Amazon has surpassed itself in popularity over the years. Stocks reflect the immense growth of this company.

Shoppers and buyers alike are still trying to get the best deals out of their Amazon experience.

But wait! There’s another way to get even more bang for your buck. It’s called RebateKey.

This tool, as some may call it, sets sellers up for a lucrative and successful online business, while providing buyers with some of the most outstanding discount prices on the things they already love.

What could be better than that?

This win-win situation makes everyone happy and keeps them coming back for more. After all, if you’re going to buy it anyway, you might as well, get a bit of money back on those items.

So, let’s jump right in and experience how RebateKey works!

What is Rebatekey?


What is the magical answer to our prayers, a way we can get thousands of products for little or nothing?

The answer is Rebatekey!

It is a deal platform designed to help you save money up to 100% off, by partnering with merchants and providing unbelievable discounts.

Once sign up for an account on the site, you can claim thousands of items on Amazon, buy it at full prices and get cashback to your via check or PayPal after 35 days.

Rebatekey also works for sellers to promote their items, get more sales and higher rankings, thus boost your business in the long run.

Before joining, you may want to see the proof. Reviews of RebateKey are what makes the platform keep going.

Without reviews, you’re going in with no clue how the platform works.

As with anything, there are pros and cons of this platform. But we want you to try out it along with your shopping experience on Amazon.

And, merchants, we have tools that can take your business to the next level.

Read on…

How Does It Work: for Buyers

get cashback from RebateKey

Get a discount or cashback on a purchase used to take a little work.

You made your purchase, and somewhere on the product’s container was a barcode.

You then cut out the barcode then mailed it in and waited for your rebate promised on the box or advertisement. This may have been a long wait.

Now we have platforms like RebateKey, an online tool for Amazon and other retail companies where getting a rebate is as easy as purchasing, entering an ID, and waiting for your money to come right back to you.

Now, that’s pretty quick, wouldn’t you say?

RebateKey works with Amazon to treat customers with savings of up to 100%, and getting a rebate has never been easier.

Let’s see how that works!

Things to get started

  • You need a legal name, physical address, and US phone number
  • When you sign up and create an account with RebateKey, you immediately start to save.
  • Regular Amazon customers can save a bundle, not just a few cents.
  • There are huge selections of clothing, jewelry, electronics, and many more.
  • These products are from top brands and retailers, not cheap knock-offs.
  • Customers shop from exclusive producers.
  • There are daily savings to choose from.
  • You can choose your item, pay that discounted price, and receive a full rebate.

RebateKey is cloud-based.

Here’s the thing about shopping through RebateKey, there is no software needed to get started through the program. You can also shop from any devices.

To get started, buyers will need an account.

  • Visit here to create an account:
  • Receive a text message code to verify that you are a US resident
  • Account create and get started
  • Browse all the products and click on it
  • Check all of the instructions and go to Amazon to finish the purchase at a full price
  • Copy your Amazon order ID on and submit it on RebateKey
  • Wait 35 days for the check to be sent to your house

Buyers can sign in to RebateKey or use their Facebook or Google accounts.

To verify that you are indeed a U.S. citizen, RebateKey will send an SMS code to your phone.

You will use this code to complete your account creation process.

It is required to enter your address, as this is where each rebate check will be sent.

You are also restricted to 5 rebates a day or 50 per month. But overall, a steal for the buyer.

If you use Amazon on a regular basis, RebateKey can help you receive outstanding deals.

If you’re shopping for new and name brands, then you’ll also love RebateKey. It’s easy to use, and there are no barcodes to mail.

As I mentioned before, there are thousands of products on RebateKey. And, rebates will also vary from product to product.

While one handbag may have 50% off, another much like this one could only be a 25% off discount. No two products have the same rebate.

How to get cashback?

You will notice much better discounts and coupons when shopping using RebateKey.

Check out the coupons and get ready to save big! By the way, RebateKey is only available to customers within the U.S.

First you, as the customer, browse through the numerous discounted products.

Discounts vary, and some are 100% off, which means you pay nothing for something.

Finish your purchase on Amazon and confirm your order number. This is important. Most of all, it will be used to make sure you receive your promised rebate.

Wait for enough time and get your money back as promised.

Still a much better opportunity than spending the money with no rebate, right?

There are three ways to get back your money: Check, Gift cards or PayPal.

You can see the differences as follow:

how to get cashback from RebateKey

Why do you need to wait for 35 days?

RebateKey wants to make sure you’re happy with your product, and nothing has been done out of order, or wrong.

It gives you the opportunity to return the product before the deadline as well.

Meanwhile, it protects sellers from scammers who want rebates twice. Since Amazon has a 30-day return policy, the site wants to make sure that buyers won’t return the item for another refund after the seller pays you.

You see, it’s a double treat. You get the product you want, then a little over a month later, you get paid.

No one can’t beat that. You may wonder where this rebate money comes from, but it’s simple.

No worries, RebateKey collects rebate pre-paid money and commissions directly from the seller. Merchants are confident that their investment will pay off, and it does.

Despite the fact that sellers are paying you for your purchases, they are gaining something that’s much more valuable – your continued business.

If you like their products, you may want to buy more products, rebate or not. The best customer is the returning customer.

RebateKey Chrome Extension

Getting discounts hasn’t got any easier!

RebateKey has a free tool to help you save easily while shopping on different e-commerce websites, like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy…

You just need to install RebateKey Chrome Extension to your browser, it will find, highlight and apply rebates and coupons automatically.

You just save money in one click!

How Does It Work: for Sellers

Amazon and RebateKey offer growth potential to all merchants plugged into their programs.

There are several marketing strategies that help sellers make even more profit after practically giving away thousands of products.

How is this possible? Here are a few advantages:

  • Amazon has a smorgasbord of tips and tricks available for the seller.
  • Merchants make extra sales by word of mouth.
  • They also make sales with expert marketing techniques already provided.
  • Sellers get more sales and high ranking on Amazon which will boost their business automatically.
  • Who doesn’t love a great review? Merchants can gain many of reviews through sales on RebateKey.

Marketing and Growth for the Seller

Nothing drives a buyer to an online shopping platform like Amazon as much as a friend telling a friend, and so on.

You must admit, that’s how gossip spreads, but it’s also how good deals spread as well.

Where the buzz happens is where the people are drawn. It’s just a simple fact.

When launching new products, customers who are plugged into RebateKey will also notice full-priced items and be willing to pay full price because of their savings with other name brand products from before.

It’s simple.

Discounts=buyers+ new products= buyers+buyers=more sales

How to Promote Items on RebateKey?

RebateKey offers sellers discount campaigns to start this phenomenal drive of more customers to merchants.

And sellers can offer any discount ranging from 10% to 100%.

It’s not hard for merchants to sign up for RebateKey. It only takes a few steps.

After signing up, merchants can create their campaigns for rebates. It allows you to offer up to 20 rebates a day.

  1. Create an account via:
  2. Follow this route: Home>campaigns>create campaign
  3. Include pictures of the product
  4. Enter full descriptions
  5. Select your product category
  6. List all marketplaces where these rebates can be found, including Amazon
  7. Then receive order IDs from buyers

That’s right, after all these steps, you are basically giving away products on the sites for more sales and benefits.

When submitting campaigns, sellers will be required to make a prepayment for the campaigns, then wait on approval of their submission. This could take up to 24 hours to complete.

Every time a buyer claims an order, the equivalent funds and a fixed commission of $2.95 will be deducted from your RebateKey wallet.

After campaigns end, the remaining money for that rebate campaigns will be automatically transferred to your account for your new rebate campaigns or withdrawal.

Prices for Sellers

RebateKey generally charges sellers with $2.95 commission per rebate.

At 10 rebates, that’s $29.50, not a bad deal considering the promotion that adds up from every purchase.

Except for this, you will also prepay money based on your product prices and discounts, which will be used to reimburse the buyers.

In the long-run, sellers can gain more sales, high ranking, and return customers, thus make more profits which way overshadow the prices they must pay for service with RebateKey.

Customer Service

Sellers can also be interactive with their customers, helping them settle disputes or any other issues via RebateKey’s buyer-seller messaging system.

Communication is important, and that’s why customer support is always offered. If there is any problem along with the purchase or rebate process, merchants are willing to help.

RebateKey also provides landing pages for merchants to further drive traffic to their products.

They also offer the customer URLs to the merchant’s page to easily find merchandise on Amazon.

Though RebateKey claims that it is not a review-generated platform, sellers can also connect with buyers, provide good services, and win positive reviews from buyers.

A Few Stipulations

Customers must wait 30 days to receive the rebate.

The merchant has 5 days to approve the rebate or reject the acquisition in the case of returns.


  • Sellers must review rebates in time or if you don’t do anything the rebate will be automatically approved.
  • To comply with Amazon’s TOS, RebateKey does not help generate reviews for merchants.
  • If a merchant is discovered trying to generate reviews through RebateKey, their account will be suspended.
  • Sellers can only provide high-quality products and good services so that buyers are happy to give a product review willingly.

Rebate Approval

RebateKey provides a distinct key for each rebate.

Interestingly, this key will also be the Order ID number of the sale in which the customer will use to procure the rebate.

If the ID doesn’t match the key, then the rebate cannot be completed.

Merchants have two wallets on the dashboard. One is the general wallet and the other is the campaign wallet.

So, for some reason, if a rebate or campaign is canceled, the credit will go into the campaign wallet.

If the campaign wallet is already down, credits will be held for the general wallet.

Sometimes rebates are disputed, but it’s not a common occurrence.

Most of the time, customers are drawn to the many discounts and purchase several items.

Knowing they can have a large portion of that payment back into their wallet drives them to buy even more.

Each campaign, with its various discounts, can spell popularity for companies like Amazon. People buy more, so people buy more.

It’s so simple and yet everyone benefits.

Amazon Terms and Service

Here’s the reason why RebateKey does not go against Amazon’s TOS rules.

Amazon is against giving out free and discounted items in exchange for reviews, but as RebateKey clearly states, it does not condone this practice with merchants.

Merchants are not allowed to directly solicit reviews from customers through RebateKey. It is all based on buyers’ willingness.

But it does offer you a high chance to interact with buyers and gain potential reviews.

RebateKey Reviews: What People Say About It?

Is RebateKey legit or a scam?

If you are not sure, I can tell you that thousands of customers have already received their rebates using RebateKey!

Speaking of Reviews, here are a couple of examples of what people say about it:

RebateKey is straightforward and easy to use.  With the platform, buyers can find cash back rebates and coupons. It works across thousands of products from multiple online marketplaces.  Users can get up to 100 percent exclusive deals and save money on product purchases

-Nicholas Godwin

As I mentioned above, you even can make a little extra money, but it’s not the main point here. Rebate Key is not for making money, it’s for saving it on stuff you might need to buy otherwise.


I truly love this site! I’ve got more than 150 products in 2019 and all the checks arrived as promised.
Customer support is friendly and fast.’

-Maria Blum

I wasn’t sure if this site was legit so I started with two small rebates to test it out. Well, here’s my check! It really works! There are new products daily so it’s a lot of fun to scroll through and see what’s new.


You see, there are many buyers who confirmed that they did receive checks from RebateKey.

Look through its website, many buyers take pics with their checks and write good reviews for it, which proves it is a legit site to get cashback!

Similar Sites to RebateKey

RebateKey, although one of the most popular platforms that work with both merchants and customers, is not the only platform of its kind.

There are several similar deal platforms that provide some of the same benefits, some more, and some less.

Browsing through each one will give you an even better idea of how the process works.


This one works about the same at RebateKey.

You shop as usual through your Snagshout account and collect rebates on already discounted products.

It will pay you via PayPal in 30 days after your order has been confirmed.

For different types of deals, you may need to share your experience with the products in ways of Lifestyle Photo, Video Review, Social Media, or Surveys.

It does not require Amazon review though.

Check more: Snagshout: Is This Deal Site Worth for Buyers & Sellers?


Unlike some of the other platforms, Cashbackbase is a product testing site that awards buyers for reviews.

It offers a good chance for you to become a product reviewer and rank your profile on Amazon to a higher level.

In exchange, there are freebies and other discounted items available. The more reviews you give, the more items available as rewards for your help.

Cashbackbase offers buyers the adventure of shopping with up to 100% cashback. And, sellers can also benefit from its feature to gain more reviews.

It pays you quickly in a few days once your order and review have been verified. You can get the cash via PayPal account sooner than any other sites.

Check more: Cashbackbase: Review, Guide&Hacks to Get Free Items


This platform lets you share coupon codes and deals with other retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Also, buyers don’t have to leave reviews for products.

It supports many marketplaces like the US, CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP, and India.

When you feel like shopping on Amazon, don’t forget to check on Vipon to see if it has a high discount for the item you want to buy.


If you’re looking for a fast rebate, this platform is for you.

Rebaid allows you to shop discounted items and receive a rebate as soon as 3 days. This platform allows buyers to show off their special items and gain reviews.

On the site, sellers are allowed to ask for a product review but it is not mandatory to do so.

You will get the cashback anyway as long as your order is valid.


RebateKey is a prime place to shop for those things you usually enjoy purchasing anyway.

If you plan to buy a new wardrobe, then do yourself a favor and buy from sellers who can give back a little. This gives you even more money for the future.

The best thing is, with this platform, you get the item you desire and a rebate as well.

Yes, you may have to wait a while to receive your rebate, but RebateKey is a reputable and popular platform with raving reviews. I say it’s well worth the wait.

Why not try it out for yourself!

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