depending upon the classification that can suit your preference:

A List of Shopify Plugins You Should Know

Store Design

To attract customers, you will need to have an appealing storefront and interface. The following tools will assist you in designing your own site.

Store Importer

The first application from store design is Store Importer, which has reached the top of search results with all the positive feedback and five stars.

One of the users even expressed his regards after being able to import data to his store from Etsy without any hindrance in between.

This application paves the way for moving a store to Shopify without calling for any particular tech skills and it is free to install.

Layout Hub

This plugin has been reviewed by nearly two thousand people with the majority of them being thankful for its speed.

One of the users also called its customer service another reason to go for it. Every section or layout in this application can be your way to a high conversion rate.

It is easy, time-saving, and offers free plans. You can check the other features of the Layout Hub on the Shopify store.

Page Fly Landing Page Builder

This app has gained over five thousand reviews, and the play store has ranked it 4.9 stars.

The users expressing their reviews only expressed their customer feedback along with its swift and productive features.

Page Fly for store optimization extends an intuitive editor, strong compatibility, and excellent speed. Also, this application can allow you to avail of the plans free.

Product Sourcing

For the category of product sourcing, the three plugins that rank high on the top of the app store are Handshake: Buy Wholesale, Sourcify Product Sourcing, and The Cross-store sales channel.

Handshake: Buy Wholesale

This plugin has received an average score of 3.3. It calls itself the new wholesale marketplace.

Direct dealing with creators, no commission or fees, this is what Handshake: Buy Wholesale can provide.

Handshake is a marketplace to purchase from wholesale Shopify merchants that deal in wholesale. Presently, the application charges no commission fees for the transaction on the marketplace.

Sourcify Product Sourcing

Sourcify Product Sourcing can improve the supply chain with a convenient and simple product sourcing solution. However, none of its users have posted any review of the application as yet.

Coming to costs, the application comes with a 2-week free trial. The charge for the same is $299 for each month. If you want to check the application, you can do it on the Shopify store!

The cross-store sales channel

The cross-store sales channel has been rated 4.6 with more than a hundred users. One of the users has described it as one of the best ones in the industry.

Cross-Store Sales Channel offers free plans with a 30-day free trial. However, it may call for additional charges.

It is the source to import Shopify products to the dashboard, where you can start sourcing and handle production with reputed overseas suppliers.


For pricing, the top three plugins as per the ranking on the Shopify’s app store are Log in to See Price-B2B, Volume and Discounted Pricing, and Wholesale Pricing Discount.

Login to See Price-B2B

Just as the name says about itself, this app is a solution to build B2B spaces.

Out of 73 feedbacks, the application has received an average of 4.7 stars where the users call it a fast and efficient product.

Login to See Price- B2B can allow you to hide prices and other details like add-to-cart buttons from unregistered customers. The application offers a 7-day free trial, and the monthly cost is 7.99 dollars for each month.

Volume and Discounted Pricing

Volume and Discounted Pricing features discounts and quality breaks, automated custom pricing, and many others. Talking about its feedback, its existential users call it an easy-to-use application.

Not just its plethora of features, but its round-the-clock customer services have simplified the usage for its current and potential customers.

The application offers a 7-day free trial, and the monthly price is 7.99 dollars for each month.

Wholesale Pricing discount

It is an application dedicated to providing faster sales goals, wholesale operation, and wholesale helper support.

Talking about its review, the majority of its users have called it a good application. Wholesale Pricing Discount is also known for its responsive and quick customer service and comes with a price of $19.99 for each month, and offers a 21-day free trial.

Order Fulfillment

The top three plugins for this order fulfillment category are Australia Post Shipping, ShipMonk, and ShipStation.

Australia Post Shipping

Australia Post Shipping app under the category of Order fulfillment has gained most of the positive feedback only. All in all, most of its users are satisfied with the services they received for their Shopify store.

The application is offered at a 7-day free trial, and its charges are 10 dollars per month.

Ship Monk

Ship Monk employs cutting-edge software to offer shipping options at a discounted rate. Its services have been in existence for a long time, but the way they strategize situations in COVID showcased the leadership and built good consumer relations for them.

The application is free to charge, and the user may have to pay additional charges.


ShipStation app can seamlessly connect your Shopify store and sync all your order shipping status.

It works with 40+ different carriers to fulfill orders and also gives the customers to choose the shipping services they like!

Inventory Management

For inventory management, the top three search results on the app store are EasyEcom Inventory Management, Merchbees Low Stock Alert, and Katana-Manufacturing ERP.

EasyEcom Inventory management

EasyEcom Inventory Management features advanced Inventory management and strong operations & analytics.

It is liked by the majority of its users, who call it the leading OMS system ever. It is free to install however, it may charge additional costs.

Merchneed Low Stock Alert

Merchbees Low Stock Alert notifies the users when the inventory levels of items are consistently low. It saves users from losing a customer or any sales.

Coming to its reviews, almost every user is satisfied with the app and is thankful for having a convenient and easy-to-use application for their needs. Along with the free plan, the application also comes with a 14-day free trial.

Shipping Solution

If you are looking for shipping solutions, you can find these plugins on the Shopify app store: AutoDS All-in-One Drop Shipping, Packlink PRO Shipping Platform, and Shiprocket-Shipping.


Ship-rocket is a leading provider of eCommerce logistics solutions. It features automatic order and shipping status sync and several other characteristics, which has made it a choice of many

Even though some of its users call it a good app, some also state their disappointment with the application. This app on Shopify offers free plans.

AutoDS All-in-One Drop Shipping

The AustoDs All-in-One Drop Shipping saves its users from the hassle of using multiple applications as it supports all processes of dropshipping.

Coming to its feedback, over a hundred users call it an easy and effective application. The plan for AutoDS All-in-one Dropshipping starts from $24for each month along with a free trial of 7 days.

Packlink PRO

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform can help make the best use of the shipping process. Whether it is importing orders or picking and packing them, this application can allow you to take in each step in the process of shipping.

Now, coming to what its users have to say, Packlink is counted among the most useful applications. Also, it is free to install and saves money on shipment.


When it comes to Advertising, the app store will show 19 results, out of which Microsoft Advertising is on the top.

After this, Six ads- Paid Advertising and Free Traffic Ads & Advertising are the leading apps.

Microsoft Advertising

With the name of a brand like Microsoft associated, Microsoft Advertising works to connect the sellers to its audience. However, despite being a part of Microsoft, it has not been able to gain much good feedback from its users.

Six-Ads-Paid Advertising  

Six Ads paid advertising can be the solution to put the product in front of the potential shoppers. It comes with a simple and fast ad set-up, which makes it easy for sellers to avail of a comprehensive ad manager.

Coming to its audience feedback, it has earned good responses from the majority of its customers. However, many users still showed dissatisfaction with their customer support.

Free Traffic Ads & Advertising

Free Traffic Ads and Advertising can be the solution for gaining new traffic, displaying ads on autopilot, and captivating the right set of customers.

When it is about its customer’s feedback, the majority of its users call it an awesome application. However, a lot of dissatisfied customers still exist.

Customer Service

For the category of customer service, the leading options you can find are Chatalyst, Gorgias-Live Chat & Helpdesk, and Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk.


Chatalyst application on the Shopify app store is a lot more than chats. It has a plethora of powerful features available at chat composer.

When it is about its rating from the customers, it is a five-star rated application. One of its users called it a good option for beginners. It is known to be useful, helpful and free!

Gorgias-Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias- live Chat and Helpdesk simplifies the customer service team to oversee and handle all kinds of customer service in a single place.

Along with the plethora of features, you can find a huge list of feedback. Most of them call the application to be of optimal use.

One of its users even expressed the app’s suggestion to be fruitful for their functions. The packages start from $60 for each month along with a free trial for 7-day.

Reamaze Live Chat and Helpdesk

Reamaze Live Chat and Helpdesk is a solution for customer service, Live Chat Support, CRM, Chatbot on Shopify.

While reviewing the application, one of the users calls it a good option because of its seamless work.

It is a one-stop solution for the Shopify store and round-the-clock helpdesk. The packs start from $29/month, along with a free trial for 2 weeks.

Customer Feedback&Review

In the section of Customer Feedback/ review, the leading search results are Areviews- Reviews Importer, Reputon Customer Reviews App, and Lai AliExpress Review App:

Areviews- Reviews Importer

Areviews Product Photos reviews import the reviews from different websites, including Aliexpress, and gather photo reviews from the audience.

Talking of the reviews only, the majority of ts clients call it worth using. However, a small number of the users didn’t end up with a good experience. The application offers free plans.

Reputon Customer Reviews App

Reputon Customer Reviews works with the audience to enhance the store ratings, SEO, and trust score of the store.

Coming to its feedback, it has been called a success by nearly 500 users. The free plans for this application are available.

LAI AliExpress Review App

LAI AliExpress Reviews App has a dedicated support team, but that’s the only reason to go for it.

First of all, it can provide a review layout to balance the store design. Secondly, it can import your product reviews from other online platforms such as AliExpress and Amazon, and build trust with authentic customer reviews.

Free plans for the application are available along with a trial for 2 weeks.


For Drop Shipping, the top searches are US Drop Shift, Oberlo, and Importify.


US Drop Ship

US Drop Ship allows free access to a wide number of brand-name products, which arrive in a short period of days. Coming to what users talk about, the application can be relied upon for resolving issues swiftly.

It is a free application that paves the way for you to avail free offers without having to spend a big buck.


Oberlo is a powerful app for dropshipping sellers. It offers more than 100 million products and you can import them to your store directly for selling.

Besides this, it will remind you of stock levels and prices changes from suppliers, automate the fulfillment and tracking of your orders.

It offers a free plan for small businesses and the starter plan is $29.99/month.


Importify is an easy and simple alternative for dropshipping. It helps find products from wholesalers for selling.

And it offers a semi-automatic fulfillment feature so you don’t need to spend too much time on order fulfillment.

It has a 1-day free trial and then starts at $14.95/month.

What Are The Best Free Shopify Apps?

One of the great things about the Shopify app store is that before installing an application, you can get to know about the experiences of earlier users and install some of the free apps for testing first.

Based on that, the best free applications that the Shopify app store has, include:

Shopify Inbox

As the term states about itself, Shopify inbox is an alternative to conversing and selling through social media, online store chat, and others from the Shopify inbox. For a store owner, it can help in expanding business and creating customer relationships.

Global DropShipping_Free App

This dropshipping application is a faster and reliable option for Global Shipping. When it comes to the benefits, it offers easy order tracking, inventory management, quality control, and many other options. Available at zero prices, this application has been rated with five stars by most of its customers.

Shopify Local Delivery

This application can ease the process of managing deliveries with automated notification and optimized routes. It can help in planning the routes efficiently and staying connected with the customers. It can also help to keep a record of progress in delivery.

Banggood Dropshipping App

This application aims to connect the world with quality products and customer services originating in China. This app can enable its user to find the certified products online for the transaction. It offers no joining charges to its users.

Currency Converter Box

Currency Converter Box is a currency application that offers a plethora of features. First of all, the user can get a rate refresh after every 3 hours. This app can change the product price in more than 164 currencies- it is an auto currency switcher that works based on location.


The methods of setting up a store have changed lately. Shopify, which has been a platform for visionary people to pave their way into entrepreneurship, is a leading option.

However, every store needs to be functional, and it is where the plugins come into action. Shopify app store has a wide range of options to choose from depending upon the category or step of your process.

To make it simple for you, this blog has listed some of the leading ones in each category for you.

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